Death and Birth Through Deception

In the previous three posts we discussed how a large portion of professing christians have been deceived and are living in error.  What we didn’t discuss was what can be done about it.  How can their eyes be opened so that they might see the error they are in and escape? 

The answer is, they, as a collective, are not going to escape, for they are not meant to, as their deception/error is a type of death condition which they must go through/endure in order to become a REAL christian.  At present the Spirit says, yes, corporately they represent Jesus’ wife – the “bride”- but she/they are showing a reverse face – the other side of Jesus’ wife, a Jezebel.  The only way their “face” can be turned is through a death and because they “will not to repent” from their error as they actually think their error is truth, then they are “cast into a bed” – put into a death like sleep.

In this time dimension, this death appears like a cycle that spans perhaps many years of time.  It shows itself in this group by an unnatural increase in “membership” whose effectiveness on the outer world is nil because of it’s “death state”.  It’s number of adherents increases (supposed converts), but it’s quality is nil, for a dead entity cannot bring forth TRUE life.  It looks like a living organism outwardly, but as Jesus said to the religious ones of his day, they are full of dead men’s bones.  There is much outward activity, ministries, programs, outreaches, missionaries, church suppers, meetings, conventions, etc, but no life can come from it.  It’s like a field which has been let go and has been completely taken over by brambles with thorns, of no use to anyone.

They have to learn the attribute of silence and the art of listening, which are characteristics of a TRUE female.  They are busy on the radio and tv and their outreach ministries in the attempt to make others in their image.  They tell the people they are saved when they are not.  They confess they are born again and they are not.  They compass sea and land to make converts and when they do, as Jesus said of their forebears, the convert becomes two fold more a child of hell then he was before his “conversion”.  They tell people to “pray the sinners prayer”, one of their methods of systemizing the gospel, “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved”.  When the prospective person does so, they shake his hand and tell him he is now a christian, slap a Bible in his hand and tell him to start attending a “good gospel preaching church” or as Billy Graham used to say, “attend the church of your choice”, as he didn’t want to offend the rainbow of denominations who supported his “crusades” by recommending a person to only one particular “church”.

They consciously present to the world an ersatz good – an artificial and inferior substitute or imitation goodness; a “good enough to get by christianity”, whose relationship with God is based on sympathy, rather then that of a true christian relationship which is love.  It’s not that God doesn’t care about them; He does.  The little faith they have sees him as distant; therefore he is.  As Jesus said, “according to your faith be it unto you”.  As they see; so they are.  They hold truth at a distance; therefore so is he.  They have a “future God”, but not a present-every-moment-whom-I-hear-the-voice-of God.

One of the lies fed to them by their leaders is what they call the “rapture” doctrine.  As with all their other lies, this one is just another one designed to keep them from entering the Kingdom in the here and now. Their literalism causes them to be susceptible to these kinds of lies.  It says they are (as with most everything else – off in the sometime future), going to be taken up into the air in their physical bodies to “meet the Lord in the air”.  Of course they have a whole list of proof texts to back up this lie, therefore, they cannot be argued out of it and shown the Word is Spirit and not “flesh”, and that being “caught up into the air” is a Spiritual or mental REVELATION that transforms the life, so that thereafter the individual KNOWS Jesus as ever-and-always-present-every-moment-whose voice-I-hear-from-the-silence-within-myself.

They say they believe they have the Holy Spirit within themselves, but they believe He only speaks in Bible verses, so they hold the Spirit, which/who is actually Jesus, hostage to their literalism, thereby insulting the intelligence of God.  Intelligence of God=Jesus=Spirit of God.


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