The Nuts Who Cannot Help Themselves

Even though the group we discussed previously – the sheep evangelicals – have been conceived and are in the beginnings of the state of understanding, they, having not yet been born of God, are still full of guilt and sin, for these two cannot disappear until the birth is experienced individually.  This is why they are so gullible and easily led by the deceivers of this world.  Their sense of guilt shows itself when they are accused of some “sin” that the world says is sin, by taking up a defensive position, or denying the accusation.  This is similar to what Peter did when he denied Jesus just before the crucifixion.

So when they are accused of one of these conformity demands by the mommies of the world, they immediately backpeddle and deny that they are one of those ism/ist’s and say “my best friend” is a fill in the blank, jew/black/feminist/”gay” whatever.

The poor ignorant sheep never stop to think where accusations come from and what the purpose of accusations are.  The kind of accusations we are speaking of here are a disguised form of demand of conformity.  The world system demands that you conform to it and particularly with marxist/trotskian thought dominating the discourse, disguised as niceness/goodness, it uses accusations and name calling to get individuals who are reluctant to conform to do so, thereby causing them to agree with the accuser that, yes, they are a bad person, phobic this or that, intolerant, all the ism labels, anti-semitic, racist, hate monger, religious fanatic, etc.  The sheep think that if they are just nice and decent to all, everything will be ok, but it doesn’t work that way. 

The pressure to conform is actually the opportunity to speak truth, and the sheep, being still babies/children in the “womb” and having only a bare hint of Light/understanding, cannot help themselves, for they have no leaders who are themselves born, who can teach them the truth of the guilt free sinless life.  This truth already lies within themselves like the meat within the shell of a nut.  The nut, being the hard shell of self consciousness, has to be broken to get at the meat of truth within. 

They are not going to find this truth in their steeple houses or their sects and denominations.  They have to go outside the system to find truth, for truth doesn’t dwell in the system.  Just like many people have stopped listening to or relying on newspapers/magazines/tv for the news, but go instead to the internet, and the result presently playing out is those media are drying up and are rapidly losing money and viewers and subscriptions.  The same thing will happen as the sheep turn away from their so-called preachers and teachers and “gather on the net”.

A people who are overcome with guilt and sin are conquered by the adversary.  The adversary makes war on the saints by accusations.  Rev. 13:7a”And it was given unto him to make war on the saints and to overcome them”. 

The adversary’s instruments, his mouthpieces, speak through all the various media institutions and organizations, tv, newspapers, magazines, politicians, government officials, NGO officials – NAACP, ADL, AIPAC, SPLC, ACLU, and many others.  They are all, everyone of them, intentionally at war against God, intent on removing anything representational of Him anywhere in the culture, using the phony separation of church and state doctrine to shut up any and all semblance of true religion from anyone who dares speak of God or Jesus publically.  Most, if not all of these organizations were started, financed by and through the hand of the critic; the jew.

The saint/sheep/evangelical knows all about the devil being his enemy, but they know not that he uses a particular group of people to do his work even though it is writ large throughout the book of Acts and scattered throughout the epistles in the book they worship called the Bible. They do not understand the principle that the jew reaction to their rejection by God because of THEIR REJECTION OF JESUS AS MESSIAH is carried on down through history to today by their acting in the same manner, as a stirrer up of trouble everywhere they go.

Yes, the sheep can’t help themselves in their ignorance, but God is raising up some people to wake them up and they will only be found on the internet.  However, the real NUT who can’t help himself is the jew.  He showed his nuttiness in the book of Acts; always running to and fro stirring up the people against the followers of Jesus.  In many places, murdering them.  He’s still killing believers today, howbeit in more subtle ways, the effect being to SHUT THEM UP.  He’s been a Jesus killing anti-Christ since the resurrection as the adversary’s special instrument and you sheep need to get this through your thick heads!

He was financed through his bankers in Europe and England in the 1800’s and sent to America, still being financed in the present day by the same bunch, along with agreeing rich stooges located in this country, specifically to be a STIRRER UP OF TROUBLE, founding various civic, cultural, legal and non governmental organizations, of which one of his main successful efforts is pretending to be the black man’s friend (when he actually hates him almost as much as he hates followers of Jesus); using him as another weapon in his arsenal against the white man with his nation destroying hate.

The jew has a reputation of being a well known advocate for others, but it’s a face he puts on merely for show, so he can engratiate himself to the ignorant unsuspecting gentiles that surround him; “see, look, I’m just like you!”  His so-called advocacy is trumpeted by his own people and ignorant stooges throughout the media and elsewhere, some of which don’t have jewish sounding names…Hummm.  I wonder why that is?  The answer is that the jew, being basically a clever, sly, deceiver, has no compunction about changing names to appear more “goyim” or “gentile”.   He believes anything is ok as long as it furthers his ends of what’s good for the jew and of shifting any blame off himself in case anything negative happens as a result of something he has  done.

Dear sheep/saint:  Your Hageeite preacher/teacher is lying to you by telling you that the jew is “God’s chosen”.  In their present condition they are not chosen.  There are many years to pass and many things that are to happen before the jew has his eyes opened.  This present period you are living in is not the time of the restoration of the marriage between God and the jew.  God has divorced the jew for only those of faith such as yourself are true jews in this time period; ONLY THOSE WHO ARE OF FAITH ARE CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM WHICH YOU ARE.  The so-called nation of israel (no, I don’t capitalize it for it is a false entity) was not raised up by God.   When one is chosen, that chosenness is revealed in the persons character.  WAKE UP!


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