Reeducation Camps

John was given a vision which is recorded in Rev.6:12-17 which starts out by describing an earthquake and something that happens to the sun as follows:  “And I saw when He opened the sixth seal that a great earthquake took place, and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair…”

I have writen about this previously in one of my earlier posts, describing in some detail the meaning of this passage, but for the sake of the present discussion and in accordance with the title of this post I am going to broadly discuss the meaning of the first two symbolic phrases so that I can explain what this “reeducation” stuff is about.

Revelation of course is not to be taken literally, but symbolically, and as the multitude of today’s Bible “expositors” – preachers, teachers, theologians, so-called clergy (there is no such thing, as neither is there a “laity”, both of which God condemns as Nicolaitanism  and means broadly “people oppressors”)-do not have the Spirit of God in them, therefore they cannot understand the true meanings of symbolism, which is a type of indirect speech.  So all the followers of the above who are like the pharisees, scribes, lawyers, of Jesus’ day, keep the people in darkness as they are just pretenders and have not been given the key to understanding the book they supposedly trust in.

The earthquake is not a literal earthquake as men think of those kind of things, but a great upheaval in the earthly plane among the people where the earthly “powers that be” are turned upside down.  Everything that is symbolically described after the earthquake are discriptions of what is to happen “in” the earthquake.

The “sun became black as sackcloth of hair”….The sun is the “light of this world” and as such is symbolic of intelligence and/or understanding.  Previously, the sun was “white”, but in the vision it becomes “black”.  The rulership of the nations and especially this country is in the process of being changed from those whose intelligence and understanding is from the perspective of the white race into that of the dark skinned races.

The white people who are presently in charge in this country – the so-called elite, the academics, and those who follow in their footsteps, are undergoing the process of mental degradation, wherein they see things from the view of the dark skinned peoples and are therefore giving the country over to those who actually have dark skin, and in this process, they – the white leaders – become “black”.

As Jesus said, men love darkness rather than light, for their deeds are evil”, therefore the highminded/intellectual ones in the government and culture and those who follow in their footsteps, having rejected the True God and His son Jesus, have replaced Him with darkness and erected an idol symbolized in the black or dark skinned peoples and are now hell bent into becoming made into THAT image, and all this has come about through the reeducation camps of the so called education system from kindergarten to the college and university level.

I’ve written in previous posts how the so-called education system was set up according to the Prussian pattern in the early 1800’s by meddling do gooders, one of whose name was Horace Mann, who traveled to europe and brought it back here.  The system was designed from it’s inception not to educate children, but a system of social change wherein all children were to be molded into state worshipping cogs to prevent them from independent thought.  It was intentionally designed to separate the children from their parents and their worldview – especially those of a religious or “christian” persuasion.  It has been very successful over the years in it’s God hating program, so much so that the ignorant parents, themselves born since 1950 and having been steeped and immersed in the same system since just after birth, still cleave to it and sit at it’s table shoving it’s food in their mouth while saying, “moremore!!!”, and when they move from place to place one of their priorities is a locale which has “good schools”, when there are none, only evil and less evil, the latter having more of a smiley face then the former.  Of course the “teachers” themselves have gone through the same system and are thoroughly indoctrinated and kept in line by the unions and the barrel of snakes bureaucracy.  All these, the parents, teachers, administrators, the NEA minions, are of those who follow in the footsteps  of the elite government and culture leaders who are presently entering the stage of mental degradation which the Lord has ordained to come to pass in this final evil day in this country. 

It is a system built by whites which has been totally given over to the dark skinned ones as they are the embodiment of spiritual darkness spread across the land.  All the systems that the white has built are being thusly remade in the image of darkness and turned over to those who embody that darkness.

I’ve noticed in the recent news the hue and cry about privacy issues regarding the security apparatus at airports where people have to either go through a full body xray or be groped and “feeled up” by the various TSA minions, many of whom who are black. 

They have no grounds for complaint, for they and their parents and their grand parents have given their so-called freedoms away a long time ago when they first abdicated their own responsibility by turning away from God and the Lord Jesus by sending their children off to the reeducation camps of darkness.

That which comes to you, keeps coming to you until you learn the lesson it brings….


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