Taking Out the Trash

The elites who conspire with trash…

There are two levels of so-called elites.  There are the high up ones who are willingly conspiring with the adversary in his works in the worldwide conspiracy.  They are in a sense, untouchable to the mass of humanity, because there are so many “middlemen” between them and the rubes, that any blame that may come in their direction is taken by those in the middle, however it’s necessary for the masses to recognize and understand that there are such people and that there is such a conspiracy, which is coming to it’s fullness in the present time. 

The wicked system of the world, which is run by these men with knowledge aforethought, under the direct control of the adversary, they call a New World Order.  They consciously worship the one they call Lucifer and are the ones at the top of his pecking order.  They are Jesuits and Rothschildites.  They rule with the power of money and by it, through blackmail and extortion of those who are immediately below them in the pecking order.  They set up, through various crises created throughout the world, seemingly antagonistic oppositional entities/groups, which is shown by the false political parties who appear to oppose one another with differing worldviews, but are actually financed through one entity which operates with “two hands”- the right and left.

What I have called “middlemen” are the next level down in the pecking order and hence, are more numerous.  Even in this group there may be two or three levels, depending on how many strings are attached to them from the ones who are above them.  Those in this level who are held in line with blackmail and/or extortion, are in the upper level of this stage. These know of the conspiracy.  The rest, who are more numerous, are those who actually don’t believe in any such conspiracy, and ridicule and look down their long noses at those who do. 

These stooges/useful idiots get on blogs and try to redirect discussions which may appear to them to be harmful of their cause, or try to tie it up with word battles over minutia, and are usually highly educated, but are true believers in their cause.  Of course they are firm believers in all the “righteous” causes of the day: multiculti/equalitarianism/Jezebelism/everybody’s equal/tan is a good thing/government is good/rights for all except for the intolerant hate filled christomaniacs who should just go to hell –  a place they don’t believe in.  

Many of these true believers have big names in the culture as talking heads on tv, newspaper columnists such as Broder and Brooks and many others too numerous to name, along with the news reader stooges on network and cable tv, who all think they are somebody because they are included and their egos are petted by the more knowable ones higher up.  Their high salaries and notariety is part of the leverage/bait that keeps them in line.  If they start getting ideas which show independent thought, out they go.  They have to stay inside the echo chamber or else.  Or someone is sent to give them a message or set them up in a compromising position, thus shutting them up.

Anyway, I’ve written 600+ words describing this mess to point out that these middlemen are the TRASH of the title.  When their useability to the system is over, then it’s goodbye to them.  However, there are two aspects to this throwing out the trash thing, which is #1, being thrown out by the system and/or it’s controllers, and #2, thrown out by God through the various means which He has at His disposal (no pun intended).  It’s more important for the reader to understand how the latter works then the former, as I have already touched on that above.

Ezekiel 9:5-6″But unto these said he in my ears, Pass along through the city after him and smite, let not your eye shield, neither have you pity:  elder, young men and little ones and women shall you slay utterly, but unto any man who has upon him the mark, do not you come near(for they are truly righteous ones who sigh and cry about the abominations going on in the city), and at My sanctuary shall you begin.”

1Peter 4:17:  “For it is the ripe time for the judgment to begin with the house of God”.

The trash disposal begins at the bottom so to speak.  It begins with all the religious professors who say they are, but are not, and all their posterity.

False professors are working against God and are part of the conspiracy, for they are hypocrites who say “yes” to God, but in their heart and acts, say no.  They paint themselves white with the face of goodness, but are actually liars.  They are chief of the useful idiots/stooges.  The slaying and smiting that Ezekiel describes is played out on the earth in this time realm by sickness, disease, mental deterioration/instability, so-called accidents, and victims of crimes of various sorts, as well as revelations of secret sins.  Perhaps the reader with an over excitable misplaced sympathy emotional trigger would say, “How can God do such a thing!”  “That’s not my God!”  Well, you are worshipping a false god, for the True God can do what He wants with everyone He has created, for He owns it all.  You don’t like it? ….Tough.

These false professors are set in “ministry” by system operators through their schools, colleges, universities, and seminaries.  They are the religious stooges/useful idiot ones of the conspiracy, catholic and protestant – it doesn’t matter, they are all the same.  They get paid to think.  They are ordained by men, not God.  He has nothing to do with their putrid stench-smelling system.

The taking out of the trash is, as in the natural, a cleansing/purifying activity, which is a foundational action similar to when a construction company acquires a piece of land for development and clears it in preparation for the new building.

God is building a New America on this continent which will be based on righteous and Godly living; similar to that of the first settlers who came to this continent, but different in several substantial and important ways…


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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