N I and C I part 3

In this , the third and last post on this particular subject, we will cover a little background on this group; who and what is the source of it’s teachings and how it came about that it went off into deception/error.

In the 1860’s -70’s, several men were born who would eventually be of some influence on this group.  Some of these men were influenced in some ways by each other, but I believe one man stands above the others as far as spiritual understanding is concerned.  His name is E. W. Kenyon.  This is the man that Kenneth Hagin leaned on in much of his understanding of Bible principles and teachings.  On a spiritual scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, I would hope that Kenyon would be about 9.

Like myself, Kenyon was an admirer of a man named George Mueller, or Muller, a German native transplanted to England, who lived in the early 1800’s, who founded orphanages strictly by faith and trust in God, without any sort of salesmanship/announcements or appeals to men.  The money to build the orphanages and supply the necessities of life for those taken in, came as a result of prayer and faith in God.  I believe he was one of the founders of a group that became known as “Plymouth Brethren”.

Mr. Kenyon’s admiration of Mr. Mueller’s life of course, was based on the latters faith.  Mr. Kenyon’s life and teachings then took on a like faith emphasis in the life of the believer, with an emphasis – not totally, but balanced with other principles – on “divine health and/or healing”.  This, coincided with other men who ministered around the same time just before and after the turn of the 20th century:  Smith Wigglesworth (from Wales), John Alexander Dowie (the founder of Zion Illinois, just north of Waukegan), A. J. Gordon, John G.Lake, and others.  Most of these were very spiritual men on whose shoulders, men like Kenneth Hagin would later stand.

It seems to take three generations for a teaching to become watered down and error and deception take over.  It is in the followers of those who came after Hagin, in whom the error/deception became manifested.  Even during Hagin’s lifetime he detected error coming into those who were teaching what he emphasized in the Bible, and wrote warnings and spoke about it.  Hagin apparently had a photographic memory and could quote passages at length from Kenyon’s books, thereby unknowingly initiating the deception process.  Hagin did not have the spiritual understanding that Kenyon had and through these type of teaching methods; ie, using mental ability instead of spiritual ability, he , in a sense, became the instrument he warned against.  Also one must keep in mind the manifestation of the feminine principle came into existence also around this time, with the women demanding the right to vote and it’s ultimate success through feminized males in government, which led eventually to what we have today with the “other side of Jesus’ wife” manifested throughout the country.

The latter has now gained full control of all earthly realms and institutions, including so-called christian and religious ones, as per the Spirit’s warning through John in Revelation 2:20-23

“Nevertheless I have against you that you suffer the woman, (or your wife)Jezebel, she who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and leading astray my own servants to commit lewdness and to eat idol sacrifices; and I gave her time that she might repent and she wills not to repent out of her lewdness.  Lo! I cast her into a bed, and them who are committing adultery with her into great tribulation – except they repent out of her works; and her children I will slay with death…”

All those committing adultery with her are actors playing a role in leading the great majority into deception because they have not the Spirit of God in them.  Most of them are literalists who believe they can just be Bible students and maybe know some original languages, not knowing the literal words on the page are a “cloak”, covering the hidden truth behind the letter.  As Jesus said, his words were SPIRIT and LIFE, therefore, in order to understand true meanings, one must have the same SPIRIT as the one who wrote the book. The words are actually THE WORD in symbol form; as Jesus was the “Word made Flesh” – flesh=outer covering.

Compared to the vast multitudes of observable outward christianity, of which these people are, the truly Spiritual individuals are just that – ones – who have been scattered throughout history, mostly hidden in plain sight, many not recognized for who they were (or WHOM they had inside them), many of them fought against by the false observable, institutional “church” who declared them to be heretics. 

Most of the actors that do Jezebel’s/the other side of Jesus’ wife’s business, do so ignorantly, that way they are more convincing in their leading the people astray.  The ultimate fakers are more successful in deceiving, because of their ignorance.  They REALLY BELIEVE they are ministers of God, but by teaching shades of grey  as truth, they deceive the people and are themselves deceived, for there is only black and white.


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