Escaping the Vicious Cycle

1Corinthians 10:11 “But these things by way of type were happening unto them, and were written with a view to our admonition, unto whom the ends of the ages have reached along”.

In previous posts we described a spiritual law or principle in which a certain historical incident, such as the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD and the murder and crucifixion of Jesus, was the initial incident in an ongoing process occurring down through the present time, with the same nature or characteristics as the initial incident.  This law/principle is/was also in operation with the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.  As the spirit says through Paul in the above passage, these historical incidents recorded therein are written so that we might learn lessons from them.

Sodom and Gomorrah were located on or in a “plain” or circuit or oval plot of land, near where the Jordan river flow pattern had created said circle or oval..  The word Sodom is from an unused root meaning to scorch, or burnt; ie, as a volcanic or bituminous district.  Gomorrah means a ruined heap.

The cities were destroyed by “fire” and “brimstone”.  Brimstone is sulfur.  The land on which the cities were located had an underground lake or deposit of asphaltic or oil type chemical, hence, sulfur.

Fire and sulfur are the ingredients of hell.  Fire is symbolic of anger and sulfur is the stench that emanates from sin.  The cities, being located in a circular area is symbolic of how all cities are.  Because a large concentration of people in one area, they are a “circle”- a circle of hell; anger and stench smelling sin, continually feeding off itself, as if feeding off it’s own tail, in it’s never ending cycle, as the inhabitants thrive on it and it in turn perpetuates them and their system.  All this packing together of sin producing individuals and the consequences thereof (sulfur stench), causes the vomiting out of the good citizens who are living in the midst of this morass, vexing their righteous souls from day to day; seeing and hearing and experiencing the vile conduct surrounding them.

Leviticus 18:25 “Therefore has the land become unclean and I have visited the iniquity thereof upon it and the land has vomited it’s own inhabitants”.

Whereas with the cities of sodom and Gomorrah, God “came down and took Lot’s hand” and led him out before the destruction came, the same principle is carried out in a seemingly natural way today, as a part of a cyclical process in which cities commit suicide in a like circular process while “vomiting” out the good, who are actually it’s salt/preservative in wickedness’ never ending vicious cycle.  It is God’s purpose that his people escape/come out of this system.

The law of cycles/circularity is part of God’s essence as we have described in previous posts.  This law shows itself throughout the universe, solar system and nature via the seasons, etc., and ultimately in the highest level of creation, the human body and it’s functions.  Emotions, by which the natural man (the unspiritual man) is ruled, also operate in a circular manner, up one minute/down the next, like the proverbial rollercoaster.  It is this cycle that God intends for his people – the goods – to escape.  This circular life is what the Bible means when it uses the word or phrases such as, “of the earth”, “earthly”, “them who are living/dwelling on the earth”, etc.

Presently the good ones – most of them – are still in the middle of the cities in a tv show room where all the sets are tuned to different channels and their heads are spinning like tops trying to keep track and give attention to all that’s going on each tv.  The tv’s are showing and telling everything that is going on in the city.  As they watch they are saying, “Holy cow! Did you ever see/hear that?”, and, “Oh! Isn’t that just terrible/wonderful/heartbreaking/good/bad news?”, and,” I don’t believe any of the main stream media, but I trust Fox news”, and, “Don’t you just love “Survivor/ Dancing with the ding bats/ biggest doozer/american idol-a-try/america’s got tatooed?”, and other such things.  Sadly, like Peter Sellers in “Being There”, their whole lives seem to be controlled by what they watch on tv or listen to on the news or talk radio.

Most of the good ones will not leave sodomviciouscyclecity until, like Lot, they are forced out at the last minute as their clothes begin to take on a slight sulfur odor, having been saved as though by fire….Jude 23″ And on some indeed have mercy, such as are in doubt be saving, out of the fire be snatching them; but on others have mercy with fear, hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.”


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