A Married Man

Turns back for the sake of others….from the safety of the Spiritual, to the natural.

A married man, like Jesus, lays down his life for his own.  The children that he is raising up, with the help of a good wife, represents the next generation, which he, by his example, is showing that it is more important than even his own life. 

The married man, because of his sense of responsibility toward his own, turns back from the safety of the Spiritual to the natural and it’s inherent insecurities.  This speaks well of him, for it has the approval of the ONE who is with him and guiding him.  His “turning back” is not out of fear of the unknown, like the one Jesus spoke about who puts his hand to the plow and draws back, but rather is a positive act; itself being prompted by the ONE who is with and guiding him. 

Only a few can be “eunuch’s for the sake of the Kingdom” and enter into full Spiritual adulthood.  These are the ones we’ve spoken of in previous posts as sons and deliverers.  The married man needs what these do, for without the presence of these Spiritual ones who “live in heaven mentally, while dwelling on earth physically,”  the former would have limited seeing.

The Spiritual ones/sons/deliverers, “come down from heaven” so to speak, to act as instructors and guides to those ones of God whom they are sent to.  In Daniel, they are also called “they who make wise and they who bring many to righteousness”(Dan.12:3,10).  These are also the “many Jesus’ ” I wrote of in the previous post.

The married man is not to feel condemned or condemn himself, for there is no sin in choosing what he has, for it is quite the opposite; it is actually his glory.  As I said above, he is repeating what Jesus did.  The married man is setting aside his “opportunity of obtaining Spiritual adulthood”, for laying down his life for others.

As a large number of married men do this, taken together as a collective, they are dying for the safety of all mankind, and by their doing this, it “keeps Jesus coming back”.  To explain it in another way:  The married man typifies Jesus laying down his own life for others, and the sons/deliverers, typify Jesus’ resurrection and return (coming again) to earth.  The result being a continuous playing out of what Jesus did originally into the present day by the actions of the married men and sons/deliverers.  The two “entities” are Jesus continually dying, being resurrected/raised and going into heaven and returning.

When the married man says “yes” to laying down his life for his own, the process begins it’s cycle.  His yes may not be a literal yes, but his actions say: “I’m willing to do that”.

As the Spiritual ones have the keys of the kingdom of heaven so the keys will be “circulated” among those men’s families; the fulfillment of the passages in Daniel above.  “Many will be made white and be refined” – made pure, through the use of the “keys” by these wise ones/instructors.  The keys are the revelation of Spiritual truth.  The keys open the door into the Spirituals; ie, the Kingdom of the Heavens.

The married man, with the aid of the ONE/ones as his seeing ability, has the light to guide him through this world of darkness.

Dan.12:10″Many will purify themselves and be made white and be refined, but the lawless will (continue to)act lawlessly and NONE OF THE LAWLESS SHALL UNDERSTAND, but they who make wise shall understand”. 


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