Conquest By Prejudice

Most, if not all, dictionary definitions of the word prejudice are negative or have negative connotations.  However, it is merely a word which implies a “coming down on the side” of the one prejudice is used against. Prejudice is simply a choosing of one thing over another.  It is choice and/or discrimination.

The present leveling tendency abroad in this government and culture which I have previously described as a female/Jezebel/false jewry cancer, has, through it’s victimology process, built an idol out of “freedom of choice”, which they are forever shouting from their housetops via their false prophet propaganda media ministry.  However, in practice, it is “freedom of choice for me, but not for thee”.  It is fine and wonderful for them and their useful idiot bed partners – the baby in the womb murderers and their facilitators, medical practitioners, planned barrenhood, aclu, etc.; the homos and all their groupies, fellow travelers/agreers and porn addicts; the feminazis and their likeminded cohorts – to have freedom of choice to do what they want and thereby practice prejudice against white males, but it is not ok for white males to return the favor.  However…..

The process of subjugation and humiliation of the white male has reached it’s climax and he will not be humiliated any longer.  The white male will reach the state of conquest by prejudice against those above who have brought this war on themselves.  She and her manginas have started this war, but the white male, many of whom are not even aware that they are in a war, are in the process of having their eyes opened and will finish the war, and the results won’t be pretty.

As the female’s edifice is built on sand, the white male will use her own tactics against her, removing the sand from under her edifice by a process similar to “underwater demolition”.  Her sand foundation is FEAR, therefore, her whole structure is permeated and intermingled with it and cannot stand.  As fear is faith reversed, it brings into manifestation the thing feared, which in this case is strong domineering malehood.

The white male need not fear anything in this battle, as his battle is also Jesus’ battle, for the armies of heaven are at war against this false entity also.  The white male will be given all he needs to know as he conquers by prejudice in this war, because the war is not only a battle of words, for the heavenly armies have the power of life and death and know who is to be taken and who is to be “made to shut up”.

I realize that some readers (perhaps most?) who come across these writings may have difficulty with the spiritual  aspect of what is written here and “needs a little bit more” by way of explanation.  If you haven’t gone back to the first post and read from there, please do so, for I too am “building an edifice”.  If after going back to the first you’re still perplexed and have questions, fire away.  If you think this is all a bunch of hooey, then by all means don’t bother, as I’m not speaking to you for you obviously haven’t been given ears to hear or eyes to see.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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4 Responses to Conquest By Prejudice

  1. Simon says:

    I’m curious as to what denomination you are.

    • Brandon says:

      No denomination as they are all daughters of the harlot of Rev.17. Not to say that I haven’t been through them. I have, on the way to where I am now

      • Simon says:

        I think I understand. So would you say your Christian worldview is closest to Orthodoxy? (You’ll have to excuse my ignorance in general, I know little about Christianity but am trying to learn.)

      • Brandon says:

        Excuse ME for saying so, but your “ignorance” is wonderful! 🙂

        No, I don’t know anything about orthodoxy – I see you capitalized it, so I assume you mean something like the eastern orthodox church that is similar to catholicism? No not that either. Most professing christians would probably call me a heretic. You’re better off not knowing about the christianity that is presently seen in the world and which presents itself as the “body of Christ” on earth, cause in her present condition, as I said, she is the mother of harlots and her daughters. It’s been totally jewified since the original apostles departed, with only a few persecuted and ignored/ridiculed pockets scattered here and there, still living in simplicity and Godliness to the best of their lights.

        As I said, I “went through that woman” on the way to my present “spiritual” location, as it was necessary for me to learn of her in order to be able to come to the understanding of things as they are as far as the creation of all things and of and WHO God is and most importantly, to be able to be quiet enough to hear Him speak inside.

        Most of the “evangelicals/fundamentalists’ say they are “born again” (I don’t know if you are familiar with that phrase or not), but they are not born, but “conceived”. I’ve talked about this operation in some of my earlier posts.

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