The Prophet and The Wife

A “wise one” or prophet is so because he has gone through different types of trials or tests and has overcome them.  This means he has proved himself to be trustworthy and is therefore given certain privileges.  One of the major privileges is described in Rev. 2:26,27 “And he that overcomes and keeps throughout my works, I will give him authority over the nations; and he shall shepherd them with a scepter (or rod) of iron as vessels of earthenware are dashed in pieces…”, and, Rev. 19:15 “…and out of his mouth is going forth a sharp sword that therewith he may smite the nations and he shall shepherd them with a scepter of iron, and he treads the winepress of the wrath of the anger of God the almighty”.

The 3 character traits of the prophet: strong temperament, fierce independence, and protection or loyalty to kin and kindred are manifested in his vocation listed in the above Bible passages.

He has intense anger toward lawlessness/sin/ungodliness which lies very “close to the surface” in his makeup and causes him to appear to be “quick on the trigger”.  Symbolically he IS the sword which goes forth out of the mouth of him who “rides the horse” depicted in Rev. 19.  The prophet is Gods word of anger/wrath, therefore, his anger is not of the adversary, but of God, in that it is expressed toward lawlessness/sin/ungodliness and the devastation  they have wrecked upon the earth.

His independence is shown by his being on the “outside”.  He doesn’t belong to any group, sect, or denomination for they are the whore systems harlot daughters.  His job is to call individuals OUT of that system so they are not harmed when the tribulation comes on those in the system.  The individuals who respond to the “come out” call, are of the Spiritual entity called the “body” or “assembly”.  We don’t use the word “church” because of it’s incorrect usage being associated with a building – “What church do you go to?” crap.

This body/assembly of “called out” ones is Spiritually FEMALE and includes both physical genders.  These are the prophet’s kin/kindred, but they don’t reveal themselves until they “come out”.  The prophet, the sword/word, is God’s instrument of dividing false from true.

The phrase “out of his mouth goes a sharp sword” indicates words which cause division – harsh words, the same principle Jesus used.  The action or reaction of those hearing or reading the words causes them to self identify themselves, hence, placing themselves into “for and against” categories; ie, showing themselves to be either sheep or goats – of God or not of God.  Many of those who profess christianity will discover their self identification as being not of God by their rejection of the prophet’s words.  They will want to kill the messenger.

Now that Jezebel has transformed most Americans – both genders – into “she” by female-izing them- causing all to have an emotional outlook- she, Jezebel, has unwittingly laid the groundwork for bringing forth the TRUE FEMALE; ie, the body or assembly-the “bride” of Christ/Jesus’ wife.  They are the unnumerable multitudes described in Rev. 7:9-17 as they “who come out of the great tribulation”.

These had to be female-ized first in the negative sense by Jezebel, because of their ultimate destiny described in the above Bible passage, and also in Rev. 19:7-9.  In their previous condition they were a mixed multitude.  They had/have to go through/experience the “false female” in order to find the TRUE.

Jesus’ wife has to learn to accept the nature of God as he is self revealed in the two genders, for one cannot be part of the body otherwise.  They are not going to find out about that nature until they begin to leave Babylon, for Jezebels preachers, teachers,, pastors, and theologians know nothing of it for they are busy debating each other over the fine points of “Bible scholarship”; the “trinity” (seeing 3’s everywhere and making belief/disbelief in such as a test of whether or not one is a “christian”), “calvinism”, election/predestination/free will and on and on, thereby proving their ancestorship with the religious leaders of Jesus’ day.

If he appeared among them today they would do the same to him as their father’s did..  The proof of this is in their rejection of the prophet..They are suspicious of outsiders who are not a part of their denomination.  They think they are wolves or “sheep stealers”.

The system doesn’t allow for prophets, hence, they always come from outside – sometimes they just “appear” on the scene, like Elijah and John the immerser (not baptist).  Prophets don’t have a “sheepskin” or diploma or framed piece of paper saying “ordained”, for they are not worth a hill of beans and are not worth the paper they are printed on, for most of those who have them are two fold more a child of hell then those who gave it to them at cemetary. 

Prophets are chosen and placed by GOD, having been TAUGHT BY HIM ONLY.  The prophet is sent to call out the wife who is bound and gagged in burial clothes in the system of abomination, and he, coming by says, COME OUT!  All the “females” are then gathered together in Spirit -not locally in a building with a name on it, but as the original ones did – house to house.


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