A Cancer

Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary; 11th Ed.

“Cancer”=A malignant tumor of potentially unlimited growth that expands locally by invasion and systematically by metastasis; something evil or malignant that spreads destructively.

“Malignant”=Evil in nature, influence or effect; passionately and relentlessly malevolent; aggressively malicious; tending to produce death or deterioration; tending to infiltrate, metastasize and terminate fatally.

“Metastasis”= the spread of a disease producing agency from the initial or primary site of disease to another part of the body.

“Malevolent”=Having, showing, or arising from intense often vicious ill will, spite, or hatred.

There is a malevolent, malignant, entity – a cancer – which has attached itself to America and metastasized – spreading itself and insinuating itself into and affecting every institution – government and cultural – bringing about the death of what has become known as the nation of America.

It is through this entity that the adversary, called satan, has done his work.  This entity is his “seat” or the earthly place where his “throne” is.

This entity at one time, had the opportunity to become the source through which God’s blessing would flow to all mankind.  However, this entity stopped it’s ears and turned away from hearing TRUTH, killing and persecuting those whom God had sent to invite them, thereby becoming deaf to the TRUE GOD, hence he turned it over to serve the false god and it has been so ever since.  Like a disobedient child who won’t mind, it has been let go to suffer the consequences of it’s own behavior, therefore, has brought on itself great wrath from those it has attached to and is trying to shut up.

As this entity relentlessly tries to shut up the mouths of those who recognize it for what it is, it’s efforts are going to be reversed upon itself, where it will be placed in the same situation as it tries to put others into; ie, it’s SPEECH – it’s malignant, malevolent, metastasizing cancer- is going to be withdrawn.  This cancerous entity is going to be made to SHUT UP.  It’s already DEAF and has been so for many years.  It’s now coming to the time where it’s mouth is going to match it’s ears.

This entity is a pretender which says it is jew, but is not, but IS THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.  Those that claim to be jew today, in this country or any other country and also in a “nation” called Israel, ARE NOT REAL JEWS.  (Rev.2:9; 3:9)

The real “jew” is one who is inwardly, in the heart, not of the flesh.  A TRUE CHRISTIAN is the REAL “jew” or “child of Abraham”, because of FAITH.  They who are of faith; ie, WHO LIVE BY FAITH, are the children of Abraham.

This entity is ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI-CHRISTIAN, and ANTI-GOD.  The ancient jewish nation and religious/civil system was destroyed in 70AD, and as I have pointed out in previous posts, a one time historical incident is actually the initial point of a condition of being, or initiation of a continuous on going process, with the same character/nature carried on down through history from that point to the present day.  So “jewry/Jerusalem” and what it represents is continually being “destroyed” on up to the present time.  This is why those who “say they are jews, but are not” are hounded, killed, persecuted, chased out of countries, etc.  Wherever they go, they become a parasite/cancer on whatever country/culture they are allowed into.  They are the carrier of the sentence of death which Jesus pronounced in his prophetic statement in the Bible, which was initially carried out in 70AD.

As individuals reap the consequences of their behavior – are judged according to/receive the “reward” of – their work, so likewise, a collective of people acting in concert “bring it on themselves”.

Matthew27:11,19,24-25:”Now Jesus stood before the governor (Pilate)…..and he (Pilate) was sitting upon the judgment seat….and Pilate, seeing that nothing availed , but rather a tumult was arising, taking water, washed his hands of it before the multitude saying, ‘Innocent am I of the blood of this man-you shall see to it yourselves’.  And all the people answering said, ‘His blood be upon us and upon our children”.

The cancer of false jewry brings it’s infection by influencing government policy through means of pressure groups which say in essence, “crucify him! crucify him!’.  The above Bible passage shows how they do it.  They manipulate the powers that be into doing their dirty work.  What happened during the appearance of Jesus before the judgment seat of the civil authority set a precedent and pattern for the operation of false jewry ever since.

Jesus appeared before the judgment seat.  The howling mob appeared before the judgment seat. America’s “judgment seat” is Washington DC.  False jewry has rebuilt ancient Jerusalem on the banks of the Potomac.

Her(yes, the cancer is female) influence in the corridors of power is out of proportion to their actual numbers in the country.  She began to build her edifice in the 1800’s through the power of money, financed by her european bankers, and by bribery, blackmail and other manipulative tactics.  As the source of her power is satanic, she knows how to “game” the system that he has set up.

Her main motivation is the continuation of killing Jesus by “killing” his followers; ie, shutting them up so that they and any of their moral principles would have no outlet or expression/display in government or the culture at large.  Most of this has been done through the phoney “separation of church and state” idea, codified.


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