Babylon the Great cont’d

Roman catholicism says she is “Immanuel” (or Emmanuel); ie, “with us is God”, or “God with us”.  She says her head bishop, or Pope, is Christ’s vicar on earth, or his head representative on earth, and what He – Jesus – does, He does it and speaks only through him – the pope.

She is correct in that she has A god with her and that she is A christ’s vicar or earthly representative and also that “he” does his work on earth and “he” speaks mainly through her or the pope.  However, all the A’s and “he’s” and “christ’s” above are actually the god of this world and not the TRUE God and His Son, Jesus whom He sent.  The god the pope represents is the adversary and he rules from two “seats” or earthly geographical concentrations of power, which are Rome Italy and Washington, DC.

There are actually two popes, a white pope and a black pope.  The white one is the outward face of catholicism and the black one is the hidden face behind the throne who really runs everything.  The white one of course appears in the news almost every day, blessing a portion of his deceived ones in the square outside his window or in a parade or ceremony somewhere on earth, for, like the dark skinned south-of-the-borderites, he believes he owns every place he sets his foot on, which is actually true, or he makes some comment to the press or issues some paper propounding on some doctrinal matter.  He is the one who appears in all pompish regalia in a display in miniature, of all the valuables and money he has at his disposal, which seems ironic when sometimes one hears of a catholic school or hospital having to close it’s doors due to a lack of funds, but no one seems to question it.  Anyway, as I said above, he’s not the REAL pope who runs the show, because that one is never seen in a public manner, as one who has an official position.  He’s the real power.

The black pope is the head of the real organization which runs the show; the CIA/KGB/MOSSAD of catholicism called the Society of Jesus or Jesuits.  Many nefarious deeds have been done hiding behind the name Jesus.

The Jesuit order was founded several centuries ago by a man named Ignatious.  Of course romanism has slapped an “St” before his name and declared him a saint, but he wasn’t one unless he experienced a death bed repentance of all his wicked deeds.  Jesus of course has nothing to do with the society for using His Name is just one aspect of the “cover of goodness” principle, which those who do evil use to hide their works.

The Jesuit way is a means of warfare supposedly written by a chinese man named Sun Tzu who lived in the times before Jesus.  They use his methods which basically can be boiled down to defeating your enemy by maneuvering and manipulating circumstances in such a way that he (the enemy) will do what you – the Jesuit in this case – want him to do without him realizing it, and in fact he will think it was his idea all along.

This order was founded for the purpose of bringing the mother’s children back to the fold; the pro-test-ants.  When she maneuvers and manipulates behind the scenes – remember she has a bottomless money pit and owns billions of dollars in property and entire countries all over the world  – as soon as she can get one of her children, her harlot daughters, to start “acting catholic”, they have in that sense, returned to the fold.  This doesn’t mean the daughter “repents” and says, “sorry mommy, we were wrong; please take us back in your welcoming arms!”.  No, it’s much more subtle than that.  The children think they are having one over on mommy, but they have actually been maneuvered into it by a more intelligent being who has direct control behind appearances.  For those who have eyes to see, the daughters have romanism “DNA” throughout their various systems.  It may be revealed in subtle ways, but it is there nevertheless.

One of their identity marks is their weekly cycle system, wherein the powers that be who toil in the trenches in the system preach sin and guilt to the people if they fail to appear at the weekly saturday/sunday “festivities” – “Thou shalt not forsake the assembling!  You know what the Bible says!”  Once the people get loaded up every week, then they are ok for another week.  If you aren’t doing – being busy for Jesus – then you are drifting off into sin, besides, if you leave, we won’t have access to your pocketbook/wallet.

Both mother and daughters have a hierarchy, priesthood/laity divide (Nicolaitanism which Jesus says he hates, Rev. 2:4,15) , colleges, universities, seminaries, where all their “priests” must attend and graduate from in order to be “ordained”.

Everything catholicism does and says is for show; to be seen of men, for which Jesus called the pharisees, hypocrites.  Catholicism’s real work goes on behind the scenes.  She makes outward religious formalism her “truth”, thereby turning True Spiritual realities into shame, as the Psalmist said “How long, turning My Glory into contempt?  Will you love emptiness; will you seek falsehood?” (Psalm 4:2)

She is the source of the doctrine of the trinity, which her daughters have swallowed hook, line, and sinker.  Some unknown copier sometime in antiquity even got it inserted in the Bible in Matthew 28:19., and even had the gall to put the words in Jesus’ mouth, when He, being Who He is, would never say such a thing.  It’s been a never ending focus of debate since it came out of the pit onto the printed page, and that was how it was intended.  All those who use it, identify themselves as one with the mother.

Because everything she does is for show, she gets paid for everything she does – meaning, that she uses every opportunity of “service” or “ministry” as a money making proposition.  Her people know it’s expected of them to fork over the cash for baptisms, marriage ceremonies, praying someone out of purgatory and other assorted occasions.

She thinks she has been called to prune the world for it’s mistakes, but it is she who is going to be cut down to the ground and have her roots pulled up and burned in the fire.


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