The False Prophet

The false prophet is a single entity who speaks from many minds and out of many mouths.

The false prophet speaks through the media primarily and through various institutions of government, academia, ngo’s, so-called legal organizations, religious groups, etc.  Media is of course television, newspapers, magazines and specialized publications published by so-called think tanks, various foundations, clubs, social organizations, etc, as well as movies, which of course are more subtile in their “prophesyings”.

The intent of this single entitied – many thought/voiced prophet is to shut the mouth of TRUTH in the “gates of the city”.  We will get to the meaning of that in a bit.

This prophet comes “riding on a horse” – a hobby horse- a topic to which he constantly reverts and makes judgments according to.  He is very protective of his horse as it is a source of his pride.  His horse is what we call his “guilty button”.  If you touch his horse/guilty button, he reveals the TRUE SOURCE motivating his horse, which is the adversary, called satan.  He does this by using anger and  name calling.  This is his “SHUTUP! I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT!” mechanism, which is in turn, a “killing of the messenger” syndrome.  By doing this he places himself in the ancestral line of those who killed the true prophets of antiquity, and Jesus himself, as well as individuals such as Stephen, where it is recorded in the Bible in the book of Acts that he was stoned by those whose guilty button he pushed, as they STOPPED THEIR EARS and ran upon him with one accord.

A city in the Bible is symbolic of the mind.   The city of ancient Jerusalem which was destroyed in 70AD, speaks of the old jewish mental religious and civil organization which Jesus pronounced judgment upon in his prophetic words recorded in the Bible.  Maybe more on this later.

The New Jerusalem – the “city” that “comes down out of heaven from God” (Rev. 3:12) is the “mind of heaven” which sees things from heaven’s perspective; the mind of God and Jesus.

Babylon is the earthly mind which “sees in part” (in some), and which judges according to the way things appear to be from the time dimensioned, earthly perspective, and also which is to be “come out of” in order not to receive of it’s plagues, for it’s sins are piled high to heaven.  (Rev. 18:4 to the end of the chapter)

The internet is like this babel – on.  It is a worldwide city with thoughts running to and fro on this subject and that, most voices speaking from the earthly perspective.  Even so-called christian voices.

However, the internet at present is still a “good” thing; ie, useful to God’s purposes, in that Jezebel has been unable thus far, to make the TRUTH spoken via it’s means to “shutup”.

The false prophet of course has numerous voices on the net and some of them hide behind a religious and/or christian mask.  Many others make no pretense of religious or christian affiliation, but nevertheless ride a hobby horse when if touched, springs forth a volley of curse words/epithets/name callings, against the one who “touched” it/pushed it’s button.  It’s a “HOW DARE YOU SAY ANYTHING AGAINST (fillintheblank)!  YOU RACIST, SEXIST, ANTI SEMITIC, WOMAN HATING, HOMOPHOBIC, RED NECK, TRAILER TRASH DENIZEN, UNEDUCATED, CORNPONE BUFFOON!  YOU NAZIWHOWANTSTOKILL6MILLIONMOREJEWS!  YOU’RE SICK!  IT’S BECAUSE OF SICKO’S LIKE YOU THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO MONITOR THE INTERNET TO SHUT DOWN PEOPLE LIKE YOU!”….and many other such things.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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