The Fixup part 2

The darkness spreading abroad throughout the land, symbolically represented in the aforementioned dark skinned people, is in itself a symbolic representation of the darkness of sin which has engulfed the land.

As Adam, in order to go along to get along, ate the fruit of sin offered to him by Eve, thereby putting his stamp of approval on it, bringing sin and it’s consequences upon all who followed, so likewise did the men of this country go along to get along with multitude “Eve’s” when they “ate the fruit of woman’s suffrage”in the early 1900’s, making it the “law of the land” and laying the foundation of a process we call”framing mischief by law”. (Ps. 94:20)  This process is the legislation/legalization of feelings/emotion; ie, of envy under the cloak of “fairness”.

Under this umbrella, the males have taken upon themselves the main ingredient of female nature – emotion.  They became female-ized.  This then leads to the bringing of women into the lawmaking process wherein the demand for “fairness”has brought about the abomination of “equality”- egalitarianism, leading to the never ceasing hunting down of any whiff of “unfairness” and suppressing it, passing laws against it, advertizing and pointing the finger at it in order to shut it up and make it grovel and apologize, and/or sue it out of existence.

This shows forth the religiosity of this system.  Like a religious wife bent on saving the world one at a time, she heads off to the hinterlands and around the world to other countries bringing the “gospel of fairness/equality”- what she calls “liberty” or “freedom”, under the banner of “democracy”.  She thinks she knows what’s good for everybody.  She’s like the foolish women Paul talked about in one of his letters, going about from house to house, being a nuisance buttinski.  In her eagerness to stamp out “sin” all over the world, particularly the “sin of intolerance” which is also rooted in envy, she stirs up trouble and resentment and hatred wherever she goes.  Nobody likes a religious interferring busybody, always trying to stamp out “sin”.

She has become like the “medusa”, the ancient woman image with entangled snakes for hair, which shows the demonic source of her energy.  The institution which she has built up over the last 100 so years called the U. S. government, is an exact earthly representation of her head of snakes with it’s unending bureaucratic entities snaking it’s tentacles into everyone’s life and pocketbook, sending it’s minions hither and yon to stamp out “sin”; passing laws to ensure the equality of all and everyone’s niceness.  Her bureaucracy is like a maze or puzzle, ostensibly set up to implement and enforce “good”, actually brings about it’s opposite – evil.  Because it is an anti Christ system, it believes actual sin is good and actual good is evil.

She presents herself in the “goodness” of regal robes and jewels, but following in her train are every kind of abomination, perverseness, lewdness, and gross immorality.  Hence, the spreading abroad of darkness across the land indicated by the hordes of dark skinned people…

To be continued…


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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