Marry the Woman?

….and other assorted things…..

Women in general say they want men to understand them, but when a man comes along who does understand the who, what, where, when, and why of the female, they say he is a woman hater….

The woman; ie, the female principle which is presently “on top” and having it’s way in the present world with her mutitudinous policies, programs, laws, and regulations and other abominations according to the nature that controls the female – emotion, via envy and mis-placed sympathy – is merely the chosen instrument in the hands of God to bring MANY MEN to Himself; an instrument or “rod of iron” He uses to make MANY MEN into His image, after His likeness.

If any woman wants to be a HELPER suitable for such a man and desires to join herself to such a man, she will be blessed WITH HIS BLESSING, for, as I’ve written previously, her importance is tied to him.  If she is willing to adapt herself to him where his life becomes her life, she shall be “saved”.  (1 Tim2 9-15)  In other words, the woman is important only insofar as her useability to man is concerned.

These are hard sayings to most of those who are attached to this world, both male and female, because they have the mark of the beast in their minds (forehead) and on their hands(in their works), and when they read or hear such things as this, it causes them great pain and cuts them “to the quick” and they throw stones – hurl insults, call names, use profanity, etc. – thereby crucifying Jesus all over again.

It is the white male that God’s focus is on, for the proof of it is seen throughout the government and culture of this country in it’s hatred toward the white male and everything white, and it’s setting up on it’s white house throne an empty coffee suit who is representative of the darkness which is in control of the country.

When I say God is dealing with the white male, I do not mean that every white male is his focus, for many have been so feminized, that their condition is a case of being left to suffer the consequences of their own behavior.  They are so much in thrall to the Jezebel anti Christ culture, that their world view is going to bring upon them what they greatly fear, which I’ve written of in previous posts about the dark skinned peoples.

However, there are many who are at least neutral regarding christianity or maybe partially friendly toward it, and these are some of those God is dealing with, who one might say, are “not far from the kingdom of God”.

There is a large group of those with a different bent, who see the hypocracy of much professing christianity or what passes for outward religion, and have what I call, strong BS detectors, which is a good thing.  If they keep using that detector they will eventually be led to truth, for that is the way God is leading them, although they are presently unaware of such leading and would possibly deny any such leading, should they be told so.  A revelation of what is false, many times leads to the revelation of what is true or real.  When they see so-called christians taking the side of Jezebel’s multiculti, equalitarian, “we just loooove everything tan” BS and wrapping their arms around false jewry and the phony nation of israel because of their Bible literalism, it makes them want to puke, which is exactly how Jesus feels about it (Rev. 3:16)

These men are brought around to truth by observing and being affected by the principle of force/coersion, which is operating through the present manifestation of the female principle in the country.  These men are unable to “seek God” and find Him voluntarily, because anything which smacks of religion/christianity turns them off, so they have to be “manipulated” into “finding Him”, against their will.  He gradually brings them to the condition of being where their lives become “on the side of God’s law”, or in line with His nature.  When they “reach” this inner condition, He has made them into His Image/after His Likeness.

The new generation of men that God is raising up – despite their appearance of having a anti- phony religion view point which is actually in their favor – will, because of their strong BS detector, be the new foundation for a much purer and true “christianity”, even though it may not be called  by that name, as that word has been so corrupted by the conduct and beliefs of those who have been practitioners since before the turn of the 20th century on up to the present day.

I know a young man who is like these men I have been discussing.  He wouldn’t have anything to do with the phony “christianity” that he experienced in his family with his father and mother.  His family “religious” experience showed him the false and he developed a strong BS detector.  He eventually found the true and his detector enables him to stay on the narrow path and to lead his wife and children along that same way.

The name christianity and christian are so corrupted it’s best not to use them anymore when referring to one’s self.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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