A Mistake

Attempting to bring trash into the Kingdom…

Rom. 12:2 “…And be not configuring ( do not conform or pattern yourself) unto this age, but be transforming yourselves by the renewing of your mind…”

Rev. 18:4-5 “…And I heard another voice out of heaven saying, ‘Come forth My people out of her, that you may have no fellowship with her sins, and of her plagues that you may not receive; because her sins were joined together as far as heaven, and God has remembered her unrighteous deeds”.

The “coming out of her” in the second passage, is the “transforming of the mind” of the first.  The coming out of Babylon is a mental coming out.  It is not a fleeing and hiding in the boonsticks, although that may at some future date be necessary, depending on one’s circumstances and more importantly, the Spirit’s leading.

All of those who have been born and raised since the 1950’s, minus a few exceptions such as homeschooled ones, have been thoroughly conformed and indoctrinated mentally, with malice aforethought, by the conforming cultural indoctrination centers, called “public schools”.  Highminded ones set this abomination up in the 1800’s based on the Prussian model. The idea behind which, was to have a conformed, docile, obedient-to-those above citizenry, in the attempt at avoiding frequent population uprisings – Prussians/Germans being fastidious order fanatics that they are, don’t like unplanned citizen uprisings/rebellions/non conformists, which come with independent thinking.

Most of those presently coming out of Babylon, are making the mistake of taking some of Babylon’s trash out with them in their minds, which causes them to have a non mentally transformed view of evil.  They have been so steeped in the abominable culture, they are not yet able to see the evilness of evil.  They are so indoctrinated in the idea of tolerance and the culture’s view of intolerance being the great sin of the day, that they are blissfully unaware of their own conduct and outward conformity, especially in those things that apply to the physical body. 

To the world conformed mind, the physical body is the be all and end all of all that is.  The physical body is petted, pampered, painted, poked, prodded, decorated, added to and subtracted from, etc, etc, ad infinitum.  It has holes poked in it and punctures are made in most places, to stick pins in, hang various accouterments from, in the nose, navel, ears, and genitals.  Tattoos are painted on everywhere and are almost impossible to remove without pain and great expense.

The one who hasn’t been fully transformed will say, “So what!”  If you have that attitude, you aren’t worthy of the Kingdom as a representative of the ONE who owns you and who says to glorify HIM in your body.  You show Him that you love the world and it’s trappings more than Him, and are like Lot’s wife who was turned into a pillar of salt, and therefore are useless to Him. 

The “so what” and “everybody does it” mental attitude is not part of the Kingdom, for it is flesh and blood which cannot inherit that Kingdom.

Another thing is the gross slutifying of the female through the so-called fashion industry and Jewlywood.  You can’t profess to be a christian and undress like a whore with tight jeans showing every crack and crevis, nightie blouses on top with the navel exposed, low necklines where everything wants to fall out especially when leaning over, high heels which are really healthy for the legs, ankles and feet, dyed hair, especially blond, cause you don’t like the way God made you and you want to look like some actress slut advertizing herself as she goes through life in their everpresent g string underwear they call bikinis.  Everything is done to draw the eye of the male and when some males react by answering their in your face advertizement in a manner they don’t like, they blame the male for consequences which came upon them because of their own stupid display.  In this they are like the jew who continues to “push the envelope” and when he gets a violent reaction he doesn’t like, he points the finger and shouts “anti-semitic!”, when it is he who brought it on his own self.

Don’t expect to bring this kind of trash into the Kingdom, because it won’t work.  You are dragging with you the source of the plagues listed in the above passage in Revelations, which are various sicknesses, female problems, so-called male abuse that you complain so much about, but which in most cases you bring upon yourself.

Many think they can legislate consequences of behavior out of existence by forming mischief by law(Ps.94:20), but it won’t work because you cannot thwart the laws that God has put into effect to govern the conduct -bring the “reward”- for lawlessness.  You may very well get around and circumvent man’s laws by gaming the system like lawyers do, but when you do, the consequences will be worse for you. 

Also by conducting yourself in this manner you are bringing a curse down upon any children you may have as they are extentions of yourself..  I realize that many of you have had babies in your womb murdered for the sake of convenience, which causes the multitude of female mental problems of today, and therefore, since you may have few if any children, the curse or consequence comes directly upon you.  However, for those who have children and are engaging in the above listed behavior, the consequences may show up through your children as they are you in miniature.  If said children are manifesting rebellious conduct, you have met the enemy and he is YOU.

Many don’t understand why their sons and daughters have something violent happen to them.  They say, “Why me? or ‘He/she didn’t deserve this!”  Pro. 26:2 “The curse causeless does not come”.

Most everyone has been taught that everything happens by chance, but when something like this happens, they always ask why?  Of course this philosophy is nothing but a crock, for as I’ve written before, there is no such thing as an accident or chance occurrance or as the police are wont to say a “random” crime -” he/she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time”.  This is a lie, even though perhaps unintentional due to ignorance of God’s law of consequences of behavior. 

This law is an immediate judgment or “reward” for conduct.  Rev.22:12 “Lo! I come speedily, and My reward is with Me to render unto each one as his work is”.  The “reward” comes with the “work”, even though it may not appear immediately in the realm of time because of the relationship between this dimension and the unseen dimension, it takes “time” for the reward to be carried out. 

If a case should be such as that of the loss of a child/children above, it is a cutting off of the progeny/name from the earth as a negative reward/consequence of parental conduct of some kind.


Pro.1:7 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, (but) wisdom and correction the foolish have despised”.

Pro.1:24-33 “Because I called and you refused, I stretched out My hand and no one regarded; but you dismissed all My counsel, and to My rebuke would not yield, I also at your calamity will LAUGH, and I will MOCK when comes your dread; and when comes as a crashing your dread, and your calamity as a storm wind overtaking, when there comes upon you distress and anguish.  Then will they call Me, BUT I WILL NOT ANSWER, they will seek Me diligently, BUT SHALL NOT FIND ME.  Because they hated knowledge and the reverence (fear) of Yahweh did not choose; consented not to My counsel; distained all My rebuke, THEREFORE THEY SHALL EAT THE FRUIT OF THEIR OWN WAY, AND WITH THEIR OWN COUNSELS BE FILLED, for the turning away of the simple WILL SLAY THEM and the carelessness of dullards (stupid) WILL DESTROY THEM, whereas he that hearkens to Me shall dwell safely, and be at rest without fear of misfortune.”


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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