The Righteous Sword of God

They are going to lead to a lot of trouble.

Rev. 19:11-15 “And I saw heaven set open and Lo! A white horse, and he that was sitting thereon called Faithful and True;  and in righteousness does he judge and make war; and his eyes are a flame of fire, and upon his head are many diadems having a name written which no one knows but himself, and arrayed with a mantle sprinkled with blood, and his name has been called the Word of God.

And the armies which were in heaven were following him upon white horses, clothed with fine linen, white, and pure; and out of his mouth is going forth a sharp sword that therewith he may smite the nations – and he shall shepherd them with a sceptre of iron and he treads the winepress of the wrath of the anger of God the Almighty.”

The angry white male is the vanguard in God’s coming war against false jewry – the synagogue of satan.

It is the “heavenly” forces which lead the earthly forces into battle.  Remember heaven is initiation and earth is response to initiation.  The “leading” is done through the mind.  “Heavenly” armies are mental armies.  The weapons are words – “out of his mouth comes a sharp sword”.  Many mouths speaking with one word – not a speaking of one literal word as if repeating a mantra over and over again, but words of one subject; in this case, what the cancer of false jewry has done to the country, and what needs to be done to restore basic goodness to America.

Presently, the cancer of false jewry as it is manifested through government, culture, academia, pressure groups, etc., etc., etc., is influencing the dark skinned hordes against whites through it’s manipulative, machinations, under it’s control of media, etc.  The tide will be turned, however, as time goes by, as the angry white vanguard’s laying of the intellectual, mental foundation gains more foothold in the culture.

It’s a “propaganda” war against false jewry, exposing to the less educated “foot soldiers” how they have been used and manipulated by false jewry cancer.  The “foot soldiers” already inwardly hate jewry, they just have to be released to express it more openly.

There was a protective “buffering” around jewry, but God has now removed it.  The “buffering” was the charge of “anti-semitism”.  But the white now sees that was just a trick to shut him up and push his “guilty button”- an attempt to keep him on the defensive.  That is not going to work anymore.  This buffering was a clever, demonic means of extending jewry’s power in the country.  It’s the same thing as  the “racist” charge that some blacks use, which of course was actually invented by jewry years ago when they laid their anti-white/anti-christian foundation.

The blacks generally at present do not know they have been one of jewry’s “useful idiots”, but that also will change in the days ahead.  False jewry’s manipulation of the dark skinned races against the white is going to be used against it when the turnaround begins in ernest in the coming days.

White horses…….A horse is a beast of burden.  It is a “servant” used for a specific purpose.  In this case, it carries those who are using the “sword which goes forth out of the mouth”.  The “beast of burden/servant” is “white”.  This is symbolic for the white race.

The white race “carries the burden” of all other races.  Not in a negative sense as a “woe is me” attitude, but in a positive way.  He’s the teacher/shower of the way, hence he “serves” the other races.  He’s been given THE GIFT OF GOVERNANCE through greater “know how” than the other races.  This is why he is such a focus of negativity in this present time.  Presently, he is looked at with ENVY and all it’s offshoots.  This is the negative side of “expectation of leadership”.  The other races unknowingly expect the white to lead, but presently he can’t because he has allowed Jezebel, the rebellious woman who refuses to abide in her own house (her role) to run things.  She, like the other races,is not made for governance either, even though she is presently in that position. Corruption and chaos are the result, as God’s order/hierarchy is reversed/turned on it’s head.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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