A Spiritual Law

There is a Spiritual law or principle which came into existence at or after the “big announcement” written of earlier in this blog, which we have not yet explained, and we must do so now for this law/principle is the foundation of what we are to discuss in this post.

As we said earlier in this blog, the ONE we know and call God is a being who contains or consists of two spheres or principles, which , prior to creation the spheres operated in a harmonious manner/movement of “in/out”, “up/down”, and a circular motion like in a playful dance.  The two spheres were connected so that when one moved, the other followed with the appropriate response according to the other’s initiation.  Therefore, we call one, “initiation” and the other, “response” (to initiation).  Many other words or terms could be used to explain this principle, such as initiation is the “male principle” and response is “female or feminine principle”.

At or after the “big announcement”, the two spheres became separated and now appear throughout creation as opposites-SEEMINGLY- no longer working in harmony, but opposing each other, APPEARING to be independent spheres, each with it’s own “power source”, hence, we have what is called, “good and evil”.

Now, in the visible world we live in, when one of the spheres is manifested, the other is not “flying around in the ether” somewhere by itself, but actually “comes with” the other sphere, becoming HIDDEN while the other is manifested.  Therefore, the law or principle is:  the opposites are ALWAYS together, but only one is manifested while the other is PRESENT BUT HIDDEN.

The playful dance is replicated in a true marriage between a male and female and again in the marriage between Christ and his “wife”, the body or assembly.

The opposites are seen in the world in the movements/actions/reactions of nations, multitudes, people and tongues and in many other areas too numerous to mention here.  One sphere may be manifested over a period of hundreds of years before a change or transformation occurs.

As we discussed in previous posts, the feminine principle began to come to it’s full strength in this country around 1920.  The initial transformation/change from masculine to feminine began several hundred years prior and showed itself through males in the upper, aristocratic classes as an extreme form of fopish fashions and adornments: frilly effeminite manners of dress with fancy lacework at the cuffs and neck and chest, ornate and elaborate wigs and hairpieces usually white powdered, lipstick and eye shadow and makeup with a phoney mole on a cheek, etc.  The change shows itself at first outwardly and when it reaches it’s fullness stage is seen internally with female traits coming out from within the personality through emotions/feelings, leading to the state or condition of being where a  large number of the population takes on the world view of misplaced sympathy toward others leading to demands of “fairness”toward others and the surrounding world.

Intermingled in this change to the feminine “idea” or principle, is the thought or focus on males “not doing their job”.  Hence the arise of various charitable organizations for the alleviation of poverty, homeless, downtrodden women and children, etc.  the formation of the YMCA and WCTU – Women’s Christian Temperance Union- the latter a female fight against alcohol and it’s users which hounded the politicians into passing prohbition in the 1920’s.  Most, if not all of these organizations were initiated by the female principle even though in some cases males were used, as in the case of the YMCA.  All these things SEEM to be a “good” thing.  However, when the female principle acts as “initiation”, God’s nature is “turned on it’s head”; reversed, which ultimately leads to violence spread abroad throughout the country which began to occur in ernest in the 1960’s.  How can seemingly good works lead to violence?   Stay tuned…….


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