The Recent Crawl Space

Rev.6:9-11 “And when He opened the fifth seal, I saw beneath the altar, the souls of them who had been slain because of the Word of god and because of the witness which they held.  10And they cried out with a loud voice, saying,’How long O sovereign, the holy and true, do you not vindicate and avenge our blood from them that dwell upon the earth?’  11And there was given to them each one, a white robe, and it was bidden them that they should rest a little while, until the number should be made full of their fellow servants also and their brethren who were about to be slain as even they.”

John 18:36 “Jesus answered – My Kingdom is not of this world.  If this world had been My Kingdom, My own officers would have been fighting that I should not be delivered up unto the jews.  But now My Kingdom is not from here.”

The souls under the altar are believers, religious and so-called christians,(ie churchianity) who have allowed themselves to be overcome by the world, by hearing and seeing the lawlessness going on, and are engaged in warring against this system, in a futile attempt to bring righteousness and the Kingdom of God into control of this wicked system, and they expect it to come via the machinery the system itself brought into being, called the vote.  They are doing what Jesus said not to do.

He said, “if My Kingdom were of this world, THEN would my servants fight“.  There will be no vindication of their ” blood” until they learn to stop fighting and attempting to bring in the Kingdom via the ballot box.

They are using the means and methods that the system has set up to preserve itself, in an attempt to overthrow that system, and it will never work.

“Blood” in this passage indicates self effort.  As long as they continue to strive in “flesh” of self effort, they will be slain; ie, lose their life force; their strength.

This is figurative/symbolic and not literal.  They are not being literally or physically killed, or having their blood poured out, but made to be silent, because of their own ignorance of Spiritual truth. Their expending of effort causes them to be overcome and to remain in this metaphorical crawl space until the rest of their number who are doing the same thing are complete.

They are like the jews of ancient Jerusalem before and during it’s destruction, warring among themselves inside the city, while simultaneously surrounded on all sides without by external enemies.

The outside enemy are ungodly and unbelieving worldlings who react to the religious/churchianity’s efforts to “take back the country”, by heaping constant threat of calumnies on their heads – name callings, ridiculings, etc.

The internal warfare among themselves is over such earth shaking things as the small time never ending bedwetting about which is the correct Bible translation and other such important things.

Being “under the altar”is not a place, but a condition or state of being, wherein the individual is unable to reach his full potential, as he has to keep going around in the cycle of life because of not learning the lessons that continuously come to him from the hand of God, that he may exit the cycle and hence overcome.

These people fail to see adversity as the opportunity to overcome.  Adversity is the lesson that comes into everyone’s life, which if paid attention to, is the opportunity to become more aware Spiritually.  Adversity is a negative occurrance, which if seen in the same manner as it appears – a negative happening – the lesson is thereby missed and the individual has to go around the cycle again for another opportunity to learn the lesson.  That which comes to you as adversity, keeps coming to you until you learn the lesson it brings.

If you mess up and miss the opportunity/lesson, don’t worry, it will come around again, but it will have a different face.  In other words it won’t necessarily look the same as the previous opportunity that you missed.

Adversity is actually God coming to the individual in disguise as a negative or “evil” occurrance or circumstance/incident.  If you resist and fight against this negative/evil occurrance, you are actually fighting against God, for He has ordained the pattern into the Spiritual way to be through suffering; ie, turning what appears to be evil/negative into a positive good by seeing through the adversity to it’s opposite which is hidden within it – the positive good.

How can the murder of my husband/son/wife and rape of my wife/daughter be a “good”?  First of all, this sort of thing happens as a last resort in God’s eyes, because all previous less extreme adversities have been ignored by the individuals who have had this happen to them, or have fought against all other more minor warnings by resorting to worldly security measures and other machinations to try to avoid and shut the ears to the previous “door knockings”.  This is what Jesus meant when He said, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.  If any man hear My voice and open the door, I will come into him and will sup with him”. 

The “door knock” is the knock of adversity/suffering – the seeming evil thing – and it is Jesus knocking/speaking and asking to be let in.  But because the situation doesn’t look like Jesus, the individual naturally recoils at it.   Religion/churchianity says it’s of the devil and rebukes it and the unbelieving goes into counseling and grief management.  Neither are correct in their reaction and both miss the opportunity to overcome the circumstance.  Regardless, this is not written for the unbelieving anyway, as they are left to their own devices and cannot even begin to know the secrets of how the ways of the Spirit work.  At least religion and churchianity has the beginnings of understanding, even though they are presently seeing in part.

How does one “open the door” to the seeming evil thing that is actually Jesus?  First is by realization and acknowledgement of the truth of what is written here when the seeming evil comes knocking.  The initial reaction is to resist.  This is normal, but it needn’t last long and won’t when the realization comes over the consciousnes that He’s been knocking for a long time now.  Realization and acknowledgement are 50% of the solution to the problem, for they are the expression of yieldness, which is the opening of the door.

Religion and churchianity need to take a lesson from the Amish.  The Amish live in the culture, but are not of it.  Yes they believe in some things such as the avoidance of the use of modern day conveniences such as automobiles, electricity, and dress in black and etc.  This is not what I am referring to.  It is their simplicity and self sufficiency and their care for each other that I am referring to. 

They pay no attention to the political shenanigans and cultural degradations that are going on around them.  They don’t vote, and don’t rely on the system’s man built security entities that it has built up over the years for it’s sustenance.  They take care of their own.  They don’t farm out their elderly who can no longer fend for themselves.  They have their own school systems and methods to help each other during times of emergencies/fires, etc.

Instead of moaning and groaning about the surrounding wickedness and casting a vote for some fenderhead who promises to bring in heaven on earth when he gets in office and when he gets there – particularly some woman or dark skinned one who have not the gift of rulership – votes to continue the status quo, these people need to evacuate themselves enmass from the system just like the Amish and set up their own self sustaining communities with individual families at the core and just live their lives in simplicity while ignoring the hell bent, suicide prone, running over the cliff ignoramuses, who are running the demon inspired surrounding culture. 

Stop sending your children to be indoctrinated in the so-called education system and set up your own.  I realize there are many already homeschooling, but many of these also send their older children off to be transformed in the pervert training factories called colleges and universities.  Set up your own colleges and universities.

The Kingdom of God on earth is established first in individuals – godly men – who then teach it to their families and they as a family begin to live according to the principles of the Kingdom, and it spreads outwardly from there.  The Kingdom does not operate by the power of coersion/force in it’s members, as that is the way the world system is set up to operate.  This indicates it’s separateness.

It’s members live in quietness and simplicity ignoring all the hoohah/he said/she saids going on around it.  This is the way the first believers lived.  The Kingdom operates from an inner condition of rest, hence, “it was given them white robes and it was bidden them that they should REST AWHILE…”  It is not established by struggle (voting), trying or effort.  It is effortless, spontaneous and “natural”.  Demanding vengence on the enemies of God is not part of it.  They must be let go to suffer the consequences of their behavior.  They may try to eliminate consequences through policies/regulations/laws, but their conditions will only become worse thereby.

It’s long past time to exit Sodom/Babylon…..



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