Cancer’s Positive aspect

Matthew22:1-14 “Jesus again spoke in parables unto them saying,’The kingdom of the heavens has become like a man – a king, who made a marriage feast for his son; and sent his servants to call the invited into the marriage feast and they would not come.  Again sent he other servants saying – say to the invited, Lo! my dinner have I prepared,mine oxen and my fatlings are slain and all things are ready, come you to the marriage feast.  And they slighting it, went off, one indeed into his own field and another into his merchandise and the rest, securing his servants,ill treated and slew them.  And the king was provoked to anger, and sending his armies, destroyed those murderers and their city set on fire.

Then said he to his servants, the marriage indeed is ready, but the invited were not worthy; be going therefore into the crossways of the roads and as many as you shall find, call you unto the marriage feast.  And those servants going forth into the roads, gathered together all whom they found, both bad and good, and filled was the bride-chamber with guests.  But the king entering to view the guests saw there a man who had not put on a wedding garment, and said to him, friend!, how came you in here not having a wedding garment?  And he was put to silence.  Then the king said unto the ministers, binding him feet and hands, cast him forth into the darkness outside; there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.  For many are called, but few are chosen.

Galatians3:7″ Be taking note therefore, THAT THEY WHO ARE OF FAITH, THE SAME ARE THE SONS OF ABRAHAM”.

Romans11:26″ Even so, all Israel shall be saved”.

As I have already written in a previous post, but will re emphasize here, because everytime someone writes about jews or Israel in today’s climate, the mind automatically thinks of those who call themselves jews and the nation which calls itself Israel and was founded in 1948.  It takes a transformation in thinking to realize that which is presented on the world stage as “jewry” and “Israel” are FALSE ENTITIES.  They (together as a she) belong to the “London Club”. 

The foundation for the phony nation of Israel was laid and financed (still is financed and armed) by “jew” bankers of London – Rothchilds, et al, in the early 1800’s.  The migration of large numbers of “jews” to this country was also arranged and financed by the same around the same time.

The “jew” and “Israel” of today are not the ones being spoken of in the above Bible passage in Romans 11.  “All Israel shall be saved” is ALL THOSE WHO ARE LIVING BY FAITH WHO ARE THE SONS (Israel)OF ABRAHAM. Only those who “live by faith” are (being/or in the process of being) saved.

God is using this negative entity to bring in his harvest of many souls to his “wedding feast” which is described in parable form by Jesus in the above Bible passage in Matthew 22.  This “invitation to the wedding feast” has been on going for several thousand years; since the beginning, as a matter of fact.  The second “invited” ones was ancient Israel up to 70AD.  The third began after Jesus’ resurrection.  Ancient Israel is now “dead”- they are destroyed and their “city” – their literal and mental city – is destroyed by fire CONTINUOUSLY DOWN THROUGH HISTORY.  Now, on up to the present, the invitation is to all; ie, the call is to MANY, but some are pretenders; christian in name only.  They are not properly dressed; ie, their inner condition says they are not who they pretend to be.  They are “cast” into outer darkness; ie, the world system where emotions rule and there’s always “wailing and gnashing of teeth”

This “invitation/calling” to all is God replacing those that originally wouldn’t come.  That number has to be filled up or be completed.  These are “guests”, not the bride.  Guests are “friends” of the bridegroom; ie, those who have treated the sons in a friendly way.  Not christians per se, but have treated christians with respect and friendliness; harboring no ill will.  Perhaps even offering christians help and a safe refuge during troubling times.  The so-called friend whom the king had cast out was a flatterer whose motives for being at the feast were self promotive and not genuine, which the king saw through immediately; probably by observing his serving himself first.

These “guests/friends” are part of those “sheep of the right hand” I wrote of in an earlier post.  They did good things by treating those who represent Jesus well (see Matthew 25:34-40) -“I was sick (in the hospital) and you visited me”. 

There is a three tiered heirarchy in the kingdom: the highest are sons, followed by children (who are usually called saints in Revelation), and next , friends.


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