1John3:2 “Beloved! Now we are children of God, and not yet has it been made manifest what we shall be (for children only see “in part”).  We (do) know,(however) that if He should be made manifest (to an individual), like unto Him shall we be, because we shall see Him just as He is”.

1Corinthians 13:10-12 “But as soon as that which is complete is come,(ie, Spiritual adulthood) that which is in part (Spiritual childhood), shall be done away.  When I was a child, I used to speak as a child; to prefer as a child; to reason as a child, (but) now I have become a man (adult), I have laid aside the things of the child!  For we see (as children), as yet through a dim window obscurely, but then (when adulthood comes), face to face.  As yet (while a child), I gain knowledge in part, but then (as an adult), shall I fully know, even as I was (already) fully known (but didn’t know it). ”

John 14:9 “He that has seen Me has seen the Father”.

In the present world we live in under the complete control of the female principle, manifested through it’s varying forms of envy and misplaced sympathy, childhood has become  almost a lifelong phenomena.  Most biological adults are still children up into their middle age years.  Commercialism with it’s advertising and marketing (using the female manipulative machination technique), knows this and is geared toward focusing on these “demographics”; the 18-49 year olds, or whatever.

To these people., life is just a game, and if they run into money or male/female problems, they can always run back home to mom and pop, and they, having drank the same feminist poison as their children fed them in the conformity cult called the education system, keep bailing their 20-40 somethings out of the consequences of their behavior, thereby insuring that they all remain under the curse, not knowing that “the curse causeless does not come” (Proverbs 26:1).  The truth of this “life is just a game ” stuff, is in the “hollywoodization” of the culture, which is spread abroad throughout the land via technology.

The “eternal childhood syndrome” also has infected professing christianity as we’ve discussed in previous posts.  They cleave and hold to a historical Jesus in the flesh and – what they hope to be – a like future Jesus, also in the flesh.  They know not the meaning of “it is the Spirit that gives life; the flesh profits nothing”,  and, “My words are Spirit and they are life”, and, “The Word was made (cloaked/covered over by..) flesh”.  Literalism is “looking at Jesus’ flesh”, and that which you continuously behold, you become like.  “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”.  As you see, you are.  “According to your faith (the way you see), be it unto you”.

If someone comes along and says to them, “come up hither!”, they put the brakes on by asking questions to see if the someone fits into their “word battling, doctrinal box”.  The same questions their forebears, the pharisees, asked of Jesus, trying to ensnare Him; basically “Who do you think you are?!”

The title of this post, “Dad”, refers to the adult level of christianity described by the Spirit (Jesus) through John in Revelation 12:11 as those “who love not their life even unto death”.

The way into Spiritual adulthood is not in being able to quote Bible verses verbatim, or go to and graduate from a university/Bible school/training institute/seminary and getting a framed piece of paper for your efforts.  Adulthood does not come from doing, but rather BEING.

You leave the schoolyard/play ground and it’s “bullies” (pharisees) behind, through a “death” similar to that of Jesus’; who came to express and show by His life and death THE SAME PROCESS THAT OCCURS IN GOD HIMSELF.  Jesus is GOD’S STORY.  One cannot see this until one becomes a Spiritual adult, which is the “father” or “Dad” stage.  When you reach this stage, you KNOW THE SAME WAY YOU ARE KNOWN.; ie, you know God as He knows you.  No, it does not mean you ARE God, but are like A god; ie, fatherlike in Spiritual matters.

In the 1Corinthians 13 passage above, certain translations say,” when that which is perfect is come”.  This is where the childish literalists take it and run with it, saying, “Well there won’t be any perfection til Jesus comes again, because he’s the only one who has been sinless, so that which is perfect is referring to Jesus’ return”, or, “This ‘perfect’ is talking about ‘complete’ and is referring to the Bible’s completeness, since the ‘canon’ is now ‘complete’ and the Bible is the perfect/complete ‘Word of God’, the only thing necessary for faith and practice”.

They are correct about the word ‘perfect’ meaning ‘complete’.  Jesus did complete – finish- all that the Father sent Him to do in displaying the character/nature of God.  However, completeness shows itself in Spiritual adulthood, in that such an individual has within himself all the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom of God in POTENTIALITY FORM.

When this individual reaches this stage of “loving not his life , even unto death”; ie, Spiritual adulthood, he has the ability to reveal the nature of God step by step, for revelation; ie, the manifestation of Spiritual realities, comes in that manner, getting higher (or deeper) with each revelation.  Christians call this “growth”, but it is actually expanded awareness.  You gradually become “what you see”- aware of that which was already there within yourself.


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