Fighting Against Yourself

You white males out there in cyber space want to take your country back, solve the jew/black problem, the dark skin flood across the border problem, the feminazi problem, kick the liberals/leftists/commies/marxists/queers out of the government and culture, and set up your own white ethnostate, HAVE TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM THAT IS YOURSELF FIRST, because most, if not all of you, are putting the cart before the horse. 

Most of you are all like a bunch of Don Quixote’s fighting windmills built up in your minds, and those whom the comic strip character Pogo spoke of when he said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us!”, but don’t know it.

You are trying to fight a Spiritual battle against others who are possessed like yourselves with a spirit none of you are aware of, and deny the existence of, because you think like your enemy does, that this earthly life and it’s utopian dreams is all there is.

You criticize the elite jew run, catholic founded culture/government and all of it’s war against God through it’s policies, rules and regulations, which have been founded on the same paganistic philosophy/ideas that many of you have been steeped in, and have yet to reject, since your post 1950 birth from your Dr. Spock guided parents and grandparents – the darwinistic, evolutionary marxist idea.

No, most of you won’t touch catholicism per se, except when someone stands up accusing it of child molestation, etc, because you are still sucking on that teat; after all, being anti-catholic is a much worse sin then being anti-semitic, right?  You don’t know that the jew is merely the visible face of the corruption that catholicism is, do you?  The “business” that the jew does is not “his” business, but the one who runs him from behind the scenes; the black pope run Jesuits.

Even the Jerries (Germans) believed the jew was the local version of the vatican; as Rome had been using the jew as a scapegoat for centuries, what did it matter if the Germans treated them likewise, but in a more efficient manner?  The scapegoat thing using jewry was concocted centuries before by Jesuits as a means of fomenting continuous revolution and upheavals in every society/culture, wherever the jew went.  The jew’s nature of selfishness was/is the perfect foil for what later has become known as Trotskyite doctrine – and offshoot of marxism which believes in fomenting non stop, continuous revolution in countries throughout the world.

The jew thinks he is the chosen race and is destined to rule the world, but he’s actually being used as a focus of hatred to keep the attention off the real culprit who is using and manipulating him behind the scenes.

The jew is the corporate embodiment of selfishness, whose main philosophy is “what’s good for me?” Selfishness is the same trait motivating every other so-called victim group – the minorities and coloreds, south-of-the-borderites, etc.  You white nationalists or racialists or whatever name you are calling yourselves, are operating on the same principle.  Selfishness warring against selfishness.  Satan trying to cast out satan.  Yes, I said satan, because that is the spirit you are of – the one who is motivating you.  Humans are not independent agents, despite what you have been taught or believe.  Everyone is motivated by “a” spirit – the spirit of darkness or the Spirit of Light.  Yes, you are possessed by one or the other.

Everybody thinks demon possession is either a rare thing or doesn’t believe any such thing at all and  that it is something only seen in movies or read about in books.  What you don’t know is that there are degrees of possession.  Most people act perfectly normal until their “guilty button” is pushed or they become irritated or offended by something someone said or something they read as in this essay.  They reveal the one who is their controller by what comes out of their mouth.

Jesus spoke of this as self defilement; “it’s not what is taken into the mouth that defiles a man, but what comes OUT of the mouth“.  What comes out of the mouth, comes out of the “heart” – not the blood pumping mechanism, but the center of man’s intent – and reveals what spirit the man is of. 

This is why Jesus called Peter “satan” and said to him, “get behind me satan, for you savor  the things that be of man and not of God”.  A modern day paraphrase of what Peter said which Jesus was responding to might have been something like, “My God man!  Don’t say such ridiculous stuff!”, for in that passage it says Peter took Jesus aside and rebuked him.

The spirit of darkness operates the realm of good and evil and operates in it.  When Eve took the fruit – yes, I know many of you don’t believe in this “myth”, but anyway that disbelief of yours is part of the dark demonic thing who is in control of you, who is in charge of keeping truth at a distance – and gave same to Adam, and their “eyes” were opened and they BECAME SELF CONSCIOUS; ie, they knew they were naked and tried to hide and cover themselves.

Self consciousness then, is the essence, ground, or foundation of sin, and is selfishness, which in turn at it’s base, is the attempt to hide so that ones “nakedness” is not discovered, particularly by others, and leads to a lifetime of accumulation of things – tangible and intangible – in this effort to “cover one’s self”.

So…..after reading this – if you have made it this far – are you gnashing your teeth, throwing dirt (profanity) in the air and casting stones?  Are you one of those proverbial pots who call the kettle black, by calling me an over zealous (fanatic) religious nut, while at the same time you are the one possessed?

Or do you find yourself remarkably calm even though perhaps not able to comprehend what is written here?  If this is you, you are not far from the Kingdom of the Heavens.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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