The Seed of God and Sinless Life

The answer for young couples….

The multitudes of religionists and professors, led by their modern day pharisees, scribes and doctors of the law, disbelieve in any kind of freedom from sin as long as one lives in the body, for they say one cannot be free from sin until one departs from the body “and goes to meet the Lord“.  It is necessary for the latter to keep the people in the babyhood of sin and guilt in order for them to maintain control, so that only the few- a remnant – are the only ones who will break free of the bondage of guilt and sin and enter into the freedom of the Kingdom of the Heavens.

John1:3-5,9 “That which has come into existence in Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men.  And the Light (which was the Life/Light of men…) in the darkness shines; and the darkness thereof laid not hold”(because darkness is non understandingness/non comprehendingness) “It was the real Light that enlightens every man.”(who was/is coming into the world)

1John 3:9 “Whosoever has been born of God is not committing sin because a seed of Him(God) within him abides, and he CANNOT be committing sin because of God he has been born”.

Approximately four hundred years ago,a man was born in England named George Fox, who, at around the age of 20, began to receive revelations from God and to be moved and directed by Him in His work in England; in some areas of Europe; in some of the Caribbean Isles, and up and down the eastern seaboard of America, from the Carolinas to Rhode Island.

The main revelation that he was given is that there is a “seed of God” within every man, which he sometimes called, “that of God in every man”, and/or, “the Light that is in every man”.

Those who heard his words and eventually became in agreement with his revelations, he called “friends”.  As he preached and ministered wherever he went, people “quaked”- ie, became nervous, which was shown in their bodily actions – and his piercing gaze, the latter which seemed to see through to the very inward parts of people, made them afraid.  So observers, opponents and ridiculers, coined the pejorative word, “quakers” for them.  Mockers and the unbelieving must always put those whom they accuse in a box.  That is where “christian” came from – the accuser/adversary.  Makes you see how stupid it is to call oneself by a name that came out of the adversary’s mouth 2000 years ago doesn’t it?

Revelation is actually knowledge and/or understanding, hence is Light, and Light is therefore, Life.  This then is the living fire/energy/vitality of God and exists in ALL like a seed.  This is the seed of God that is in every man and it dwells – just like a seed in the earth – in darkness.

The darkness of dirt is literal, whereas the darkness in man that surrounds the seed of God is non understanding/non knowing/unawareness.  Not only do all men live IN this world of darkness – all the “nons” and the “un” above – but the same darkness dwells WITHIN them.  This non/uness in God’s eyes is “death”.  This is the why of the Bible phrase,”all men are dead in trespasses and sins”.  They live physically in a state of unaware/unknowing consciousness.  They are walking, talking, dead men.  As Paul said about a certain type of female who was “dead while she lives”.

The Light then, like a pilot light in a gas stove is always “on”, awaiting the Word of cognition, until something occurs within the individual – a spark of revelation similar to that of an electric spark – an “Oh, I see!” moment, which the individual sometimes may not even be aware of until later when he or someone else close to him notices a behavior change of some sort.  For example a bit of personal info:  In the early 70’s I was in the U. S. Coast Guard and was a Chief Quartermaster (QMC) on an icebreaker on a 5 month trip around South America and to Antarctica.  I and a Master Chief Boatswains Mate (BMCM) were good friends at the time.  I began to develope an interest in reading the Bible and stopped drinking and spent a lot of time by myself studying, and etc.  I found out after awhile that my buddy asked one of the other chiefs, “What’s up with the QM?”.  The other man said, “I think he’s got a good dose of christianity”.

As the Light was a pilot light, it was potential Life; it had all the capacity to become Life, but hadn’t as yet for the Word of quickening had not yet come.  In the pilot stage the Light is “female” and when the Word comes -which is male – he unites with her and Life begins.  The two things that reveal that Life has begun in the individual are behavior and speech change.

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