The Media

Media is the mouthpiece – the “propaganda ministry” – of the Jezebel anti-Christ beast; the system we wrote of previously who “sits upon many waters”- the minds of – peoples, nations, multitudes, and tongues.  It controls the minds of most of the mass of people in this country, causing them to act/react in accordance with the invisible right and left hands behind the scenes.  The two hands appear to be opposing world views warring against each other, however, one mind is actually in control and this is one of it’s means of deception; the so-called left/right war.

The media’s work is to continuously alternatively keep the people stirred up with fear and envy, and passified with entertainment; two seemingly opposite affects.  This is so they will continuously demand of the government to “do something about it”.  An animal becoming extinct somewhere in the country! – Government must do something about it!  Blacks starving and children with no food! -Government must do something about it!  Blacks commiting genocide somewhere in the world!  Government——!  Poverty increase!  Government!  Planet heating up!/cooling off!/new ice age!/poles melting!/oceans rising!/flooding coastal cities!/people out of work!/rich and poor gap increasing!/big business making insane profits! – GOVERNMENT MUST DO SOMETHING!!!!

Government spokesmen from the white house on down use the media by planting articles and info with various likeminded news outlets designed with one purpose in mind – make people demand gov’t DO and stir up the controlled opposition into “opposing”.  Trotting out their talking heads on the news shows – so-called experts in foreign affairs, economics, defense, law, education, etc., who are usually the very ones who have caused the problem in the first place, now being called upon for the solution!  Then during the week, the newspapers regurgitate it all across the land because they are all tied to the same “umbilical cord”; the wire services.  Even small local papers scattered across the country in smaller towns are connected to this lying, fear preaching network (actually a form of false prophet), as they are mostly owned and operated by leftists educated in colleges and university journalism classes by leftist professors.

Hollywood and the porn industry (maybe I should leave out ‘and’), is also part of this propaganda ministry.  Since the 1950’s most history that people know is hollywood history.  It’s the jewish view of history as jews have run Hollywood for many years now and they acknowledge this themselves, so it’s nothing new.   Hollywood and porn keep the people entertained through their many devices.  It keeps the minds of people occupied so they won’t start thinking interesting thoughts.

Advertizing keeps the people in the neverending circle of the “gotta have”merry-go-round, with it’s subliminal and overt invitations to buybuybuy and maintain the never ceasing materialistic lifestyles of many Americans.

Government itself has become entertainment with all the controversies involving it; the he said/she saids, various sex and money scandals, etc.

Very few have escaped from this never ceasing mental and soul pollution.  The generations since the 1950’s have been and are being especially corrupted by it, particularly through tv, for that is the intent of the one worlder/new world order egalitarian abomination pushed by the hidden faces behind the scenes, whom the media makes sure they stay so by intentionally ignoring their existence and by accusing those who point this out as being “conspiracy theorists/right wing whackos etc.

The only ones who “escape’ are those whose ear has been “branded” by God.  To escape does not mean moving to another country, or a log cabin in the boonsticks of Alaska or homesteading in Wyoming or Montana.  The “brand” is a mark of ownership on those who are in a condition of being wherein they cannot be MOVED by anything this system does or preaches.  These individuals cannot be moved into making a response or a decision or choice as a result of the preaching/fear mongering of the system.  John 14:30 “……for the world’s ruler is coming, but he has nothing in me”.  These individuals have nothing in them of the adversary’s that he could use as a linchpin in moving them to act or react in accord with the system’s “preaching”.  They can hear the world’s enticements and BS and see it, but it has no affect on them; the emotional appeals for sympathy for this or that group or horror over this or that calamity does not move them.  The only “thing” that moves them is the Spirit of God.

Next: a caste of Irishmen….


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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