The System Part 2

Time wise we are presently in the “last age”.  Some places in the Bible use the word “last days” or “latter days”.  This does not mean the “end of the world”.  It means “the last age or days of evil rule”.

Righteousness cannot rule evil; ie, make it “stop being evil”.  Evil has to run it’s course similar to a bodily sickness.  The evil, or “indignation” (see Daniel 11:36) reaches an exhaustion point and collapses of itself.

Evil is reaching it’s climax in this present time we are living in.  This “climax period”, which may last many years, began around the year 1920 when henpecked politicians and government officials -MEN -gave women the right to vote because of their incessant harping/nagging and demands.  This is when the powers-that-be put their official approval on the reversal of roles and they themselves became “manginas'” – female – ized men.

The thought that brought forth this evil manifestation in 1920 had been gestating in the minds of certain individuals living in Europe the previous 100+ years.  The primary source was Marx.  Others were also involved in planting seeds here and there as even this country’s foundation document has the phrase “all men are created equal”.  This is a falsehood as even nature itself shows a hierarchical system of the living creatures that creep and wander and fly on the earth.  The outward intent of the phrase may have been high and noble in it’s inclusion, but that’s how the adversary works.  High and noble/lofty, loving statements are the smiley face of the beast and her mouthpieces.

Presently we are living in the beast’s final “face” or head-#7.  This is it’s most cunning, deceptive, clever form.  This face has never appeared before, for it is actually the face of “goodness”, hence, it’s deceptiveness.  It’s a “doing good with evil intent”.  It says,”trust me; I know what I’m doing; I know what is good for you”.  It’s an all encompassing “Mommy”.  Her “religious horn”, one of ten, which is called “christianity”, is called a “whore” for she is the “Mother of Harlots”.  She is arrayed in purple and scarlet and decked with gold and precious stone.  She looks like royalty and her subjects look up to her as such, and hang on her every word.  She has great riches stashed away in her treasuries, looked after by the great bankers of the world.  Her “daughters” – harlots – are like herself in their outward appearance of niceness.  They are the sects and denominations spread abroad in the country; all self identifying themselves with the phallic symbol they call a “spire” or “steeple”.

Because the system is female, females know how to “game” it; ie, use it to their own advantage and further their ends of what they call “feminism”, but which actually is JEZEBELISM.  They trumpet the call of “equality”, but they actually mean, “I want to be a man and run this show!”

This is what Eve started in the Garden.  Eve “lost her job” that she was originally given when she was made, which was an equal partnership with Adam.  After she was deceived and led her husband to sin, God said her desire would be to rule over her husband, but because of what she did, her husband would now rule over her.  Equality “went out the window”.

In their “gaming” the system and their outward seeming concern for “equality”, they have set up the present day mind GAME which goes by the name of “political correctness”.  Part of the process of which is the establishment of victim groups; ie, women, perverts(they who practice sexual acts against nature), the pitting of the races against each other – fomenting race wars – and etc.  They preach through their media mouthpiece their sympathy for the oppressed and downtrodden with their victim jargon language they have set up – changing the meaning of words such as “gay”, which means happy and joyful, into something it has nothing to do with, thereby making evil, good and good, evil.  All their machinations and supposed concern for their victims actually comes forth from deep seated contempt and hatred for the very ones whom they are supposedly showing love and concern for.  By this they reveal the actual satanic origin of their supposed “compassion”.

Even though females have pushed, prodded and demanded this system since it’s manifestation since 1920, the males have “gone-along-to-get-along”(ate the fruit the women offered-eating meat sacrificed to idols-passing it through a “satanic filter”), as Adam did in the beginning, and have made it into official law-of-the-land.  (The male looks at the woman and says,”see what you’ve done?” and she says, “You let me do it!”)  In this process the men have become females themselves -passive, silent, feelings/emotionally oriented, while the females have become males – aggressive, forceful, threatening, pushy and demanding.

Truth has been replaced with “situational ethics” – a sometimes a thing is true and sometimes not, idea.  Isaiah 59:14-15 “So then, there has been a driving back of justice, and righteousness afar off stands; for truth has stumbled in the broadway and right cannot enter; and the truth has been found missing and he that turned away from wrong is considered mad”.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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