The Mediator Between God and Men

1Tim2:5″For there is one God; one mediator also between God and men:  the man Christ Jesus…”

As catholicism has set up the false idol of “Mary” as a mediator between God and man, through which the people are instructed to pray to in order to appease God’s wrath, so protestants and others have done the same, by setting up another female as a mediator, who must be consulted about every little decision by the male in order to maintain peace in the home.  This female is the wife.

In other words the male has to seek the approval of the female in order for him to act as a male.  The male must make obeisance – bow down – to the female, before he acts as a male.  He must apologize for being male before he acts like one.  Here we have the one who has the power appealing to the one who is powerless for permission to act.  What an abomination (hateful thing) this is in the eyes of God.

Yes, I know that in the present day in this sewage pit of a culture and world we live in, it appears as though the female has all the power, but the only “power” she has, is to corrupt and destroy.  The woman who presently seems to be in charge is the foolish woman who plucks her own house down with her hands.  She is a marriage and country destroying entity par excellence.  Also, the power she has, HAS BEEN GIVEN TO HER BY STUPID MEN WHO HAVE ALLOWED THEMSELVES TO BE HEN PECKED INTO GIVING IT AWAY.  Adam has been led around by the nose by Eve for a few years now and it’s time for that to end .


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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