Nobody loves me….

…says the Spirit, except those who reign in life, who are kept from the great trial coming upon all the rest of those who dwell upon the earth, for all of the latter are allies of the world instead of Christ. This includes all those millions belonging to churchianity which calls itself “christian” who do not do what the Spirit says because they either can’t or won’t be quiet long enough to hear what He is saying within them and instead, insist on relying upon their own reason, based upon words in a book.  Therefore, the Spirit says, I will reduce  the United States and all those who show that they hate Me by thought, word and deed to severe servitude for it’s multitude of abominations and lawlessness, and it’s leaders and so called highminded elite ones and their avid followers, to mental degradation.

Some of the symptoms of this situation will be…

One in four children born will be a murderer.  These are destroyers; ie, vessels of wrath fitted for destruction.  Destroyers of those who have NOT the mark of God on their forehead, but rather the mark of the beast.  The destroyers do not see themselves as God’s instruments of wrath, but rather just do what they have been “built” for.  Some of this destroying process has already begun with the high black on white crime rate rising since the 60’s.  Not saying that all the murderers are black, but a great proportion of them are due to the destruction of many black families by governmental policies since that time wherein the government has become daddy to millions of them, thereby making fatherhood superflous.  Others are so-called serial killers; those who are full of anger and explode in various places in the workplace/schools, etc, and kill many in one incident.

This situation is the answer for those souls represented by the symbolic picture detailed in Rev. 6 which I have written of previously.  The souls cry out to God for vengence against those who have shed their blood.  This is God’s answer.  They are being avenged through the actions of this multitude of destroyers.

To men, the actions appear to be “random”, but there is no such thing as the curse causeless does not come.  “The victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time”.  Nope.  “He just snapped”.  Nope.  The spreading abroad throughout the country, and particulaly in the cities, of murder and mayhem is a CURSE, which the people of this land have brought upon themselves, by rejecting the One True God and Jesus whom He has sent.  You reject the true One, then you get the false one who is a hard taskmaster – the rod of iron.

The people complain about the unjust government and all it’s abominable works, but they have nothing to complain about, for they have the government they want.  They like a government that goes abroad at the behest of the jew, killing and shedding the blood of innocents in other lands so that they can feel “secure”.  Well, their war and murder against others is being returned on their own heads.

Another symptom is millions of homeless.  Yes, there are already thousands and maybe even a million or so, but I’m speaking of much more then that.  Another manifestation of a destroying entity roaming the country, eliminating those the ones above have “missed”.  Another reason for the increase of the “need” for an all pervasive security state as more and more people live in extreme fear in their own houses – particularly the wealthy – which will eventually lead, due to the advance of technology, to the establishment of ear agents in counties across the country. This is an advanced listening device or devices which may already have been built and placed strategically in many counties.  If not yet, it will be.  The impetus in the growth of technology is fear.  Fancy and intricate telephones and other such things are designed to passify the populace and are not the real reason behind the advancement.  It’s like the invention of the xray machine’s ultimate use is now seen in airports.  It starts out as a supposed benefit/”good”, but is eventually turned into an instrument of evil intrusion which the people must have and undergo, because of the fear of a few swarthy foreigners setting off bombs in their midst.  Technology used as an instrument to ward off the collective consequences of behavior.

The last symptom I will discuss is reeducation camps.  The name just about says it all.  The only thing to describe is how we got to this condition.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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