The Fixup part 3

Emotion is the human aspect or trait by which FEAR is manifested.  Fear is the foundation of emotion.

Fear is faith reversed.  As faith brings the positive into existence, fear brings into existence the negative.  Fear brings into existence the thing feared.  Job said after he had all those bad things come upon him, “that which I greatly feared, has come upon me”.

Living in fear causes one to take action and make choices in life which result in negative consequences and/or death before time.  Fear can also be described as faith in the negative.

Most people on earth live this way.  Throughout their life people in this country are taught to take action to make provision for “Justin Case”.  Whole businesses and industries have been set up to make money off this.

The US government has become such a modern day Roman empire because of FEAR and Justin Case.  While it’s military forces and secret agencies run to and fro throughout the earth trying to stamp out the “sin” of terrorism, she is corroding and rotting within like Rome and like Jerusalem in 70 AD.  Her real enemies are within, in the females/feminized males who hold the reins of power in government, media, academia, education, religion, etc.  It is she who has opened the gates to the “vandals to rape and pillage her”, the dark skinned people who are lying in wait for their time.  She is going to be the first one they turn on when their time is come, for it is through her policies, programs, laws; her egalitarianism and PC-ness and multicultural deception, they will use to gain power over her.  She hates the white conservative, but she “aint seen nuttin yet”, for the “hot blooded” middle eastern and south of the border people are more “conservative” than the “redneck, religious/christian/fundamentalist/homeschooling/gunnut/teapartyites” ever thought of being.

These dark skinned “conservatives” don’t look conservative right now, for they are presently showing a left wing, liberal face as the Jezebelites.  This is because their time is not yet.  That is just a show to take her in so she will drop her guard, and when this happens, He- the domineering male, also emotion driven- will show himself as ANGER (God’s anger), and put a stop to all the government/culture/media/academia run multi-culti, egalitarian, PC lying crap.

The only ones who will be harmed are those who are part and parcel of this present female run, Jezebel system; ie, those who have promoted it, made financial gain by it, participated in it, by agreeing with it’s laws, regulations and programs.

Rev. 2: 20-22 “Nevertheless, I have against you that you suffer the woman Jezebel, she who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and leading astray my own servants to commit lewdness and to eat idol sacrifices; and I gave her time that she might repent, and she wills not to repent out of her lewdness.  Lo!  I CAST HER INTO A BED, AND THEM WHO ARE COMMITTING ADULTERY WITH HER INTO GREAT TRIBULATION – except they repent out of her works…”

Being thrown into a bed is being “put to sleep”.  She and those who promulgate, promote, and participate in her “doctrines” are going to be SUPPRESSED – forced to shut up and go into hiding.  For example, homosexuality is going to be suppressed even more violently then it was before this modern age.  Abortion and all it’s pushers and promotors and enablers are going to be cut off.  When God cuts something off, he cuts it off entirely.  The media as it is presented in this country today, in movies, tv, the female/female-ized male talking heads spouting their liberal leftist lies; the porn industry. etc; all that sin which has been the cause of this darkness spreading across the land, is going to be silenced.

To be continued….


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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