The Lady’s Birthday

I’ve written in previous posts on this subject, but not in great detail, describing who the “lady” is and how she relates to the present conditions in this country.  In this post we will get into more detail, as her condition or state of being has great bearing on the causes of the present self destruction of the white race in this country and in England and Europe and the nations of Scandinavia.  My main concern however is this country, for it is the “last bastion” of the lady as her condition in the other areas listed has almost completely disappeared, which process began quite some time ago.  Not to say of course that she has completely disappeared in those countries, for I’m sure there are still pockets of “in part” faithfulness scattered abroad in those areas, for God never leaves Himself without a witness as He said to Elijah in antiquity.  There is always a remnant.

The lady is an assembly of the out-called.  She has come to be known in this time through mis translations of Greek words in the New Testament as a “church”, of which there is no such thing.  Taken collectively, she is an entity or body/assembly.  When Jesus as Spirit gave John the letters to the groups recorded in Revelations, He called them assemblies; groups of out-called ones located in certain geographic places in the ancient world.  This assembly in it’s yet to be final form is Jesus’ bride.  A bride in the making so to speak, but not yet qualified to be one for she is presently in bondage to this world system and as such is a nervous wreck who is full of infidelity and under the oppression of darkness represented by the domineering immigration of the dark skinned people who are spread abroad across the land.

In the Spirit world; ie, in Jesus’ eyes, she is already perfected/completed, for God has forgiven her “nervous wreckness”; ie, her living in fear, and her infidelity; ie, her fornicating and mixing with the world and it’s lying philosophy, because He, God, has cleared it all and put it all away in order to fulfill the Lord Jesus’ pledge.  However, the visible, earthly, natural plane/realm, “lags behind” the Spirit dimension because the former is actually Spirit slowed down to visibility, and hence makes it appear in the earthly/visible sphere to “not be so”.  This is why it is written that “God calls those things that be not(those things that don’t appear to be true visibly) as though they are (because they are true in the unseen dimension). 

The lady must therefore be conformed to the image that God sees her as in the unseen dimension and He has to use an instrument of “evil”; ie, the dark entity represented by the domineering immigration of the dark skinned people to conform her to that image. 

This type of work is the same type God used against rebellious Israel in antiquity in bringing other nations against the latter as a correctional instrument which instrument He called His SERVANT :  Jer. 25: 8-9 “Therefore, thus says Yahweh of hosts, because you have not heard My words, behold Me! sending and fetching all the families of the north, declares Yahweh, and Nebuchadrezzar MY SERVANT”….

Therefore, the entity of darkness – the dark skinned people – are collectively God’s servant which He is using to conform His Son’s bride to completeness and because of this, all unbelieving white individuals will also suffer under the onslaught of this servant of God. All the athiests, agnostics, believers in moderation (fence sitters), those who have bought the lie of so-called political correctness because of their hatred of truth and all those who have been used as stooges and useful idiots in bringing on the putridification/pornogrification of this country.

The dark entity of domineering immigration is the manifestation of strong domineering malehood which is the necessary evil antidote to the present all pervasive Jezebelization that has this country by the throat.  The only way that the abominable female can be cleansed from the country is by an opposer which is stronger.  All those who resist this entity are resisting God, whose servant it is.  Even though it appears as an evil, it is actually a good.   It is an instrument of God of “lesser evil” to cleanse and purge away a greater evil.

The instrument does not see himself as a servant of God in this scenario.  His reasons for conquering are many and varied and are not important.

Continued in part 2…


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