Sinless Life cont’d…

…..and how to get there.

That was written as though it is a place, but it’s not, for it is a condition of being.

First we’ll start where the saints/evangelicals/professing believers are.  They have been conceived, and are in the stage of the beginning of understanding, similar to that of a new baby beginning it’s life in the womb.  The physical baby is formed in darkness; likewise the saints, et al, are also in the darkness of limited understanding.  This stage Paul described as the in part stage in 1Cor. 13.  But we must not get ahead of ourselves..

This condition of limited understanding is described by Paul in other places, as being under the law.  Do not mistake this law as the ten commandments or the law given to jews.  This law operates in the babies described above and begins it’s work at conception and continues until the “baby” is born; ie, born of God

This law is a system of pressure, again, like that which forms the physical baby, and is played out in the individual as a system of “ought to’s/ought not’s/should do’s/should not’s.”  It is the school teacher/tutor(Gal.4:1-5), whose job it is to bring the individual into a true experiential understanding of Christ.   

This internal law operates as a critic, whose “handle” or controller is the adversary in his role as accuser.  It also operates like the two hands of a potter shaping clay into a vessel.

By this law, comes the knowledge of sin (Rom. 3:20).  “Ought and should” are sin’s measuring rod, so to speak.  This law, being a never ending demanding entity is female in character, as it operates just like ungodly females do in the world. 

The law is also religiously or morally oriented in that it’s demands have to do with good and evil, and in it’s never ending pressure, is a false idea of religious goodness or perfection as it’s ultimate goal, as it is directed by the adversary.

However, Jesus came and offered Himself up and was raised from the dead, to free us from this law, for the law is never ending consciousness of sin and death.  Conciousness of sin in the individual is the entity called a “body of sin” in Rom.5:6-7.  This body or entity was that which was nailed to the cross 2000 years ago as the body of Jesus. 

Call this law, this body of sin, a nagging wife who kicks the bucket.  The husband who “lived” with this shrew is finally free of her never ending naggathons – “don’t do this/don’t do that/do this/do that/ you ought/you should”.  He’s finally free of her through the process of death.  He is free from the law of the nagging wife by the body of Christ and doesn’t have to live in a corner of a housetop anymore.

The individuals/babies, living in the womb darkness of limited understanding, are actually free from the law of the nagging wife because, she was their old man who was nailed to the cross and is therefore dead and that law has no effect on a dead man/entity.

Therefore, when the nagging woman law preacher comes with her grocery list of oughts and shoulds, SHE IS TO BE IGNORED BECAUSE DEAD MEN CANNOT HEAR WHEN SPOKEN TO.  She keeps coming to test the individual to see if he really “gets it”.  He must continue to ignore her.  This usually requires the ceasing of all so-called religious/christian practices -prayer, Bible reading, meetings, etc., as these are a part of the adversary’s nagging inroads.

While the baby is still in the womb, he sees in part.  He must cease all efforts to know and understand more, in order to know and understand more.  The more effort you put forth to try to understand, the more those things which you are trying to understand will “flee” from you.  As a baby is born by natural process once the initial act is completed, likewise is it so in the Spiritual process.  It cannot be forced or hurried up.

You must cease any involvement in performance religion, which is where the law gets it’s power.  Jesus didn’t come to found a religion with the name christianity, but to show the pattern or way to Life.  If the individual sees the truth of what I am writing here and decides to do what is laid out, it will be taken note of by God and He will take care of those you have care of, because what you are doing will be perceived by some as “losing your salvation” and going back to the world. 

When you determine to follow Jesus’ pattern in this matter, you will begin to enter the “birth canal” into the “new world” and will be caught up to God and to His Throne (Rev. 12:5), as you will be “born of God”.

This condition of being then, is sinless life, wherein you no longer are conscious of sin.  Others may accuse you of sin, but they are unknowingly being mouthpieces of the adversary to try to bring you “back down to earth”.

The adversary only has access to those “who dwell on the earth”.  Rev 12 :12 “For this cause be joyful O heavens, and you who are therein tabernacling…”  13:6 “And he opened his mouth (speaking through his earth bound mouthpieces; many, if not most, religiously oriented) for blasphemy against God to blaspheme His name and HIS TENT – THEM WHO IN HEAVEN WERE TABERNACLING”, ie, “you’re so heavenly minded, you’re no earthly good!”

  This is then the new mental condition described in Rev 3:12  as New Jerusalem which comes down out of heaven from God” and Col.3:3-4″For you have died, (the old man/body of sin) and your (new) life is hid together with the Christ in God.  As soon as the Christ shall be made manifest, (who is) our life, then you also will together with Him  be made manifest in glory”.  “The Christ” is manifested at “birth”, wherein you “see” Him as He really is, for you are sinless, just like him (1John3:2).  This is also the fulfillment of 1Cor13:10 “But as soon as that which is complete (or perfect) is come, then that which is in part shall be done away”,  and last, but not least, Gal.2-20.

Speaking more broadly, there is not going to be any change for the better in this country until a large number – the five million adherents spoken of in a previous post – discover this truth.  At present, many of these are too comfortable in their steeple houses and their religious duties and deadness, so their circumstances are going to have to be disturbed, and this doesn’t mean going and hiding in the hills and boonsticks trying to get away from the circumstances, for they who do so take their circumstances with them.

Next up:  Meddlers and Mommy Pleasers


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