Meddlers and Mommy Pleasers…..

The shrew…

As the entity which professes to be God’s representative on earth, so-called christianity, has rejected the truth of the Spirit and replaced it with the leadership of words written in a book which was meant to be a confirmative means and not a leading means, He has also rejected and bypassed it (the professing entity) and is replacing it with another entity who will be led by the Spirit, and who will do His work in the coming days on earth.

 The rejected entity has followed in the footsteps of their predecessors the jew, in always resisting the Holy Spirit – see what Stephen said about them – :

      Acts7:51 “You stiffnecked and uncircumcised in hearts and ears, You always against the Holy Spirit do strive!  As your fathers; you also!”

As the jew did then, so do they who say they are jews today;ie, christians.  They also have become an add on to the synagogue of satan, an entity of femaleized false goodness, displaying her nakedness to all and sundry; a bunch of meddling dogooders and mommy pleasers who are blissfully prancing and sauntering down the broad way to destruction, having mixed themselves by fornicating generously with all the abominable nice/nice philosophies of the perverted femaleized culture – in fact, welcoming it with open arms as the highest in virtue – when in fact it comes directly from the pit and they can’t see it because of their reliance upon the book and keeping the TRUE TEACHER/GUIDE  hidden in their closet.

This has caused them to accept as truth the ungodly lie of miscegnation, multiculturalism, feminism, equality, so-called tolerance (intolerance being the great sin to this stinking sewage pit of demons), and the hatred of the white male, who they think is the great oppressor of mankind, but who has been chosen by God  to be it’s deliverer.  They run to and fro doing the work of modern day Herod’s, searching for them who are born to be deliverers, so they can “kill” them by shutting them up.  They claim to be looking for Jesus’ coming, but He is not coming as one, but as many, and many of them are already being formed in the “womb” of the earth, and some have not yet been physically born. 

The blind ignorant ones are like the men of Sodom who were unable to see Lots door because of their having been struck with blindness by the messengers.  They too are flailing around in their blindness looking for the door to life in a book, but they will never find it there.

This shrew of an entity will repeat what her ancestors did to the one Jesus of antiquity, by repeating the same conduct toward the many Jesus’ of today.  If they won’t listen to the latter Jesus, then shame on them, for their “Jerusalem” will also be destroyed just like the ancient one was, only they won’t hear the Word from Jesus to flee before it happens. 

The latter “Jesus” appearing as many, will be the shrew’s last chance to repent.  Some will, but many won’t.  The latter will still be pointing the “racist/anti-semitic/various phobic fingers at the white males /deliverers, hastening the formers own destruction.

The deliverer’s reply to the shrew’s accusations/fingerpointing will be to call her the one word which describes her character sufficiently: SHREW.

     Racist!  = Shrew

     Anti-semitic!  = Shrew

     Homophobe!  = Shrew

    Nazi!  =  Shrew

   White supremacist!  =  Shrew

Shrew identifies the entity’s character as female, which is what it is.  So, it doesn’t matter if the shrew mouthpiece is Abe Foxman the jew, Al Sharpton the black, or some female gender mouthpiece of the $PLC, ACLU, etc.  As a matter of fact if you call a male a shrew it should produce a much more powerful effect of sputtering, “rending of garments/cutting themselves/throwing dirt in the air”,etc.

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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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One Response to Meddlers and Mommy Pleasers…..

  1. Bruce says:

    I like the point that the book is meant to be a confirmative means and not a leading means. Life experience confirms whatever wisdom is in a book. You get out of a book what you bring to it. If you re- read a book that influenced you when you were younger it will influence you in a different way as you grow older, and hopefully, wiser.

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