The Seed of God and Sinless Life II

In part I of this series of posts we laid the foundation necessary for an individual to understand the possibility of living a sinless life while still alive in the physical body.

Sinless life is a state of being similar to that of Adam before he and Eve took the “fruit” of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I say similar, because it is a like state, but is even more profound in that one who lives in such a state, unlike Adam, has experienced all that good and evil could throw at him, therefore, his sinless state is on a higher plane then that of Adams original state of innocency.

The largest hurdle to entering into this state of sinlessness is actually first seeing it’s possibility of existence.  This “doctrine”, if you will, is fought against the hardest by all the adversary’s mouthpieces with framed pieces of paper hanging on their walls, then all other so-called doctrines put together.  The reason for this is, once an individual begins to see, as though from a distance, that such a life is possible, then the adversary’s days of influence in this person’s life are numbered, and he (the adversary) knows it.

The phari-sayers don’t even broach the subject, because to do so would cause many of their hearers to take it and run with it.  The latter mistakenly believe that they have “freedom in Christ” to do whatever they want; ie, to do what their ungodly neighbors and the rest of the world who live on the broad-way do, but their so-called freedom is actually an excuse to continue to indulge the flesh and it’s appitites.

They, not knowing the application of New Testament passages is divided into two groups, children and adults, or sons, take the freedom in Christ passages and other ones given to the adults as being applicable to themselves, thus being led astray.

At the present time, these children/babies, are in a condition of being I call “youthful night”, which is a span of time, similar to that of the span of time between conception and birth in the natural world.  The former is not a literal nine month period, but could be a short period or longer one, depending on what God’s purposes are for the particular individual involved and how fast or slow he advances in this time of the beginning of understanding.

As the natural world is the “story” of the Spiritual world in symbolic form, so the process of conception and birth in man is a Spiritual teaching by natural processes.  The natural world, having been brought into existence by the Spiritual world, follows the same pattern as the latter.  As there is a conception and birth Spiritually, so there is a conception and birth naturally.

The evangelicals as they are sometimes called, are a group of people who have been conceived, but have not yet been born.  They are children/babies and as such, are like sheep  who are easily led astray and are very gullible.  This is not just those who sit in the pews and listen, but also those who are supposedly their leaders, the pastors, teachers, theologians, scholars, etc.

The main trait of these people is probably decency.  This is one of the earmarks which has a way of distracting it’s five million adherents and the main cause of their being used in the present day by more clever ones in furthering the latter’s ends in the government, culture, and political realms.

These decent ones have attached themselves to what is actually a form of controlled opposition called conservatism whose pied pipers promise them heaven-on-earth-but-when-they-get-in-office-give-them-hell-on-earth.  The politicians and their demagogue media/entertainment personalities such as Beck, maintain their hold in power and rake in the dough by telling the so-called evangelical vote what they want to hear, what they should believe, and who they should vote for, thereby perpetuating the charade of the so-called two party system which is actually one party; a corruptocracy.  This one party system disguised as a two party system was set up a long time ago and the sheep/evangelicals have bought it, hook, line, and sinker.

The sheep have bought the lie that the government seated in Washington DC is god on earth.  Of course if told that to their face, they would deny it.  However, their adherence to the corruptocracy which DC represents, is obvious in the sheep’s looking toward it’s legal and regulatory system, and it’s politicians, who are 99% lawyers adept in gaming the system, by offering themselves up as sacrificial lambs to it’s ungodly practices. 

They enthusiastically buy into the vote lie, by casting their vote for every charlatan that comes down the pike telling them what they want to hear.  Against abortion? “Yay! You get my vote!”  Want to kill the muslims and convert the survivors to christianity?  “Yay, me too!”  Want to shove the putrid version of American democracy down the throats of middle easterners and have continuous war for continuous peace over there for the sake of the phony nation of Israel, the “apple of God’s eye”? Yay!  Lets do it, cause my preacher says we should back everything the jews want, and besides, we have to keep the war machinery operating because we need employment!”

Everytime the war drums are beaten for “patriotism/god and country”, this group is first in line waving the flag and offering up their children as sacrificial lamb cannon fodder to the wargod of the state in their worship of the trained killers of the military who go abroad to kill foreign women and children, while the Jesus they supposedly worship awaits in the silence within and among them with His hands folded as He doesn’t participate in their wars, as HE IS A CONCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR.

In this particular scenario of state and war worship, this group is placing themselves shoulder to shoulder in agreement with those who hate them – the jew.  Who do these sheep think are behind the never ending demands for removing every semblance of Jesus and christianity throughout the land, by means of the legal system?  Who do they think founded and continues to finance the ACLU?  Who do they think was behind the sly, clever push to manipulate the woman involved in the Roe v Wade decision?  The woman later on realized she was a dupe and repented of it, but by then it was too late.  Who were the ones who manipulated behind the scenes using useful idiot front men such as MLK in the “civil rights” movement?  Who founded the abomination of “Planned Barrenhood”and conned your friendly neighborhood politician that sheep voted in, to sneak in regulations to insure that it is financed by sheep tax dollars?  Who runs, pushes, and finances the industry that produces all the sewage on tv and movies from pornywood?  Oh!.  I know.  It’s the “devil”…..  However, the devil, just like God, uses human instruments.  Instruments who have an innate proclivity to godliness of the latter or deviltry of the former.

Yes….the poor persecuted jew.  He’s hounded wherever he goes from country to country, none of this is his fault.  He’s like a typical ungodly female, everything that happens to him is someone else’s fault.  Of course, as your Hageeite preacher tells you, the jew is the “chosen”, so we have to do whatever we can to help him and his new nation “which god set up” in 1948.                  

The sheep have just enough understanding to get themselves into a lot of trouble. They have put themselves in the same chair in which the jew sits – the chair of rejection.  For the present time, God has rejected the jew, because they rejected the One He sent.  This rejection has been playing out throughout history since Jesus’ resurrection, beginning with the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD.  The jew is rejected wherever he goes and his presence in comparatively small numbers but with great influence in America throughout it’s institutions and culture is also eventually going to come to an end, for I perceive that when America -particularly the sheep we have been discussing – finally wakes up and also rejects the jew, that will be the jew’s final rejection, and after that his eyes will also be opened and he will moan and wail for it will be revealed to him whom he has pierced.

I realize it seems we got off the “sinless” subject, but we’ll be right back with more of the same…..


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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