It’ll be under Palestinian rule.

Rothchildland, that is….the home of the Synagogue of Satan.

May be a crack in the Christian Zionist/warvangelical dam with great portents for the future;  via Vox Day…..

A little history behind the Balfour declaration which led up to the founding of the phony nation in the Middle East; quite long and with many footnotes.  Stick it away for reference later, if you prefer.

Eventually the Balfour Declaration is going to be rescinded, whether by war or negotiation, it doesn’t matter, for the area now known as “Israel” will be under the control of the Palestinians.  As you can see in reading the above essay, some important politicians at the time expressed regret at being involved in it’s being brought forth, etc.

Observed from today’s perspective this looks impossible with the present day worldwide power of jewry/Zionism we see around us.  However, what seems impossible with man and his plans and machinations, is entirely possible to the ONE Who controls it all.  Much moving and shaking among the tribes, peoples and tongues has to occur before it comes to fruition.  For example, one “power” involved in the Middle East’s transformation from Zionism/jewry to Palestinian is the entity of Islam.

I have touched on this subject in several previous posts and will expand on it some more here.  I’ve talked about how Islam’s character is that of “masculinity” and is seen on the world stage as domineering male hood.  The Jewry’s power in the world is through money, by the use of manipulation and deception through setting up financial systems and stock market scams, playing on the greed of the so-called goy, using usury to keep the masses in debt and in hock to the credit card system, via temptation and the incessant commercialization of the culture through media, advertisements, which preach the never ending doctrines of buybuybuybuy/gottahavegottahavegottahave to the ignorant feminized, immasculated masses.

The power of jewry is that of the feminine.  Manipulation, provoking, prodding, feints, shit tests, temptations, etc.  She is the ancient Babylonish system manifested in the present day, which rules the world under her mental spiritual operator, the adversary – satan, the accuser.  She is the one responsible for all the blood shed on all the earth (Rev. 18:24)  However, Islam holds the trump card over her, which is the employment of a different kind of FORCE; a male direct force, rather than a female indirect manipulative one.

Jeremiah 25:9a “(God/Yahweh) says, Behold Me! sending and fetching all the families of the north, declares Yahweh, and Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon (or Assyria), MY SERVANT…”

God uses an “evil” entity to bring punishment/correction/judgment on a GREATER evil.  Islam is God’s “punisher/corrector, an entity which brings judgment” upon the greater sins and rebellion of the jew run feminine entity which presently rules all the so-called western countries.  As He used the Israelites to bring the same punishment upon the land called Canaan, He turned around and used the king of Assyria on the descendants of the same Israelites who had later degraded themselves in the same sins as those Canaanites.

Over the time span of the 20th century, through the guise of the governmental system they call “democracy” the tribes and peoples of the western nations, who are the white people  God had chosen to lead and teach all the other nations of the world,  have allowed the corruption of their women which began with their granting of them the right to vote, and thereby began on the road to their downfall with their “house” falling down around their ears in the present day, the ultimate destination of all such democracies.  The Proverb writer was correct when he wrote in antiquity, “A wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one plucks it down with her hands”.

So the rule of the authoritarian(Old Testament type) “god”, manifested through Islam, has been given to the corrupt and degraded by sin peoples of the western nations, because they have refused the ruler ship of the Loving God as represented in the Son He sent in antiquity.  Man must have a “god” and has chosen the “god of this world” instead of the Real One.

Islam is God’s “servant”, an authoritarian entity -a hard taskmaster/strong daddy – to bring His children back to their senses from their present insanity.

Islam uses the feminine trait of deception to gain his foot hold in the various countries in which he has infiltrated.  Setting up communities and mosques – his temporary power centers-until he can gain office positions in the present demoncrapic system, where he can then work toward setting up his Sha-ria legal system, hither and yon throughout the country.  They have already gained significant control in Britain – have their pols established in parliament and various constituencies.

Britain, being a much smaller country than the US, is able to be taken over in a much shorter period, as well as the other individual countries in Scandinavia and Europe.  Once they become ensconced  in certain local areas, those  areas become “no go” zones, where the native people aren’t allowed, as the area is Islamic self governed, with it’s own courts and legal systems.

From the smaller areas -towns, etc., -they then branch out to the surrounding larger areas/suburbs by operating in large groups cowing and threatening with violence the native populace living in those surrounding areas/villages, berating whorishly dressed native females,  eventually establishing their own schools or, because of their belief in having large families, send their children to already established  local schools and taking them over and making them promote Islamic doctrines.  Very easily using the cultural Marxist favored minority policies of the native Babylonish jew system against itself.

The western nations foolish and blind whites have taken on the negro as their god and inculcated their noise (which they call music) rap, so they are given the screeching Islamic call to prayer five times a day from their mosques.  They raise their daughters to love and venerate and dress/undress according to jewlywood culture spread over the world in the jews wholly owned and operated media, which depicts pornography and the slutifying of women, so their daughters are taken by Paki grooming pimps and made into the whores their own fathers raised them to be, and the “parents” of said daughters wail and moan and groan about it when they brought it on themselves.

The Muslim in the smaller countries will gain greater control over the central government  working initially through local government bodies.  In this country it will be more difficult because of it’s size and the presence of an armed and vocally independent citizenry which may change somewhat as the baby boomers die off and their children and grand children take over.  We all know about “Dearbornistan” Michigan.  That is the archetype of their take over.

The point is, the more the Muslim gains governmental control, the less bowing and scraping and butt kissing to itz ra hell there will be.  The billions in foreign aid to that zionist hell hole will incrementally be eliminated, and hence the deterioration of their power in the world.

In Revelation it says Babylon is destroyed in “one day” and “one hour” (18:8-9).  This is not literal as a 24 hour or 60 minute period.   One day could be a thousand years and one hour could be a century.  There are millions of individuals who have the mind of Babylon which expresses a belief system favorable toward that jewhell system and all it stands for.  They must, individually, be disabused of this mental outlook or be killed off by various means.  It’s taken at least 100 years for the system to reach it’s near pinnacle in our day, it will take at least that long to get it going in the opposite direction.

The Muslims are going to have to inveigle themselves into the lower and higher education systems to really be successful.  Much of their success need not be carried out by outward violence, just the fear of it will be enough to cow the majority of the feminized mangina populace.  Particularly the queerfag sodomites who call themselves “gay”, and are not, but are the most miserable of beings.  Neat isn’t it how they took a word that means exactly the opposite of what they are, to call themselves.  Happy and joyful ….HAH!

One of the main reasons Britain is closer to being under complete dominion of Islam is it’s disarming of it’s own citizens years ago.   See here for a little history:                     

Jewry, as the power of the feminine, operates under the fear principle, hence manifests a “be nice and inviting/tolerant of all the others of the world” principle, for she believes if she does so she will then be “safe and secure”. (This is shown in her hatred of the White male, for she knows if he ever gains control, she and her works are finished). This causes her to invite in to her localities the very instruments of her own destruction.  The female is the embodiment of desire -an inward drawingness.  Her conduct and the way she adorns herself in the world shows this.  She is operating without male control and hence, is self destructive.  This is democracy and the power of evil which Islam is God’s instrument in helping to destroy; ie, make her return to silence which is her natural state.

There is much talk how the homo sodomite, queerfags have “come out of the closet” which is true, for the metaphorical closet is actually their natural habitat…it is, like the female, their place of silence…fulfilling the Spiritual principle of being present, but hidden.  The worldwide effect that Islam will bring will put them in their proper place.

Islam will also be working, perhaps not consciously, alongside of a New Masculine Christianity which will also arise in the coming years, to defeat Jezebel and her children.





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What an Aryan God.

The following quotation is taken from : The Triumph of Reason, The thinking Man’s Guide to Adolph Hitler, by Michael Walsh, published by Black House Publishers Ltd 78 York St., London, W1H 1DP.  Available on Amazon Kindle.

The book is quotations of Adolph Hitler from Mein Kampf, various speeches and other writings by him as well as newspaper interviews in both German and foreign press, etc.  Words of Hitler are written in italics between quotation marks, words of the author will be written as I am writing this paragraph and I may interject an explanation periodically explaining how what Hitler says applies to us today between parenthesis marks.

“…Race differs from race and, further, that each race in accordance with it’s fundamental demands, shows externally certain specific tendencies, and these tendencies can perhaps be more clearly traced in their relation to the concept of work.

The Aryan regards work as the foundation for the maintenance of the community of the people amongst it’s members.  The Jew regards work as the means to the exploitation of other peoples.

The Jew never works as a productive creator without the great aim of becoming master.  He works unproductively, using and enjoying other peoples work.  Thus we understand the iron sentence which (Theodor)Mommsen (19th century German philosopher/writer, etc.)once uttered: ‘The Jew is the fermentation of decomposition in peoples, that means the Jew destroys and must destroy because he completely lacks the conception of an activity which builds up the life of the community’.  And therefore it is beside the point if the individual Jew is ‘decent’ or not.  In himself he carries those characteristics.  And to us he is harmful.  Whether he harms us consciously or unconsciously, that is not our affair.  We have (to)consciously concern ourselves for the welfare of our own people”.  End of Hitler quotes.

The One we know or call “God” is the God ONLY of the Aryan peoples.  The Aryan peoples are the same as the True Israelite peoples.  As I’ve stated quite often on here, those who call themselves Israeli/Israel or jew or Zionist are nothing but the synagogue of Satan and have lied, cheated, and murdered their way into a place of power in the present day, using the power and mental strength of their father, the devil, AKA satan and the adversary.  Another comrade has recently written a good piece delineating some of the history of this bunch, particularly how it has infected Christianity in it’s present blind, ignorant manifestation through so-called Christian Zionism, here: also this guy here seems to be putting out some good stuff re against Christian Zionism:

God rules ONLY through the True Aryan peoples.  We realize of course, at present it doesn’t APPEAR to be that way, as what appears is that satan through jewry is having his way and is having a party doing it.  It takes quite a while for what is REALLY REAL to come into manifestation/appearance.

Presently, there is an on going separation of the sheep from the goats which is called in the Bible, a breaking up of the nations (tribes/peoples/tongues) like a potters vessel, spoken of in Psalm 2 and Rev. 2..  During this process which, as I said, takes awhile – many years – the True Aryans/”Israelites” will begin to be manifested.

The manifestation shows itself in a revealing of truth coming through and from only one “tribe” or people, and that is US. In a sense we are a “tribe within a tribe”, for not all whites are Aryan; ie, WHITE.  All other nations/tribes won’t see it (the goats) as they fight against it to try to forestall it’s manifestation, which is very obvious to all of us who have eyes to see.  The type of “fighting against” is accusatory and name calling – a “demonizing” process using lying propaganda similar to that done against Germany beginning around 1933 when jewry declared war against her, and stirred up and deceived the allied powers to start an illegitimate war against racial brothers.

The same demonizing process has been ongoing since and is manifested today in the push for continuous war and destabilization of the nations/tribes/peoples/tongues, by the Synagogue – AKA NWO which is really Jew World Order – in various nations in Africa, Middle East, Russia, Ukraine, et. al.

The enemy reveals the source of his power by his actions.  He accuses and projects what he himself is…of satan.  Satan is his father.  The accuser of the brethren.

Has any of my readers – few be though they are -ever wondered why it has come to pass that the jew has become, in a sense, the world ruler?  He is a world ruler under his master of course -satan.  He rules through the power of money.

Many of us have described jewry as the Anti-Christ and he is.  At base however, he is an Anti – son, which or who, contains many anti sons.  Hear me now…..There is one anti-Christ, who consists of a collective many anti-Christ’s.  There is also one Christ who is the Son of God, but who has many brothers, AKA sons of God. 

The jew as an anti-son is a type of forerunner who prepares the way for the real, genuine,TRUE son or sons.  Many jews of course are not conscious of their being an “anti-Son, even though they may profess to be Christ haters.

The jew in his role as anti – son operates under the principle of selfishness –what’s good for the jew.  The True sons operate according to the principle of selflessness –what’s good for others; his brothers first and secondarily the rest of the world.  As to the latter, don’t get the idea that this indicates weakness of any kind, for there is firmness and strength which operates with the inner knowledge of what is really best for mankind.   It’s a new kind of hard masculinity, which is not swayed by emotional, feministic appeals for fairness, etc.  These men know that the appeal of fairness is just an excuse to hide one’s envy.

There is an exception however, for those who still prefer the jew run world will be allowed to remain with it along with all of it’s adverse consequences, which will be many and harsh in the coming months and years.  They loooove “freedom of choice” so much, they will be given what they want and even double the double.  The aborter’s will still abort, the perv’s and homo queerfags will continue to do what they do, the crooked pols/lawyers/judges will continue attempting their crookeding, but none of them will have a place to hide, as more and more of their works will be shouted from the housetops as their vile works are revealed to the world via all sorts of means.  (Rev 22:11)  This is part of the transformation from darkness to light that occurs with the revelation of the True Sons of God.

The Beast’s false prophet – what I call the MSM – won’t be able to cover for their asses any more, for every time they plug a hole in the dike which holds back the revealing of the flood of corruption, another hole will open and they haven’t enough fingers to plug them anymore.  They can shout “CONSPIRACY THEORIST!!!” all they want, but no one of any importance will believe them any longer, for they will know it’s been a conspiracy from the get go.  The 911 truthers, Obamo’s phony birth certificate-ers, The Rense’rs, the Ann Barnhardt’s, the David Icke’s, the chemtrail’ers, the anti- flouride’rs and vaccinators,  are merely a drop in the bucket compared to what secrets will be revealed in the coming years.

The anti-son specializes in hiding behind.  He uses front men/stooges/assets to do his dirty work.  Whether they are plied with drugs, are bought and paid for trained killers,  bribed and or blackmailed, or are genuine believers in the projects they are hired to perform.  This pattern or archetype was set when they convinced the Romans to crucify Jesus.  They maneuver and manipulate others in order to further their own ends and bring about “what’s good for the jew”.   Of course if anyone resists their machinations they pull the anti-Semitic card and point the finger and accuse, which as I said above shows the source of their master.

The True genuine son doesn’t hide behind others .  He doesn’t have a stable full of stooges and assets to do his work.  He’s out front.  In the open.  He doesn’t change his name into something Anglo Saxon or Irish or some such thing, for he already is.  He doesn’t have to for he’s not a Goldschmidt/Stein/Berg/Cohen or –ovitch something or other.

Even though presently satan  rules through his “son” the jew, God WILL RULE eventually -not if, but when -through His SONS, the Aryan WHITE man, the True Israel of God.  The process has already begun, but can only be seen by those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Our rule, like the jews, will also be a harsh rule, however, the difference will be in those who we are to be rulers over, for the tables will be turned and instead of us and ours being forced into silence by so-call pc, our enemy will be forced into it,  for SILENCE IS HIS AND THEIR NATURAL ABODE.



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Crooked Politicians Should be Dealt With Crookedly

They should be hung from lampposts in the public square or the parents of the children involved should be given the privilege of being part of the firing squad/s that execute these sons and daughters of satan.….and here:

There should be no trials or presumption of innocence until proven guilty horseshit.  No putting them into the hands of, or giving them access to jewyers to wordsmith them out of their well deserved punishment of death.

This sort of thing has been going on for years and years.  Where and why do you think all those “milk carton” missing children disappeared?  Satan requires the blood sacrifice of innocent children and therefore must have willing human instruments perform this work…in the womb or out of it.

Through Marxist/commie Frankfurt schoolism’s invention of feminism -AKA Jezebelism – he convinced blind, foolish and stupid women to shed the innocent blood of their own progeny for the sake of convenience, hence leading to the “legal” slaughter of millions of innocents in the womb since it’s “legalization,” at the wordsmithing behest of jewyers and jewjudges, using female blind dupes to bring suits before the corrupt courts and so-called judges and when they had won their victory in making it legal, discarded the dupes they had used in bringing the suits before the courts as so much garbage to be disposed of.

+                                                                  +                                                           +

The following are various quotes by Adolph Hitler which apply to our present problem, compiled by Michael Walsh, in his book: The Triumph of Reason; The Thinking Man’s Guide to Adolph Hitler; Black House Publishing Ltd, 78 York St., London W1H 1DP

Every government, even though it may be the worst possible and even though it may have betrayed the nations trust in thousands of ways, will claim that it’s duty is to uphold the authority of the state.  It’s adversaries (such as us), who are fighting for national self preservation, must use the same weapons which the government uses if they are to prevail against such a rule and secure their own freedom and independence.  Therefore, the conflict will be fought out with ‘legal’ means as long as the power which is to be overthrown uses them; but the insurgents (us)will not hesitate to apply illegal means if the oppressor himself employs them.

Generally speaking, we must not forget that the highest aim of human existence is not the maintainance of the state government, but rather the conservation of the race.  If the race is in danger of being oppressed or even exterminated, the question of legality is only of secondary importance.

The established power may in such a case employ only those means which are recognized as ‘legal’, yet the instinct of self preservation on the part of the oppressed will always justify, to the highest degree, the employment of all possible resources.”

Emphasis and words in parenthesis are mine.

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Scum white liberals.

“Democracy….the systematic installation of the wrong people in the wrong places; the plunder of the nations’ wealth by clever rascals;  the rule of the scum”….from “Defiance, the Prison Memoirs of Savitri Devi”.

Age after age, when justice is crushed, when evil rules supreme, I come; again I take birth (am reborn/born again), on earth to save the world”  The Bhagavad Gita. (The “I” is the Spirit of correction/judgment taking form in a New Idea or New Masculinity through the instrumentality of men; the answer to the corruption brought through the feminine).

“Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of castes; out of the confusion of castes, the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory, the lack of understanding; and out of this, all evils”…..(or the modern paraphrase would be) “out of indiscriminate breeding proceeds the mixture of unequal races (always to the detriment of the superior race); from that mixture comes loss of racial memory – the ignorance of who one’s ancestors were, and of who one is one’s self – and from that, the lack of understanding of one’s rights and of one’s duties – of one’s natural place in the world – and the consequence: all evils, decay; death”.  The Bhagavad Gita quoted by Savitri Devi in Gold in the Furnace.

Lets get the caveat out of the way first shall we?

I’ve raked women and females in general over the coals quite a bit on here, but like in all generalizations, there are exceptions to the rule.  Of course the exceptions don’t make the rule.

When I write critically of women/females et al, and how their ways have been corrupted upon the earth in this evil age, I am expecting that some females who may read here, in fact be genuine ladies, and the negative things I say about others of their gender, even though what I say is true of the mass of females, is, or may not be true of specific women who hold our Idea, and they should be mature enough to realize I am not talking about or to them, for they are the exception, and should not therefore take offence at my words as they do not apply to them.

“The despotism of the petticoat”, said John Adams to his wife in response to her request of “remembering the ladies” in the new laws the men were considering in setting up the new government.

Neither the female, those of dark skin, or the jew, shall be allowed to vote in the coming National State which will be formed out of our New Idea.  As a matter of fact,  the idea of voting may not even exist in the New Government.  The means of it’s coming into manifestation will determine whether or not such a process will be necessary, as the less procedures – so called “rights”- left over from demonocracy, the better.  Voting is a process easily corrupted as witnessed in today’s “elections” of those belonging to the two hands with one mind behind them.  This “government by the people” horseshit is actually government by satan.  I know….many brothers and comrades don’t believe in any such being, but that’s their loss.

So-called democracy is the rule by the feminine principle which ultimately leads to a country ruled as such, always turns into a cesspit, a macro hell on earth.  All this happens through the voting and rule of law process, therefore legalized corruption, which the ancient writer described as “framing mischief by law”.  Democracy is a Spiritual disease like cancer and affects the mind.  It’s thought of as a positive good, but is actually evil.

The Spirit of corruption always votes itself in through the female, operating in both sexes, as that gender is more susceptible to deception than strong masculinity, and it comes in under the guise of some supposed good or “wrong which must be made right” through the vote or the granting of so-called rights to all and sundry.  A perfect example of this amongst millions of like ones is Miss Lindsey Graham, that the stupid people of SC keep voting into office.

The feminine spirit of corruption began to spread to biological males in the 1800’s, after it’s initial manifestation through scattered biological females in the 1700’s to early 1800’s.  See the timeline above and this:

The individual female is the instrument which triggered this cancer through the demand for the right to vote.  The Spiritual principle which applies here is : they who demand are never satisfied, for once their initial demand is met or granted, they move on to another demand or other demands, which must in turn be responded to which also shows itself clearly in the “relationship” of the “right and left”; ie, liberal/conservative, democrat/ republican factions.

The rebellious demanding female is always shit testing the male.  This not only occurs in individual male/female relationships, but is carried out in the world at large in politics/government, etc.  I wrote of this here:

Eventually, brothers and husbands of the rights demanding shrews begin to get on board with the spirit of feminine agenda along with office holders who are married to demanding hen pecking wives/sisters/female relatives as witnessed in the first and second links above.

By their submission to the female agenda, the biological males become internally upside down, where the feminine comes to rule within themselves and the masculine principle becomes “silent” or as the Spiritual principle / law says, present, but hidden; ie, unmanifested.   They’ve become emasculated and all choices/decisions made from that time forward are demon filtered; ie, made to submit to the appeal of emotions – present time oriented as opposed to future consequences of the choice/decision made oriented.  The males then become like the females, unconscious -therefore unaware – of consequences of behavior or choices/decisions made, for the “feelings” have taken control.

It’s not the fault of present brothers and comrades of the Idea, that this has come upon this generation, but it is the fault of those Grandpappy’s of  3,4,and 5+generations past who did involve themselves in approving this abomination in it’s infancy instead of putting their foot down in their own families and houses.

The unsubmissive woman is a nuclear explosion looking for a place to happen, for her power – if unrestrained by a wise father or husband with the power of NO!!- is the power of manipulation and influence, and with these two things working in conjunction with a weak feminized male, she is out of control and destroys not only her own house, but taken as a collective, the nation itself.  As the ancient writer said, “a wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one plucks it down with her hands“.  ( hands are metaphor/symbol for works).

There’s been an on-going back and forth controversy on some blogs and sites about the primary instrument in the corruption of our country and culture/government.  Some say it’s all the jews fault, and some say it’s whites and jews.

The corruption of women had already began before the jew got it’s foothold in the country in the mid to latter 1800’s to the turn of the 20th century.  The jew jumped into a process already in operation and just speeded it up with his legalistic jewlawyer expertise (jawyer?).

The corruption, in it’s origins had a religious element having come down through the early descendants of the Puritans; Congregationalists, Quakers, Unitarians, etc.  Abolitionism also came through these messianic maniacs.  Of course most of us know how the jews were heavily involved in the slave trade because of their propensity of always being on the lookout for money making enterprises.  This may go back into the 1600’s as far as this country is concerned.

So today’s “scum white liberals” are the direct descendants of their forebears of the 1700-1800’s, who are not only responsible for the degradation we see in the world around us today, but also responsible for making the incessant demands which brought the death of thousands of their white countrymen and destruction of their homelands in a senseless war supposedly over the cursed negro which the jew brought to these shores.  One of the things which galls the most is because of their location being in New England, they were able to avoid any of this destruction to their own property and lives, except for their sending their sons south to be killed in a war which they fomented and stirred up with their very own words and demands.

After that war they continued with their war against the south with their giving the negro the right to vote and power over the people of the south, which was a continuation of the same war by other means and we are still fighting it today because of these scum sons of satan’s never ending demands for more and more.

Well…they started this shit, but we and OUR descendants will finish it and them.

As a certain comrade says at the finish of his posts…Hail Victory!!

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Finding His Wife Severed…..

…or…. I kill my children.

Rev.3:1″I know your works – that a name you have that you are living, and are dead”.   Rev.2:23 “…and her (Jezebel’s) children will I slay with death”.


We’ve discussed Christianity quite a bit on here, specifically pointing out the True version from the false visible one.  To most readers and WN’s however, there is just one Christianity, and as far as they are concerned, the very idea that there is a so-called Christianity is a hateful thing because of it’s being under the influence of jewry in the present zeitgeist.  Regarding the latter, of course they are correct.

In theological terminology, Christianity is supposed to be the “wife” or “bride” of Christ, the son of God.  A large innumerable mass of people make up this wife/bride.  However, in it’s present day condition/manifestation, it “has a name that it is living, but is dead”.   It’s “name” is “Christian” (meaning ever living), but it is dead because of it’s being the offspring of the spirit of Jezebel – the rebellious female that has had a strangle hold on the minds of the masses since 1920 and increasingly so since the 60’s.  The main reason for this is it’s abominable sin of universal doogoodism, wherein it thinks it is following Christ’s commands, but is actually an instrument of the devil/ adversary in the world.

If you can hear this, then hear it.  Christianity is supposed to do as “good”, what the jew does as evil, and that is Christianity is to hold the idea that what’s good for Christianity is good for the world, whereas jewry says, “what’s good for the jews” is good for the world.   However, this principle cannot work in the conditions of the present day due to the reversal, mingling and subverting of Christianity by jewry. 

The latter, of course results in the furtherance and increase of evil in the world, because the jew is not the chosen one that it thinks it is.  True Christianity is….but True Christianity’s “Day” is not yet.

The mission of True Christianity is not going throughout the world and ameliorating consequences of behavior to present day tribes and nations, who neither continue in the supposed good that Christianity brings, nor are thankful for it, but continue in their dark minded ways after whitey leaves.  This is because at present, the dark skinned hordes in their uncivilized ways are embodiments of the spirit of envy expressed toward the white doogooders that come to minister in their lands.  I’m sure thousands of missionaries have experienced this, but like the insane person who insists on doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, they keep on foolishly thinking this is the “Lords will” for their life.  They could have read, believed, and acted on the testimony of Albert Schweitzer about his African experience and saved themselves a lot of trouble, but no……

Every time there’s a disaster somewhere, such as today’s de jure typhoon in the Philippines, false Christianity, AKA churchianity is on the televitz, money begging for help toward those whom GOD HAS NOT CALLED THEM TO HELP.  The Philippinos, being mostly catholic, should let the cursed pope and his minions take care of them by selling off some of the vatican’s valuables…oops, I forgot, Rothchild has the key to the vault and won’t allow money to be spent out of that treasury for such mundane things, after all, there are more important things to spend money on like orgies and child molesting parties and so forth. Let the dumb pew peons fork over like they always do.

False Christianity, like most females, puts the cart before the horse by her running to the “houses” of others – foreigners, when at some far off future day, the foreigners will “see a great  Light” and come running to it for help of their own volition at the proper time, but not yet.

True Christians who will learn the genuine art of doing good to others, must first begin to do it to and among the lost sheep of the House of Israel…..and no for the umpteenth time, that is not that hell bound place in the middle east called by that name.  That’s one of satan’s biggest deceptions, which today’s dead form of Christianity has bought, hook, line and sinker.

So…Mz Winfrey was somewhat correct when she said all the old white racists had to die off before racism can be done away with.  Taking into account of course, she spoke this while metaphorically looking at her own self in a mirror, for the black race is the most envious bunch in the entire universe, as the lower always envies the higher, and the black sub conscious KNOWS the white race is it’s superior.  It thinks by continuing to “act out” it is showing it’s superiority, but by doing so is only proving it’s own childish inferiority, like a rebellious spoiled child flopping around on the floor crying WAH!WAH! and GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE while stomping it’s feet and beating it’s hands on the floor.

Old white “racists” do have to die off, because they are living a lie while claiming they aren’t racist, but are…AS THEY SHOULD BE.  If taking care of your own first is racist, then so be it.  A bunch of blind doogooders running to foreign lands to heal their owies and adopt their baby black future criminals is a stench in the nostrils of God and deserving of death.  This bunch is already dead internally, so it’s future manifestation as such physically will be all to the good.

The new generations who will reject their parents judeo/Schofield/dispensational/rapture false Christianity will be the founding of a new form of Christianity -perhaps not even called by that name as it has come to have such a negative connotation.  Among it’s characteristics will be a true understanding of race, stemming from their own new understanding of themselves and where they came from in antiquity as the True Chosen people of God who are to rule all other tribes and nations.

This won’t come to pass for many years, for many other things must occur first; things which will work as an “encouragement” toward a change of mind in this bunch.  Their coming adversity will eventually trump their false demonic theology they have believed in since at least the middle 1800’s and increased with jewish/zionist Schofieldism after the turn of the 20th century.

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Demonstrating the vision with our thoughts.

Time to hit the fast forward button and send the enemy’s ambassadors packing.

Kosherdom….everything must have the jew imprimatur on it.

Imprimatur means sanction, approval or imprint.  For example, everything the catholic church publishes has to pass through the pope’s approval and must receive his stamp.  This doesn’t mean he actually read the book that catholic Joe Doaks has written, but it’s like the government which declares moonshine illegal because moonshiners refuse to pay the “kosher tax”, so to speak.  Therefore, without the pope’s imprimatur,  Joe Doakes book is “illegal” and subject to a sanction, similar to the muslim’s “fatwah”.

This is also why government stooges, operating under the principle of “good is evil and evil is good”, go after flea markets and little children’s lemonade stands.  The government  doesn’t like them because of an ostensibly “good” reason,  traffic and “safety/health” problems, but the real reason is government daddy isn’t getting his cut.  His “cut” is his approval stamp.  You must get a permit to buy or sell, even if it’s your own stuff which you have made.  This horseshit all started back just after the revolution with the Whiskey Rebellion and Shay’s Rebellion, which the then government put down by force of arms via George Washington and the bankers because they weren’t getting their cut.

Some of us have probably read about some Christians who hold meetings in their homes being harassed by local government stooges somewhere ostensibly because of the increased parking required for such meetings or other such excuses – fire risk/safety hazards, etc.  Of course the real reason is they didn’t pay the kosher tax; ie, jump through the permit getting hoops required by government, so they are shut down.  They must have a separate building set aside for such uses don’t cha know and pay all kinds of money in permit fees, rent and/or construction finances, thereby getting the average joe’s who attend such meetings into hock to the jew/ usury man/stooge, through interest on bank loans, etc.  Which all the blind sheeple think is the right thing to do of course, because they’ve been trained to think correctly in the indoctrination centers which their unseeing, fleeing from responsibility parents, have sent them to since at least 1950.

The explicit kosher stamp can be seen throughout commerce and business in the grocery/household goods market.  Check the items you buy in the grocery store sometime.  I recently noticed a kosher “stamp” on some laundry detergent at an Amway online site.

The more prevalent implicit kosher stamp, however can be seen throughout the culture, especially in movies as we are all aware of.  Of course we all know that jewlywood is a Zionist enterprise…but I repeat myself.

The jew, as kosher stamp,  must be included in all levels of the movie making business, not just in the corporate offices running things.  Even the actors as well as the technicians/flunkies behind the cameras who aren’t biological jews must agree with what goes on in order to get a job in the industry.

From the very beginning of the abomination, the female actors spread their legs/bent over to the big wheels in order to get noticed or employment.  Thousands upon thousands of daughters from families in flyover country prostituted themselves and brought reproach upon their families in this manner.  This is just one tiny sample of the implicit kosher stamp prevalent in the culture.

The desire for fame and notoriety of the masses, particularly the young,  through the influence of jewlywood and media has increased more and more since the abomination’s beginning, where at the present day it is almost impossible to avoid being touched by this mental disease.

Women, being more easily deceived because they think their feelings are the truth,  are particularly susceptible to this, especially in matriarchal families where the wife wears the pants and rules the roost, forever pushing daughters into beauty pageants when barely out of diapers and continually praising looks/beauty over more important intangible qualities.  Of course the feminized emasculated husbands -if there are any still in the home -go along with this.

I also noticed another area of what I call the implicit kosher stamp and that is on the internet on some WN/ethnonationalist sites.  However, first a little background…

In the unseen initiatory world which directs this realm of time and space/tangibility/visibility/senses, the mode of communication is by thought.  The beings in that dimension communicate by thought and not spoken words as we do in this lower realm.  In this realm we cannot read each other’s mind, but in the higher realm they can    read our minds down here.

In earthly expression there are three “modes” if you will.  First is intent/ tendency or motivation.  These are “before” thought and consciousness; ie,  in the sub conscious.  Thought is second.  Speech is third.  Intent/tendency/motivation “trigger” thought.  Thought exposes the character/nature of the individual when outwardly spoken.  Sometimes the character/nature is subtle and can only be observed by another highly perceptive individual, but sometimes it is more prominent/noticeable.

In some of the ancient writings, what I call intent/tendency was translated as heart, meaning center or middle.  The “heart” is the center of motivation; ie, intent/tendency.  Jesus said, “out of the heart proceeds all those things which defile a man”. 

The translators of the ancient writings, in many or most cases, particularly in the original KJV, tried to translate one Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic word into one English word, which in many cases doesn’t work.  In such cases it takes an English phrase to properly give the meaning of one word in the ancient tongues.

+                                        +                                       +

The IDEA which I, comrades, brothers, sisters, and friends are expressing on our blogs and websites is a VISIONThis vision is given by the Creator to us, His “under creators”.  Metaphorically speaking, the vision is a new man.  A collective man, not an individual.  As we write and take action in the world we are building this “man” who is actually idea or vision.

The man is created mostly by the tried and true method of trial and error.  Mistakes are made during the construction process.  As we all know, there is opposition to our creative process.  At present, most of this opposition is in the form of words and accusations/name calling.  The author of all opposition is the adversary who is a liar and has been so since the beginning of time.  As we are the instruments of creation, the adversary’s workers are instruments of destruction.  Enemy’s/adversary’s job is mainly to tie us up with misdirection and distractions.  He does this by attempting to engage us in conversations in our comment boards with invective and ridicule.  Some of us respond in kind or try to convert them to our way of thinking.  It ain’t gonna work.  Fairness and/or niceness to the enemy is stupid.

I check this place out from time to time :

They have some good writings over there, which I totally agree with, but they’ve given some of the comment boards over to the enemy, who then proceeds to chase the comrades and friends away, all for the sake of, “enjoying and thriving on the active controversy and debate”, as the administrator responded to me in an email.   Some comrades have spoken up and demanded they ban the three or four satanic mental pukes, but so far, no dice.

As our writings are thought, expressed; to allow the enemy to “join in”, is to allow him to control our thoughts.  We get sidetracked in responding to his mental vomit/excrement/shit stirring.  Which as I said, is his intent.  Vox Day has a couple of posts with imbedded links which apply to this situation, as he’s finally had it up to you -know- where with these idiots…..

Also this is one of his links…..

To engage in this warfare is to take it TO the enemy, but disallow him coming to us.  If he bans us at his place, fine.  We don’t give a rat’s ass what he has to say, cause we already know how he thinks.  Fairness..schmairness.  Our minds are to be holy places.  Outsiders aren’t allowed in holy places.  They want to know what we are thinking and saying, so they will come and read and eventually have heart attacks or high blood pressure and more extreme mental problems as a result…..or may undergo a mental change and be converted to our side.  To allow the enemy into our discourse is to place the kosher stamp at the header to our blog/site.

The objective is to build the MAN while simultaneously isolating and forcing the enemy into SILENCE.  The condition of silence is the enemy’s natural abode, which I have pointed out a zillion times on this blog as…present, but hidden.   The latter must start on our end first.  When we do this, our man building/creation process is speeded up, because we are obeying the principle or law which governs this activity…aligning ourselves according to the WILL of the POWER.

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Measured citizenship team building

Rev. 2:9-10 “I know your tribulation and destitution, nevertheless you are rich, and the profane speech from among them who affirm that they themselves are Judahites (jews), and they are not but a synagogue of satan.  Do not fear the things you are about to suffer.  Lo!  The adversary is about to cast some of you into prison, that you may be tried, and may have tribulation ten days.  Become you faithful until death and I will give you the crown of life”.

In Revelation chapters 2 and 3 is a lengthy passage which the Spirit gave to the writer John, directed to 7 groups of people which some translators have mistakenly called “churches”, which were located in various places in the ancient world, Ephesus, Smyrna (the above passage), Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.  The mistranslated word “church” is ‘ekklesia’, which basically means, “called (out) ones”.  The called outness, refers to a mental attitude which the people in these groups should have toward the world system.  They are called out of it and stand against it, while still living in it.

As recorded, the Spirit says He has something against some of the people in these groups who have taken on some mental traits that are not in accordance with the Spirit’s will.  These are at Ephesus, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, and Laodicea.

Ephesus has “lost it’s first love”; Pergamum is holding the teaching of Balaam which causes the people to pass their teaching through a mental demon filter which I have explained in some earlier posts, as well as holding fast the teaching of Nicolaitanes which briefly is the false clergy/laity separation which has been carried down to the present day through harlot Roman Catholicism and spread it’s tendencies throughout the daughter harlots denominations in various forms-special clothing, modes of worship, buildings, ultimately bringing about the making of religion into a business;  Thyatira has Jezebel running the demonic show which shows up today in the anti Christ religious system- the woman’s movement ism’s-feminism, cultural Marxism, multiculturalism, so-called diversity, speech codes, thought police, etc.,-see Chap 2:20-23;  Sardis thinks it has a name that is alive, but is actually dead;  and lastly, Laodicea, the standardless, fence sitting, lukewarm, no zeal for truth bunch.

The seven assemblies are seven “teams” which are in the process of being built as I write.  The destiny of each team is to express an aspect of “The Will of God/the Creator on the Earth”.  They are each to emphasize a mental aspect of the Creator’s character/nature through their beliefs/worldviews.  As each individual team cannot express the “Whole”; taken together as a collective, they do.  Out of many is One.

Taken as the Whole, the Creator’s character/nature as it is to be manifested in this present day is ANGER/WRATH.  So each team will be an expresser of that anger/wrath in their own specific recognizable way.  Perhaps an emphasis on a particular system evil which it expresses the Creator’s hatred toward.  For example an emphasis on the sodomite agenda or the flood of muds into the country or the corruption that YKW has wrought and is behind most of the former.  Some will emphasize historical matters such as the REAL evils that occurred in the 20th century with the house of rothchild wars in the destruction of millions of our fellow whites and particularly telling the REAL truth about our Great Brother who has gone before us in the war against the Sin-agogue of satan.

Even though there is some corruption in the initial construction period of the teams, in most teams, there is always a few faithful ones who have freed themselves from the lie and the majority of the fellows which surrounds them.  The faithful ones are the core around which each team is built.

As this team building is an ongoing process being carried out as we presently live, it is important to understand the necessity of suffering in building the character for this war we are in.  “The adversary is about to cast some of you into prison that you may be tried and may have tribulation ten days”.   In some cases the casting into prison may be literal.  The ten days is not necessarily literal.  It’s just a short period of time.  Could be a few years.  Our Great Brother was sent to prison for 5 years, but only served 9 months.   Presently, our Greek Brother has been sent to prison on trumped up charges -as they all usually are.  As the system is “illegitimate” all it’s activity is likewise.  It persecutes and jails the righteous and good and promotes and covers for the evil.

In other cases the imprisonment may be more symbolic/metaphorical as when someone becomes “despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief, because of the views he holds which others see and are fearful of him-particularly his former close relatives, friends and neighbors.  The latter turn in the team member to authorities.

This happened to me some years ago by the 2nd Jezebel I was hitched to at the time.  Wives are always fearful of their husbands anger and do all they can to placate it, but there ain’t no placation for righteous anger.  Suffice it to say, I was sent to a prison- like facility and pumped with drugs and given brain scans, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with me even though I was in there for a week.  It did take me awhile to finally get off the drugs they pumped me with, particularly Zoloft and some others I don’t recall now. Afterward, I spent 12 days in a regular hospital, broken in two 6 day stays, because of the jitters I had due to over proscribing.  Couldn’t sit still and couldn’t sleep because of jumping legs from the drugs.  On top of that I was left with a $12000 hospital bill which I paid $7700 of and told them my legal counsel said there would be no more money from me.  My legal counsel was the invisible One Who was with me.  Anyway….there are all types of prisons.

Being cast into prison is a rite of passage for some of us who are on this IDEA ROAD.  It’s a necessary check off mark on our measurement status sheet which qualifies us for True leadership.  What qualifies us is when it happens, WE KEEP OUR MOUTH SHUT AND DON’T COMPLAIN OF THE INJUSTICE OF BEING THROWN INTO GAOL.  Let others do that for you.  Being unjustly accused is part and parcel of our calling and being silent under it is victory over it.

Once you’ve had your imprisonment check off box marked, you receive a Crown of Life, which is invisible to the earthly eye of course, but it means you have immortality.  You can’t be killed.  What you represent, which is an aspect of the Whole Idea, can never be extinguished.  They may be able to kill your body, but what you stand/stood for will go on living.

This is why the example of our Great Brother of the 20th century is continuously preached and shouted from the house tops -(TV antenna/cables/satellite dishes anyone?)via the History channel and internet and books.  Whether negatively or positively doesn’t matter.  The whole world is fascinated with Brother Adolph.

Yes, I know some brothers, comrades and friends say we should get past the “Nazi” thing, and I agree as far as the use of that word is concerned.  We shouldn’t use it for ourselves or call any of ourselves by that word.  Let the world use it against us, it doesn’t matter.  We know what the word REALLY means.  Ignore it.  Water off a ducks back.  But as far as the National Socialism thing, if it’s your mental tendency to go that way, more power to you.  After all we are embodiments of the IDEA our Great Brother brought forth; hence, in a sense, and if you have ears to receive it,  He has risen from the dead in us.  The enemy’s negativity in all his Hitler hatred is actually like the weatherman “calling” or forecasting the weather.  Native country folks and southerners particularly always say that the weatherman is “calling for such and such”.

So our enemy, without realizing it, is actually calling for the resurrection of the Hitler Idea into the present age, for that idea is the answer and solution to the problem of the rebellious Jezebel feminine Spirit that presently holds sway in the minds of the elite and their stooge/masses in all the so-called western nations.  The feminine, being the embodiment of blind emotional ignorance, needs her MAN to tell her to shut up, even though she doesn’t like it when he does.  She subconsciously knows she needs it.

Eventually, as the country devolves into even more lawlessness….more than is presently manifested that is, there will begin the restoration of justice hangings, for taking care of those which the present “just-us” system will be financially unable or unwilling to prosecute. Because of it’s habitual covering for the criminal class as can be seen in the initial stages of, through the system’s media, who refuse to identify the race of that criminal class in their publications when they commit violent crimes against whites, it will eventually lead to a more pervasive and obvious/in-your-face escape from justice by the criminal class through the rigged jury system where blacks and other dark skinned ones on juries vote not guilty on their fellow criminals, allowing them to escape free of “whiteys” justice system.  This vacuum of justice will be filled by the justice hangings.  This will bring the fear of God on all such who will attempt to escape such divine justice by fleeing to areas in the country still under the control of their masters.  Of course they will also seek relief through the corrupt court system, but in more “truly enlightened “ areas of the country, a lot of those judges will have already been dealt with and been replaced with Brothers of the Idea.

Also eventually, there will rise up among us a group of tech savvy young men who will be expert in tracking down said culprits through various means.  These will be teams of home investigators.  This team or teams will be expert in tracking down members of the upper criminal class and digging them out of their metaphorical holes and from behind and within their concrete bunkers.  None of this will be advertised beforehand as a warning, except perhaps what I am doing here.  It will be a countrywide night assessment.

As all of the comrades know, there are many websites and blogs where this different emphasis thing can be seen as expressed through the minds of the various writers.  Some emphasize one thing more than others.  At present there is a lot of infighting which will gradually disappear with “adulthood”.  Here’s a young fella who gets it:   Here’s another with a different emphasis :   The infighting is natural part of growth.  “He doesn’t talk about the jews enough”;  “He’s a Hitler worshipping neo Nazi”;  “All they talk about over there is illegal immigrants”;  “He’s a fat slob who treated some friends bad years ago”;  “He’s too high minded to be any earthly good”.  “All they want to do is sit in their mommies basement in pajamas and pretend to be internet tough guys in the comment/forum boards”… infinitum.  All this will gradually change as the times get more serious.

The feminine Spirit has reached it’s ultimate destination of a western nation wide insanity and is crying out for deliverance from her own self and her Deliverer is Adolph in the form of MANY Adolph’s.

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