The First Shall Be Last and The Last-First

In order to understand this post the reader will have to go back through older posts to read the discussions on “breaking in pieces like a potters vessel”; the concept or process wherein God is breaking up the “peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues” into separate tribes or races according to skin color and language.

God is doing this in order to prevent ungodly prideful men from succeeding in their desire to build a “new world order”, which is nothing more than the building of the Tower of Babel all over again.

The white race is the “last” race to become aware of or recognize that it is a tribe or “race”.  It’s “lastness” is because of it’s “firstness”.

Hierarchy exists throughout the created order/nature, despite it’s being denied by the present day false jew inspired, equalitarian, cancer, infecting much of the so-called educated, degreed classes, who hold the germ infected microphones in today’s government and culture.

The white race is first in the hierarchy of races, therefore, is the last in it’s coming into awareness.  Most of the whites have bought into the “everyone is equal” bs, and therefore, cannot receive the truth about races until they are “backed into a corner” by God’s “hard police”; ie, his “rod of iron”, as it is shown forth in this country by the continuing increase of “anarcho-tyranny”-(thanks Sam!) – process, of the female principle operating through government and culture.

Most whites and many professing christians do not see they are living in the climax of the age of the lie.  The so-called christian still supports the anti-christian false jewry “nation” of Israel, and agrees with it in it’s demonic deceptions and it’s “anti-semitic” finger pointing, guilt trip trick, that it uses to shut up the white male.  The professing christian generally, cannot receive what is written on this blog and many other blogs who say the same, using different words (many more with better language/writing skills) on the internet.

So, the outward circumstances of such individuals must be more pressure-ized/constricted in order for them to have their eyes opened.  They fight so hard to be accepted and liked by the jew inspired dark skinned ones with their germ infected hair trigger “racist” microphone, that they continually back pedal and bow and scrape, in humiliating self abnegation, thinking that, “red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world,” and, “everybody tan is in God’s plan” is being a “good, sweet, tolerant, accepting, Jesus like person”, but they are mistaken.

Yes, Jesus was in on the creation of the reds, yellows, blacks, and whites, but they got the order reversed when they wrote the song, and yes, each one is a special creation by God and are in some as yet hidden way, representative or embodiments of God’s nature.  Each one speaks of God’s LIGHT as it is manifested in the mind in what we call intelligence and/or understanding.  This intelligence/understanding, an attribute of LIGHT, also became manifested in skin color.

LIGHT is the vitality or livingness of all things.  It came into existence after the big announcement as an unseen particle-ized form and is inmeshed and mingled in all living things; the ultimate “thing” is man.  This LIGHT flows like water and is mans soul, which is his actual “body”.  His physical body is the visible, tangible manifestation of the soul.

The LIGHT as soul, has the ability to become many forms with different characteristics, as for instance the ability to express itself in hues or gradations of color, from light to dark.  This particle-ized livingness called LIGHT causes the heart to beat -(in a rhythm, like the function of the two spheres/principles of which God consists-THUMP-thump)- the blood to flow-(blood=livingness colored red) -throughout the body keeping it alive and giving intelligence/LIGHT/understanding to the mind, which is man’s “city”.

In Revelation 17, John has a vision of a woman-a harlot- who “sits upon many waters”.  Many “waters” are “souls”, for the messenger who is giving John all this info says, “the waters which you saw, where the harlot sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues.

So the woman, who is a whore “sits” on/in the minds of men and she is deception.  All men must undergo a mental transformation in order to come out of this deception/lie.

The whore/lying mind/city is called Babylon.  The mental transformation is also called by the name of a city-New Jerusalem- which the Spirit tells John in Revelation3, “comes down out of heaven from God”; ie, the transformation is God giving man HIS MIND, so he can begin to see as He sees.  This is what the white man has to come to for it is the “morning of God’s purpose.

More to come…..


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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