Legitimate Illegitimacy

The sham’s reality…

There are quite a few blogs and websites who call themselves or who are called by others, conservative/libertarian/anti-state/anarchist/traditionalist, as well as various tv commentators and talk radio personalities who profess to be one or the other of these.  Along with these, but slightly separate are others whose views of the present government and prevailing culture somewhat overlap the former groups, but who specifically identify themselves with things having to do with race; particularly being in favor of protecting and defending what they see as a present day genocide and/or attack on the white race by the policies and attitudes of the government and what they see as a culture/government cabal (my word, not necessarily theirs), mostly run by jews through their various NGO’s and influence through media, finance and etc., mainly through their use of PC in shaming and shutting up all forms of opposition to themselves, as they pretty much have complete control of the cultural and governmental ear and microphone and publishing empires.  These white advocate groups call themselves and are called variously, white nationalists (WN), racialists, the aforementioned white advocates, kinists and etc.

Of course their opposition calls them nazi’s, white supremacist, hate groups, racists, anti semetic, and etc.  Their opposition, being controlled by and mouthpieces for the adversary, are actually the ones who are hate filled.  The pot is always calling the kettle black.

All these conservatives, et al, have some truth and proclaim it to the best of their ability.  Many of them are highly educated and show it in their writings and have much background in historical research, which is to their credit and  their wordsmanship is much greater than mine and I enjoy reading them for their insights into the present zeitgeist and their explanations and ideas as to how to overcome and defeat that zeitgeist.

Many and varied are their ideas for doing so.  Many of them believe it can be done through the voting booth by “kicking the bums out of office”.  Others have a little bit deeper understanding and realize that said “kicking” has been tried before and hasn’t worked and that the two party system is a sham and therefore voting is a waste of time.  More others think a third party is the way to go, such as some Libertarians and American Third Postion(A3P) advocates, Constitution party and Reform party. 

Then there is the so-called Tea Party whose present efforts are engaged in the “kicking out” process of those they call RINO’s from the republican party; the so-called moderates and those infected with soft spines whose beliefs blow in whatever the direction the political winds blow; who promise heaven on earth on the campaign trail and vote hell on earth after gaining office.

As I said above, all these ernest people have some truth and they try to walk in it to the best of their ability and try to convince others as opportunity comes, of the rightness of their cause or their world view.

However, there is a problem.  The problem is that most, if not all those involved above, still have an exalted view of the American/United States government, in it’s ability to solve the problems of the country and the world at large.  They believe that the empire and democracy is still the solution to the world’s problems, and if other nations can just be convinced into becoming “like us”, and accepting democracy, the world’s problems will eventually sort of solve themselves.  Most of them still believe in the philosophy of continuous war for continuous peace and the welfare state and all it entails.

They believe the system can be reformed, hence their efforts to kick the rascals out and using the legal system, courts, the vote, the legislature(s); ie, the institutions which the system has built up, to try to reform it.

The system is not self correcting and will not correct itself or reform itself in any way shape or form, because the system itself is ILLEGITIMATE; THE REGIME IS ILLEGITIMATE; THE GOVERNMENT IS ILLEGITIMATE; THE EMPIRE IS ILLEGITIMATE…..as it was intended from it’s inception.

The American government/United States government is not America.  As far as I know, there is only one group of people – who number about 3000 – who understand this truth.  They are the only ones who go far enough, where the others only go so far and no farther.  I have recently discovered a website who speaks the language of those who go farther.  This is as far as anyone on earth can go in their seeing.  However, there is even more than this….

How can there be any such thing as “legitimate illegitimacy”?  This cannot be understood from “earth”, as it can only be understood from “heavens”.  Earth is the mind of earth and heavens is the mind of heavens.  Earth is incomplete seeing; heavens is seeing as God sees.

The government of America/United States is an illegitimate entity which is legitimate.  The reason for this is because men, except for a very few, will not regulate themselves individually – practice self control – so they must be controlled by an outer entity which is of the same nature as they. 

As men are prone to do evil and deal unjustly, they must therefore be controlled by a government which is likewise evil and deals unjustly.  The government has been set up by God himself through His instrument the adversary and is therefore legitimate illegitimacy

Outward government does not appear in nature – nature which operates in accordance with God’s laws – therefore is illegitimate and has no place in God’s ultimate purposes for man, as it is only temporary until a larger group of men, whom we have identified in previous posts, begin to operate in the earth and TRUE SELF GOVERNMENT begins it’s rulership in men.

This, what I call outward government, as opposed to the inner government called self control, is a temporary necessary evil which is called a rod or sceptre of iron which/who breaks the nations into pieces like a potters vessel.  It is a hard taskmaster against those who rebel against it and strikes with unjust actions, those who appear to be attacking it; ie, if it fears for it’s own safety.  When it reacts in such cases it is sometimes an over reaction, where those who are not worthy of being put to death according to outward appearances, are sometimes in fact, put to death, or at minimum, harmed in a way out of all proportion to the incident.

Outward government such as what we have in this country, is a vessel of wrath(anger), fitted, (made) for destruction (Rom. 9:22).  There are corporate vessels of wrath, such as governments, and individual vessels of wrath.  Such vessels are instruments designed to destroy and be destroyed. 

This wrath/anger/destruction is a process shown symbolically in Rev. 19:15 as a wine press which is treaded upon; a system of pressure which causes destruction – the juice coming out of the grapes in the winepress is symbolic of blood and anger.

Not only is government a vessel of anger, but is also a focus of anger from those groups who disagree with it’s policies in the population; ie, it (the gov’t) goes abroad throughout the country enforcing various policies/regulations and stirring up anger among the people thereby.  The people return the anger by resisting and fighting against the government.

The government, by it’s policies, not only destroys others, but also destroys itself.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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