The System Part 4

The only ones who will escape this system in it’s entirety are few in number.  The way to LIFE is narrow and constricted by pressure and has it’s likeness in a baby passing through the birth canal into the new world.  It is the head that endures the pressure;  likewise the mind that endures the pressure of this earthly system/womb, which God has created to perfect those few who are his, whom he has known and chosen before the foundation of the earth.

The way of suffering is the way into LIFE.  Suffering is God’s call to death so that you might be raised; ie, “born” from above.  Those who profess the “born again” experience are not.  They may have been “conceived”- “quickened/made alive” to God, but they are not yet born again.  They have just begun the process which has three stages of which the final is “death and resurrection”.  The three stages are described in Revelation 12:11:  “And they overcame him (the adversary/satan) by (#1) reason of the blood of the Lamb, and (#2) by reason of their witnessing word, and (#3) THEY LOVED NOT THEIR LIFE EVEN UNTO DEATH”.  Each stage or level leads to the next.  Many saints have the #2 experience, but very few reach #3, because when the opportunity comes to experience and go through that stage it comes as a negative, and the mass of professing ones think, because of the opportunity’s appearance as negative adversity, it’s “of the devil” and refuses it or draws back.  Only those who are “faithful unto death” are given a “crown of LIFE” (Rev. 2:10)  When these “draw back” from the opportunity to be “faithful unto death”, they immediately run to the world system and it’s ready made security apparatus for succor.  The negative adversity as opportunity to die is actually God himself with a disguise on.

Those who refuse the 3rd stage continue on in the system for their lives show it.  They still flock to the phallus adorned steeplehouses and meeting places which are run like businesses whose concern is the almighty dollar; who assuage their religious conciences by throwing money/material goods at the poor; pay and maintain and buy through usury, elaborate buildings, complexes and organizations which steal and take the life of the pew sitters (making them slaves to the system); while keeping the pew sitters in darkness through the cookie cutter, cemetary (seminary), theological, bible school “chainlink fence” – interconnected “educational” institutions designed on the present evil system’s indoctrination centers called “public schools”; both designed to keep the masses in ignorance by continuously spitting out cookies from their “higher education” cookie cutter factories – cookies being uniform “zombies” (walking dead ones), instructing the instructors in how to keep everyone blind and in darkness – teaching them to be “qualified system lovers/promotors” when they grow up so that they can come back and teach the following generation the same pablum – baby food, which the Bible calls “meat sacrificed to idols” or “idol sacrifices”.  This is “food” which has passed through and ok’d by demons – a demon filter , if you will.

The so called religious/”christian” education system is the same as the Jezebel/beast system and is just a manifestation of one of the whore’s “horns”- it’s religious one – one of it’s “powers” or means of control.  Controlling the religious populace to make sure they don’t get outside the system.  The “food” eaten by professing “christians” causes them to continue and remain in the system by orienting their thought tendency/worldview towards the security systems that the main system has set up to keep people enslaved to it.  The first sign of any adversity in their life they immediately run to the system for their “pablum pill”; their “placebo”- to alleviate it.  They call this using “wisdom” and “reason”.

This religious system is the same one that ruled Jerusalem in Jesus’ earthly sojourn.  The same system continues to kill Christ in this day with it’s phoney religiosity – it’s outward “pomp and circumstance”; tooting it’s own horn as it parades itself in it’s lewdness and vain show; it’s false splendor full of its earthly riches of mammon gained in deceiving the masses.  It’s as far from TRUE religion as night is from day.  This system is the carrier of the sentence of DEATH.  Those who participate in it’s corrupt practices are in agreement with DEATH .  Those who put their money in it’s coffers are trying to keep the corpse kicking in it’s DEATH throes.  This system is full of the putrifying, stench smelling, plague of DEATH.  The DEATH SENTENCE was carried out in 70 AD when the legions of Rome surrounded Jerusalem and destroyed it from outside while simultaneously the various factions inside the walls were destroying it from within.

Ancient Jerusalem is symbolic of DEAD religion.  DEAD religion as it “exists” today was built from the minds of ungodly men.  The actual historic incident of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD is continually carried out down through time to the present day as a “mental death sentence”process, in those who continue to try to “keep a dead body alive”by building it/perpetuating it/participating in it/financing it.  There is a Spiritual law which says, a one time historical earthly incident is actually a beginning of a process of a condition of being; affecting the world at large; bringing the CAUSE of the original incident on down through history; affecting all those who participate in it in any way.


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