The Problem With Mirrors

I’ve touched on this subject here and there in previous posts, but haven’t gone into it in great detail except to share the principle of “according to how you see (or what you see), you are”, which is perhaps a more up to date expression of Jesus’ saying, “According to your faith, be it unto you”; the Proverbs expression, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he“, and which Job said during the beginning of his trial, “That which I greatly feared has come upon me“.  These are three different ways of saying the same thing or expressing the same principle/law.  I also might add another of Jesus’ sayings about removing the log out of your own eye, so that you can see correctly to remove the tiny speck out of anothers eye.  This is where “mirrors” come in, and what God is trying to tell us individually, and ultimately corporately, through the truth of mirrors.

The psycho’s – psychologists/psychiatrists – think they have discovered a principle, or have made up what they think is a “truth” which they call “projection”, wherein individuals who are having problems with others – male/female, marriage/relationship problems, etc – “project” their own internal messups onto others, and blaming them on the other person, and if the individual will just throw more money at the “psycho” so he can keep up his payments on his elaborate lifestyle and his multi bedroom/bathroom home and his BMW/Mercedes payments then all will be well.  All won’t be well, as a medium based on the lie from a deceived jew named Freud was only destined to be a never ending money pit from it’s inception.  And the ignorant people blissfully follow along, throwing their money at it, thinking they’ve been cured.

Because all of life is Spiritual, each individual is actually a mirror in which the individual is unknowingly showing his own internal condition to those he is in frequent contact; husband/wife, co workers, other relatives, etc.  Sometimes the revealing is symbolic /metaphorical and sometimes literal.  The problem is, only those who are “seers” understand this principle as only they have been given understanding into it.  Seer’s are “babes”. 

Matthew 11:25 “In that season answered Jesus and said,’I openly give praise unto you Father, Lord of heaven and earth, in that you have hid these things from the wise and discerning and have revealed them unto babes”.

1Cor.1:19-20″For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the (worldly) wise, and the discernment of the (worldly) discerning will I set aside.  Where is the wise?  Where is the scribe?  Where is the disputer of this age?  Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?

God doesn’t cast pearls before swine, neither does He give that which is Holy unto dogs.  So the “psycho’s” aren’t given understanding into the REAL causes and effects of things, because they are “swine” and “dogs”, and are not worthy of His pearls and that which is Holy.  So they and those who follow them are in deception and being deceived.  The “psycho’s” are pied pipers and they who believe in them are the crowd following along behind, blissfully unaware.

Male and female each have an opposite gender aspect within themselves.When these opposite gender aspects gain control in the personality – for example the female aspect within a physical male, and/or the male aspect within a physical female – it creates all sorts of problems in the life of that man or woman, for they are “upside down” within themselves, and must undergo a transformation to be healed.

Let us say a man who is ruled by his inner female is married to a woman who is ruled in this case by her inner male.  This is the prevailing condition that is abroad in the culture today in many marriages and “relationships” because of the prevailing femaleization in the whole country.  The man sees his wife as domineering/assertive, pushy, and as wanting to “wear the pants” in the relationship, and is continually at war with her in a battle for control in the marriage.  This is because his inner female is domineering/assertive and is “wearing the pants” WITHIN himself.  His wife unknowingly, is a mirror reflection of what is going on within himself, but he is ignorant of it.  He blames her, but he needs to get away from her so he can learn of God and go through an “inner role reversal”. 

Because most men are unaware of this Spiritual principle, they eventually either lash out in violence; wind up going along to get along , thereby accepting and agreeing in their own de-masculinization, “for the sake of the children” or whatever excuse you want to use, or just say the hell with this, and walk out while the female legal system strips them of all their dignity, possessions, and financial support, because the poor dearie has been soooo abused.

In another situation, lets say the male is still the same – lets call him “original” man for brevity – but his wife is in more agreement with her role; is more feminine, and submissive.  She sees that her husband is going theough some kind of turmoil, because he lashes out at her verbally from time to time, and she doesn’t understand why he gives off these on again, off again verbal blasts at her when she’s trying to do her best in keeping peace in the home.  (This woman is definitely not a feminista.)  This man has a black female co worker with whom he is thrown together in his job and a male supervisor who is also having wife/inner female problems and is irritable on the job and gets on his subordinates case for seeming trivial matters. 

Original man is “occupied”(his occupation) with a “black” internal female, shown to him by his black female co worker, and his job supervisor is showing him that he (original man) has an internal “woman supervisor” running his life from within and making him miserable.

A male who has his internal female “on top”, has a “black” internal wife.  The internal wife needs to “shut her mouth” and take her proper place within the man as SILENCE.  She is to be “present, but hidden”.  Likewise the inner male in a female is to be silent – present but hidden.

Because the white male is the focus of God in this present evil age, it is important that he learn the “mirror principle”, for it is his deliverance from the power of the female.  When his internal female shuts up, then he is truly free and can begin to see from the “heavenlies” of which he is the embodiment of.  This has nothing to do with “becoming a christian”.  Forget that stuff, for that has been one of the main instruments in the femaleization of men in the first place.  Jesus has nothing to do with the “christianity” that is seen in the world today, and won’t have until it repents.

A man who works in a female run environment needs to get himself out of there as soon as he can.  It’s one thing to work where there is a few women here and there, but not where women are in supervisory positions and the man has to work under them.  Forget it.  Get out of there even if you have to eat beans and rice for awhile until you find some employment more inline with God’s order, or start your own business, after all it was the white male who set up this nation in the first place.

There are thousands of so-called marriages where this struggle is going on – some of many years duration, but they are not true marriages in the eyes of God until the roles get straightened out internally and externally.  They are or were founded on physical attraction, therefore the false union has to be either broken up or the woman has to learn her correct role so that she can then be “saved”.

Because of the plague of feminism, many men are fleeing marriage like it was a plague. This is actually part of God’s plan to get a large group of men to be “left alone”, so that they can learn the true way without interference of or dragging down by rebellious women.

These “men alone” are destined to be “Daniel’s” or “eunuchs”, and have a special place in God’s purposes in this last age.  More on this later….


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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