You’re Welcome To Dinner


Matthew 22:1-6 “And answering, Jesus again spoke in parables unto them saying, the Kingdom of the Heavens has become like a man – a king – who made a marriage feast for his son, and sent his servants to call the invited into the marriage feast; and they would not come.

Again sent he other servants saying, say to the invited, Lo! My dinner have I prepared, mine oxen and my fatlings are slain and all things are ready; come you into the marriage feast. And they slighting it, went off, one indeed into his own field and another unto his merchandise and the rest, securing his servants, ill treated and slew them”.

This counsel is divided into roughly four different character traits or is identified by men manifesting these traits – some few; some more, and some mixing and overlapping or having all four or maybe predominately one or two.

Taken together as a collective, their character and belief system causes them to not to come to the “dinner” they are “welcomed to”, which is the “marriage feast” for the Son, given by God, which has been taking place since Jesus’ resurrection and sitting down at the father’s right hand in the heavenlies.

At the dinner/feast everyone eats the same food. The food is the KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF GOD, which God “invites” many to attend and partake of. The invitation is the “calling” part of “many are called”.

The belief system of these men who make up this group causes them to view the god that they supposedly worship as an incalculable secret whose nature and character cannot be discovered or penetrated by the human mind – or their minds anyway. They don’t want to pay the cost of knowing Him in the here and now; they would rather wait until they enter “eternity”; it’s much easier that way. So they think.

One of the traits that keeps them from the “dinner” is a false humility, in which they say, “I’m just a sinner saved by grace”. Their whole life is taken up by sin and it’s avoidance. Jesus is just a “forgiveness talisman” to them, no different than those who finger beads, wear crosses around their neck, and use other outward means to remind them of their god. I use a small ‘g’ for their god, because he is puny and has very little, if any, power. He most certainly doesn’t deliver them from sin, because they think sin has more power than he does.

Another trait is continuing, never ending word battles over doctrine, word meanings, contexts, historical milieu and etc. These are those who go off “into their own field.” . Their “field of expertise”, which action led to the founding of the multitudinous sects and denominations. They keep themselves busy holding conferences and meetings “defending the faith once delivered to the saints”. These are so busy using their own voices that they have no time to be silent and listen to THE VOICE Who speaks within, besides, that smacks of new age, eastern religious stuff, and that is of the devil. Also, we have the Bible and that’s all we need.

Another trait is symbolized by those who go off “unto their merchandise”. These are those who are engaged in “traffic” with the unbelieving world, which the Spirit called “fornication” in Revelation. They use the methods and means of advertisment, marketing, and other sorts of promotional mechanisms to “bring the people in”. “Pack the pew sunday”, bake sales and dinners, etc. to raise money. The using of worldly means of promoting “christianity” is what fornication looks like.

Another trait is the pervasive involvement in debates regarding the “great tribulation”. Many of them, if not most, believe christians are not going to go through this “time of trial which is to come upon all those who dwell upon the face of the earth to try them”. Another large segment who opposes this view says the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD was “the great tribulation”. They who believe it is yet to come say they will escape it by a “secret rapture”, in which they will be taken bodily into heaven. Either way, both are saying the “trial” is not for christians. Without realizing it, by holding either the “before and after” tribulations they reveal themselves as having a past and a future god, but not a present one.

The last trait we will discuss, we call the “strutting schoolyard or play yard bullies”. These are those who “secured His servants and ill treated them and slew them”. They profess christianity, but busy themselves as pharisee/scribe/saducee ancestors who follow their predecessors in the on going killing of Jesus, by killing with words and name callings of those who are REAL christians in the attempt to shut them up.


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