The Morning of Purpose

Revelation 1:7 “Lo! He comes with the clouds, and every eye shall see him, such as also as pierced him; and all the tribes of the land shall smite themselves for him. Yes!  Amen.”

Matthew 24:30 “And then will be displayed the sign of the Son of Man in heaven, and they will smite their breasts all the tribes of the land; and they will see the Son of Man coming upon the clouds of heaven, with great power and glory”.

Professing christians have been drugged and don’t know it.  Many of the teachings or doctrines that they believe are true are actually false.  As Isaiah said to the Israel of his day,”Oh my people! Children are their oppressors and women rule over them”.

The preachers, teachers, leaders, pastors and theologians of this day, that the average pew sitter listens to and reads from, are no different then the ones of Jesus’ day whom he called hypocrites, whited grave stones, a brood of vipers, serpents, foolish and blind, blind guides, and those who compass sea and land to gain one convert and when they find one, they make him two fold more a child of hell then he originally was, and by their doctrine they shut up the Kingdom of heaven against men – they never enter themselves and by their teaching, they disallow anyone else to enter as well.

They teach for doctrines the commandments of men, thereby keeping the people in a continuous state of babyhood, never getting past foundational principles.  The teachers are babies and they keep the pew sitter babies – children oppressing other children.  The only difference being one group thinks they know everything and the other admits they now nothing, but is trusting the former to know, so they don’t have to.  This then causes the people to be “ruled by women”- metaphorically and literally.

The initial stage of christianity is babyhood.  It’s emotionalism.  Everything is me, me, me.  This is female.  Most pew sitters remain at this stage their entire life.  Emotion rule=women rule.  Eventually this of course leads to the elevation of females to “leadership” positions.  “After all, women have sooo much empathy and compassion, it’s only right and proper that they have some say in how things are run”.  So they think.

This doctrinal error system was set up almost immediately after the original 12 passed on.  The institutional system of error/deception was set up, whether consciously or otherwise, by and through the so-called “church fathers”.  Most of these men, prior to their conversion to christianity (if at all), were educated in the then philosophies of the world, similar to those Paul ran into in Athens on one of his trips.  Instead of forsaking all their former teaching as Paul did – he called it dung –  they “christianized” it.  This is a subtle way of eating meat sacrificed to idols.  The “meat” being their previous teachings.  This then set a precedent and a pattern to all who followed, simultaneously laying the groundwork for the edifice of darkness and deception now known as roman catholicism which holds the minds of millions in it’s thrall.  This then gave birth to “daughters”, she calls pro-test-ants.  These are “denominations” who slap a name on their foreheads in an attempt to differentiate themselves from mommy – a name not given to them by God – like baptist, presbyterian, lutheran, methodist, etc.  These all have some resemblance to the “mother” in the manner in which they operate, internally and externally – buildings, structuctures, methods of “worship” – (standupsitdown)- “pomp and circumstance”, titles/names, special clothing, etc.

All this is an outward form of religiosity, but as Jesus said, “is full of dead men’s bones”.  Two of the larger errors this system teaches and promotes is the so-called trinity and also the so-called second coming.  Both of these of course began to be formed by the “fathers” of antiquity and have been refined/fine tuned down through history to the present day to the point where if one denies either of these doctrines he is considered a heretic and given the left foot of fellowship.  These two doctrines are mental “cities”; ie, high towers and fortifications which are going to be destroyed – cast down- as foretold by the prophet Zephaniah in chapter 1:14-16.

We won’t expand much on the trinity here, as we’ve already written about God’s essence as two and not three in previous blog posts, except to say that Son and Spirit are MODES BY WHICH THE FATHER EXPRESSES HIMSELF, hence, THEY ARE THE FATHER.  Nuff said on this for now.  Now we come to the “second coming” doctrine.

During tumuluous times before Jesus was born, there was a collective expectation of one who was to come and deliver the people of their oppressors/oppressions – a “messiah”.  All the theologians had parsed, divided, contexualized, studied and debated the then scriptures until their heads were spinning and said they knew that yes, a messiah was indeed coming and would come out of such and such city, and so forth and would set up his kingship in Jerusalem sitting on a fancy gold chair, and would put down all their enemies.  They predicted that he would come “high”, but God fooled them and sent him “low”.  This is always God’s pattern for he takes the so-called wise in their wisdom and shows them what fools they are.  The same pattern is occurring today.

The jews of antiquity missed Jesus in plain sight among them, so likewise the “jews” of today -professing christians – have missed his return in this day.  They are also expecting “high”, but he , instead, is coming “low”.

The second coming has been an ongoing continuous “coming” for approx. 2000 + years since Jesus went up in a cloud and assumed all authority at the father’s right hand.  In this “coming” Jesus comes as SPIRIT to those whom he has chosen to come to.  He HAS come; he is YET COMING; he SHALL BE COMING even more.  This coming, much like his first, is a secret only a few are “let in on”.  We are presently living in – during the time of – the second coming.  The sign of the beginning of this coming was the incident recorded in the book of Acts in the bible, where the Spirit (Jesus) appeared as MANY TONGUES OF FLAME on MANY individuals and they spoke in languages they did not know, to MANY individuals from different countries.

The same is happening today.  The multitudes of professing ones are expecting a giant humongous Jesus to appear in the sky – he comes with/in clouds“, and they shall “be caught up to meet him in the air”.  HE IS NOT COMING AS ONE, BUT MANY.  MANY “JESUSES”.  Once again, the people, because of false teaching, are looking “high”, literally and metaphorically, but he is coming “low”, likewise literally and metaphorically.

Clouds are “waters”; ie,  SOULS; who are “clouds of witnesses” (Hebrews 12:1), “caught up to meet him in the air”, is a spiritual “catching up”, wherein the individual receives a genuine sudden conversion (Malachi3:1  “the Lord comes SUDDENLY to his temple”- his temple is his dwelling place/house).  This sudden thing is the realization of truth presented by one of the “Jesuses” who are actually Jesus’ brothers who are called sons.  “Jesus is the FIRST born of MANY brethren” (Rom. 8:29)

This true second coming is the morning of purpose of the above title.  It’s the beginning of God’s “day” – the positive side of what I’ve previously described negatively as the “day of the Lord”.  It is the beginning of the fulfillment of his purpose in making a man in his image and likeness.


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