The Secret Ingredient of Violence

The spreading abroad of violence across the land, especially in urban areas, is due to violence’s “secret ingredient”; ie, that which “triggers it”, and that is FEMALE MISPLACED SYMPATHY.  This is the female tendency to try to manipulate the male into submission; ie, keep his “mouth shut”/make him be quiet/MAKE HIM STAY UNMANIFESTED, so she can keep doing her religious/christian/do-gooder thing unhindered and remain “on top”.

I say religious/christian, because that is part of it’s impetus.  It’s “cloak of goodness” is religious-false-christian, hence, is actually ANTI CHRISTIANITY.  True christianity operates in accord with the nature of God as shown by the two spheres of which he consists.

This anti christian misplaced sympathy is especially manifested through this Jezebel government and leftist culture with regards to it’s view and concern about the dark skinned muslim, African, mestizo hordes spreading across the land.

These people have no care or concern or respect for the white mans laws which have been put in place by the anti christian female, motivated by emotional misplaced sympathy for these hordes.  THESE ARE THE VIOLENCE  anti christian female is BRINGING ON ITSELF because of it’s laws/policies of pc ness, multiculturalism, equality, abortion, the “rights industry”, and etc.

These domineering male led hordes will, and are presently in the process of, shutting the anti christian female’s “mouth” through their violence of killing and raping those infected by misplaced sympathy.  Anti christian female wants to let these strangers in and give them carte blanche to do what they want; they will- ONLY IT WILL BE DONE TO THOSE ANTI CHRISTIANS and not those who are not.

Much, if not all, of the anti christian group’s animosity is toward WHITE males.  It thinks it’s been oppressed by white male patriarchy for centuries, but it aint seen REAL male oppression as it’s going to see it in the days ahead in this country, for the dark skinned ones are bringing with them a new, more oppressive patriarchy then the anti christians have ever seen.  The anti’s are going to be eliminated, suppressed, go into hiding, and BE SILENT.  Only then will they be in the state of being that is in accord with God’s nature:”…for the woman is to be IN SILENCE; and if she wants to know anything, LET HER ASK HER HUSBAND AT HOME”.  (1Cor. 14:34  and also see 1 Tim2:9-15)

When they reach this state or condition of being, then the dark skinned hords will abruptly quit their predations as the reason for their violence will have ceased.  It will be sort of like how it was when God created the great seas and said, “this far and no farther”.

At the end of this “great tribulation” when those of the whites have learned to live according to God’s nature, with the males having learned to take authority in their own homes, and wives and children under the TRUE form of patriarchal male authority, then these WHITES will be given a national WHITE ethnostate to live in, separate from the other races in the land.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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