The Fixup part 4

Because the Jezebel run American government and culture of deceit has rejected the TRUE GOD REPRESENTED BY JESUS, it has been given the God of the Old Testament who rules and reigns by strict rules, laws, and force.

Because they have rejected the God of Love and self control, who rules from WITHIN individuals, they have been given the God of force, who forces people by the power of the sword to conform and obey to outward precepts, laws and standards written in a book.

They see god as a hard taskmaster so they get what they “see”.  According to their “faith” it is unto them.  This God…”he shall shepherd them with a scepter(rod) of iron – as vessels of earthenware are dashed in pieces…” and “…out of his mouth is going forth a sharp sword that therewith he may smite the nations and…he treads the winepress of the wrath of the ANGER of God Almighty” (Rev. 2:27;19:15)  They have refused the god of Love, therefore are given the God of Anger.  Because of their “faith”, anger is where they abide, so they receive – are given – what they want.

Their drive for unity and “equality” is nothing more then an attempt to re-build the Tower of Babel.  Their push for a “new world order” isn’t going to happen.  All of the so-called unions of nations and the united nations is going to be “broken in pieces like a potters vessel”; divided up by the two edged sword which comes “out of the mouth” of Him who lives forever, into groups according to language and skin color.  The pharisaical interpretation of Galatians 3:28 as all people are one, etc., is a lie.  Oneness exists in only one place: IN CHRIST JESUS.  The multitudes and  nations/races/tongues are not IN Christ Jesus.  The ungodly are not IN Christ Jesus.  Everything is going to be – and is now in the process of being – broken up and divided into pieces as the one language speaking people’s efforts were in antiquity.

It’s already beginning in this country.  The Jezebel push for race mixing/everybody’s equal/forced integration/miscegnation is falling apart at the seams at the same time it’s trying to force “oneness”.  It’s against God’s order displayed throughout nature, but Jezebel is too willfully blind to see it.

The south-of-the-borderite doesn’t like the “gringo” or the African.  The African returns the favor and envies the white who also prefers his own, and doesn’t want to be forced to live amongst either.  Those left wing, purse carrying, hip swiveling, college/university “educated” (read indoctrinated), female – ized white males say they just looooooooove the “everything tan” world  they think they see coming, but they haven’t seen anything yet.

Generally, each race prefers it’s own, and that is the way God intended it.  The idea of a “melting pot” of races all living together in harmony is a lie founded in marxism and pushed by jew radicals in the early 1900’s.   When left to themselves, the races eventually all gather in enclaves of like skinned/race/language.  Every do gooder law passed in this country to force integration is an abomination in the sight of God.

Even the different tribes in Africa who are the same skin color are busy genociding each other – the former Rhodesia, Darfur, Somalia, Ethopia, Kenya, Congo, Sudan -while in South Africa, the natives are busy wiping out the residual white holdouts so they in turn can also get busy killing and raping each other.  Eventually the few natives left who have any sense at all will realize they had it better under white colonialism – as witnessed from some Kenyan natives who have recently stated such – and will beg and plead for whitey to come back and deliver them.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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