In Jail for a Woman?

The continuation of the sins of Adam and Eve…..

Rev. 2:10 “Do not fear the things you are about to suffer.  Lo! The adversary is about to cast some of you into prison that you may be tried, and you shall have tribulation ten days.  Become you faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life”.

Rev. 2:20 “Nevertheless, I have against you that you suffer the woman-your wife- Jezebel, she who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and leading astray my own servants to commit lewdness and to eat idol sacrifices, and I gave her time that she might repent, and she wills not to repent out of her lewdness, Lo!, I cast her into a bed and them who are committing adultery with her into great tribulation.”

The adversary is the woman/wife/Jezebel.  The “ten days” is a temporary span of time in which it takes for the male who is attached to the “wife” to reassert his authority in his own home wherein he is the head and she is in submission under his authority in accord with the nature/law that operates between the two spheres in the essence of God Himself.  The ten days is not meant literally, but rather indicates temporariness.  The “tribulation” which occurs is when the nature/law or “rightness” reasserts itself in the husband in the family, which can be – and in many cases, leads to –  the breakup of the family, depending on how entrenched the adversary/Jezebel is in the wife.  If she is not the “strong independent woman” who wants to lead her own life according to the lie dictates of feminazidom, then the two will probably remain together, for “two cannot walk together except they be agreed”; ie, that both have to be “eating the same SPIRITUAL food”, and not the compromising/mixing food – ” idol sacrifices” – that the world offers as truth.  Trying to eat the world’s food and Spiritual food is “lewdness/fornication”, the process of compromise and mixture.

Compromise in marriage means the roles are switched and the husband has become the submissive one, while the wife is the head.  If the woman is so entrenched in the philosophy of this present world; ie “she wills not to repent”, then the man must separate himself from her and this causes the condition of her being ” cast into a bed”, which means as far as the man/husband is concerned, she has “gone to sleep” and her voice cannot control him any longer.  As far as the man is concerned, she is “dead”, for her being cast into a bed means she , as far as the husband is concerned,  is now in her rightful role of silence.  Whereas before she was “putting him in prison”, thereby keeping his mouth shut, the tables have been turned.


The tea partiers and some conservatives want to “take back their country” and the left wingers – being the corporate mouthpiece of the adversary – are correct in saying that the former need to get their own house in order before trying to get the culture/government house in order.  The tea partiers and conservatives are not going to change anything or “take back their country” until they get their own “country” – house – in order, INDIVIDUALLY.  It is they and their ancestors going back 100+/- years, who have given away or taken the country away from them in the first place, and they also are, like Adam before them, still “going along to get along” in their own houses: bowing and scraping before the never ending unconscious onslaught/demanding of the female, thereby putting themselves into “prison”, by not standing up and saying, ‘I’M MAD AS HELL AND NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!!  You cannot stand up against the perverted, lying female version of your “wife” in the government and culture, while simultaneously going along to get along with your own wife in your own houses.  IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN!  YOU put your own self in a non verbal prison in order to “keep peace in the home”, and this is reflected back at you in the culture and through the government in that “woman’s” accusations of racism, anti semitism, and all the other isms.  YOU are the cause of the condition of role reversal that has been in charge in this country since before the turn of the 20th century.

God hates compromise and if you compromise with a woman, you may as well throw in the towel, go put on an apron, ask her if she had a nice day at the office dear, and start putting on female mannerisms like the homos and speaking with strong S’s and holding your hands in a limp wristed manner.

Compromise is mixture and is an abomination in the eyes of God.  The mixture in homes is the cause of mixture abroad in the culture as both realms are like mirror reflections of each other.  As the home is, so is the nation.  Mixed houses=mixed kind.  Mixture in homes is the “why” of race mixing in the culture and is the idea or foundation for equal rights/egalitarianism/multiculturalism; where all races are the same and everything will be ok if the squares and old fogey straights would just be more tolerant, so that we can throw more money at problems by stealing from productive ones (mostly whites) and giving it to unproductive ones, after all isn’t that the “christian” thing to do?; and “I wish all the old geezer Bible thumpers born before 1950 would hurry up and die, so we post 50’s enlightened ones can gain full control of the country and really turn it into a do our own thing sexual utopia”.

God believes in black and white. He doesn’t believe in grey.  The mixing of the races is against god’s order; is therefore lawlessness – and attempt to make one’s own law, which is satanic.  In order to stop this downward lawless process, a large number of men need to take control in their own households and if their family members rebel against divine order, then the rebellious are to be cast out – wives and/or children – so they can suffer the consequences of their own behavior.  When I say the men need to take control, I mean they need to reassert themselves before their wives, explaining to them what they (the men) have been doing wrong, and with firmness and not being afraid of the word NO, begin to take the road of truth and leave behind the broad way which leads to destruction, which many are on.

If the wife has had long standing control in the marriage, it will probably require the man to separate from her if she fights him over this “new life”.  In such a case, the two have been “unequally yoked” together and if the man’s motives are honest before God, HE will cause the marriage to breakup, for He cannot build a new true man in His image until the old man is “broken in pieces like a potters vessel”

The relatives and family members will not understand and will accuse Daddy of going off into fanaticism or “round the bend” and has a mental disorder.  The man will have to suffer in silence without explaining himself or making efforts to get others to understand, for God will prevent their understanding as this adversity is for the man’s benefit and is part of the overcoming process laid down in Rev. 2-3.

Separation is part of God’s order and law.  This is why there is at present an ongoing separation of peoples into skin color and language and warfare of tribe vs tribe.  Of course simultaneous efforts by the blind and ignorant – despite many of them being highly educated, which shows how much real good their education has done them – so-called elite’s efforts to coerce oneness tower of babelism via their so-called new world order, which they think is going to finally bring out a universal sigh of relief saying, “Ah!  Finally!  Peace and safety!”, but when they begin to do so, sudden destruction will come upon them like a woman in travail and they shall not escape.  (1Thess 5:3)

The fighting against the order of God – some call it nature – is what brings about “great tribulation” in the lives of individuals.  The more push for lawlessness, the stronger the law of divine order reasserts itself.  When homosexuals pair up, this “nature reassertment” shows itself when one of the pair takes the “male ” role while the other takes the “female “.  It’s the same with lesbots – one is the “dyke”, butch “male” and the other is the submissive “female”.  Of course as God says, the whole thing is confusion, just as mixture/compromise.


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