Roger Williams’ Children


Rev. 2:23″…..and her children will I slay with death”

Rev. 3:17-18 “Because you say rich am I, and have become enriched and of nothing have I need, and know not that you are the wretched one, and pitiable, and destitute and blind and naked, I counsel you to buy of me gold refined by fire that you may become rich, and white raiment that you may array yourself, and the shame of your nakedness may not be made manifest, and eyesalve to anoint your eyes that you may see”.

Matt.19:20-22 “And the young man said unto him all these commandments I have kept, what further do I lack? Jesus said unto him, If you desire to be perfect, withdraw! Sell your substance and give to the destitute, and you shall have treasure in the heavens; and come follow me. And the young man hearing this word, went away sorrowing, for he was holding large possessions”.

“Roger Williams’ children” are those who call themselves “Baptist”in all their various forms: fundamentalist, independent, general, american, southern, northern, etc.

Those who call themselves Baptist are the collective embodiment of the principle of “unawareness”; ie, the “children” of the woman God has “killed with death”. Their “death” is an “unconsciousness” or unawareness of Spiritual realities and the Spiritual realm which they claim to know of and represent.

They are those of Laodicea who say they are “rich and have need of nothing”. They “say” this by their works and teachings. They are also the “rich young ruler”, who couldn’t sell his possessions to enter the Kingdom. Their “possessions” are the religious and/or christian doctrines and teachings they hold tightly in their minds; the heavily fortified “city” that rules them, which they think if they give them up they will “lose their salvation” and go to hell.

The teachings/doctrines therefore, are their “gold” which Jesus says is full of impurities because it hasn’t been “tried in the fire”. The fire is the fire of affliction that one must endure to enter the Kingdom. When they go through the fire, they will be truly “rich”, not before.

Their main problem or stumbling block preventing them from entering the Kingdom, is their reversal of the order of primacy of leadership. They put the Bible first and exalt it as the “Word of God” and relegate the ACTUAL WORD- the Spirit; the LIVING WORD, to the back burner.

Like the cartoon character in Peanuts who carries his blanket around while sucking his thumb, they also have their “security blanket” which they use to “ward off evil spirits”, however, unknowingly, simultaneously keeping God Himself at a distance.

Jesus said the Spirit would LEAD into ALL truth. The scripture is meant to be used as a secondary source of confirmation; confirming what the Spirit (Jesus) has already said within.

Roger Williams was a separatist from the church of England along with many others who came to this country in the 1600’s. They believed that said church did not match up with what they read in the Bible. As the church of England was (and still is) an adjunct of Rome, so those who separated themselves from the former were also separating from the latter, thereby identifying themselves as the latter’s “harlot daughters”(Rev. 17).

 The separation was based on a “negative” act, the “avoidance of the evil” of the mother. Their focus then being on how deceived their mother is, has caused them to become the protestant version of the mother. As I said previously, you become like that which you place your focus on. As the mommy is full of pomp and circumstance with all the trappings of gold trimmings and fancy garments and the wearing of special colored clothes by it’s so-called ministers, the daughter Baptist shun such trappings, but still show the mommy’s system in their organizational system and buildings with phallic symbols as part of their structures which they call “steeples”, stained glass windows, etc.

The system is also shown by the human tide which has spread itself across the country just like the mother, only using a different name. Almost every town of any size has at least one or two and the big cities it seems there is one on every corner with some variation of the name Baptist on them.

Their “mother focus” also causes them to have the like attitude of “We have the truth and everyone else is in error”. They look down their noses at those we wrote of previously; the Word of Faith’ers, charismatics, pentacostal/holiness,etc, because they are too “fanatical” with their tongue speaking and “far out” doctrines. This is another reason why they hold the Spirit at arms length, because they are fearful of being led into error, not knowing they already are in it.

Another aspect of “baptistry” is their emphasis on “performance” christianity. A tendency to make the “should’s”, ought’s”, “should not’s”, and “ought not’s” of the various exhortations written in the New Testament as “christian law”, which they believe can be kept by the power of the flesh; ie, through self effort. What they call the Spirit’s work in them is actually self effort. They think head knowledge is the essence of christian maturity.

They are also very conscious of their forebears; the believers of antiquity all the way back to those who lived in the times when the New Testament was written. They believe they can trace their Baptist “system” all the way back to them. The same thing Rome does.

In actuality, it and Rome are mirror opposites of each other. When one shows something in an internal or subtle way, the other shows it in a more outward obvious, plain to see manner.

Both have chains over their mind and by their teachings and conduct are self condemned. They think they have reached the pinnacle, but they are actually in the ditch. They are at ease, sitting on the couch on Jesus’ left hand.


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