The System Part 3

The female, being the embodiment of darkness/earth or silence, in her natural state is what is called “weaker”.  She is a weaker vessel then the male.  This is of course obvious in the physical sense; travails of childbirth being the exception.  She is aso weaker in other ways; perhaps more importantly. 

Because of Eve and what she did in listening and heeding the adversary, she is more susceptible to deception than the male.  The exception to this is when ungodly money grubbing females get their hooks into some males and deceive them, however these males have already been femaleized and are easy marks.  Her most important weakness however, is in the area of intelligence.

Once again, because of Eve, she has had a “subtraction” taken from her initial intelligence, which we call “mis” intelligence.  Her intelligence is similar to that which has been given to the larger animal kingdom – a kind of “instinct”.  Her emotions, feelings and “intuition” are her intelligence.  Intuition is like the animals “smelling” ability, or ability to detect scent.  Before oncoming disasters, animals are able to detect something coming before it happens and are able to escape.  This is the same principle as “intuition”.

These are her “guides and protectors” through life, but they are not enough, so God has given her someone “outside” herself as a life partner to act as “guide” and “protector” if she will learn to submit herself to while she is but a babe.  The initial guide/protector is her father.  As she gets older, her father turns the guide/protector job over to her husband.  This process or procedure is called a “covering”.  The female is NEVER to be out from under a covering.  If she rebels and takes herself out from under the covering, then that act is a statement to the unseen beings called demons that “I’m available!”  She is then open to receiving all kinds of negative consequences in her life, all the while denying any responsibility for her actions, while simultaeously blaming all the men in her life for those consequences.  She advertizes to the world by her adornment(or non adornment) “I can be had!”

Her father of course is her first “covering”.  When she is of age for marriage, her husband -to-be is to gain approval of her father in order to marry her, whereupon the father will check out the possible husband to insure he knows his duties and responsibilities as husband.  If the young man has not already been taught these things by his own parents, he’s got one strike against him (if not two).  Anyway…the father passes on the protector/guide job to the husband, like two runners in a relay race passing the baton.  THIS IS THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO WORK.  THIS IS HOW GOD SET IT UP TO WORK.  THIS IS THE LAW; IE, THE WAY A THING WAS ORDAINED TO WORK.  The truth of this law is being shown by the consequences of it’s disobedience displayed everyday in newspapers, radio, tv, and the internet.

Woman, left to herself, is the embodiment of unrestrained power, rushing headlong into self destruction.  She cannot be forced into changing for her own good, neither will she “listen to reason” (because that’s a man thing-  “you’re just trying to dominate me!”).  As she has now gained the “on top” position, she has no intent in giving it up, hence, she leads all those who have the mark into self destruction along with her.

As her intelligence is what we have called “mis”, she is in the condition of mental instability.  She points the finger at others, calling them morons, mental idiots, religious/fundamentalist / mentally deranged fanatics, etc,  while it is she herself that is.  She has been wholly given over to the adversary and he uses her mouth to speak his vilehood.

Isaiah 29:14 “Therefore behold me!  Again dealing wonderfully (or awesomely) with this people, doing wonderfully  a wonderful thing.  So shall perish the wisdom of their wise men, and the INTELLIGENCE of their intelligent men SHALL VANISH”.

God, who made the human mind can do what he wants with it.  The system in it’s present final face is one of mental instability.  Judges giving their stamp of approval on evil acts and laws.  The tyranny and the smiley faced totalitarianism of this age is rule by the insane.

A final note:  Instinct in an animal works.  In the female intuition any onset of possible danger is ignored and in many cases, it throws itself literally into the arms of it….


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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