The Lady’s Birthday Part 2

It didn’t take long after the Lady’s conception for her to be led astray.  The process began before the end of the first century AD.  Jesus as Spirit warned the various assemblies scattered abroad in the then known world through John about Jezebel and Nicolaitanism, both of which today have completely taken over the bride to be and infected her with their poison to such an extent that she thinks everything is hunky dory even though the world around her is going to hell, she thinks she’s going to be “raptured” out before the great tribulation or is looking for a physical second coming of Jesus to deliver them, neither of which is going to happen.  They know not that the so-called second coming has been on going since it’s inception as recorded in the first part of Acts when the Holy Spirit (Jesus) appeared as tongues of flame among the gathered believers.  The coming of the Spirit was/is Jesus’ “second coming”.

The millions who profess to be “born again” are not, for they have not experienced what comes before birth, which is “death”; ie, a condition of being “put to sleep”, which, because they refuse to enter this condition voluntarily, they will be forced into it:

       Rev. 2:20-21 “Nevertheless I have against you that you allow the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and leading astray my own servants to commit lewdness and to eat idol sacrifices; and I gave her time to repent and she wills not to repent out of her lewdness.  Lo! I cast her into a bed and them who are commiting adultery with her into great tribulation except they repent out of her works; and her (Jezebel’s) children will I slay with death…”

Being “cast into a bed” is being put to sleep; ie, a condition or state of being “dead”.  They will be forced into this state by God’s dark servant I mentioned in the previous post.  They are going to have to give up their so-called christianity which is nothing more then performance religion filled with ought to’s and should not’s, most of which is based on the literal interpretation of the New Testament – do this/don’t do that – and it’s never ending self effort of trying to be a good christian.  This, along with all participation in “going to church” in their elaborate Babylonian structures with phallic symbols on the roof which they call a “steeple”, which system is based on money and debt/usury to the jew controlled banking system, an abomination if there ever was one, also has to go.

As the Roman empire changed faces and went on conquering the world in the new face of Roman Catholicism, so likewise did jewry change faces after the fall of Jerusalem in 70AD and put on the new face of “christianity”- aka churchianity – with all it’s denominations/sects as protestantism.  The whole thing is an abominable repository of jew love and all things israel – no I don’t capitalize the phony nation by that name.  This bride-to-be loves the Bible so much, but has completely been blinded to the reality recorded therein about who instigated the crucification of the Lord Jesus and of all their persecutions of the early pilgrim believers, thereby believing that an Ethiopian CAN change his skin and a leopard his spots.

This bride-to-be spends her whole life trying to obey the “christian law” that it sees in the New Testament the same way the ancient jews tried to obey their law and failed, hence making what appears in the world as “christianity” another form of jewry, therefore it follows that the former will mistakenly have a great love for all things jewish, hence their never ending support for the phony nation of israel and this country’s (the US) wars in the middle east to keep israel safe. 

When I wrote above about “death”, I am not referring to a physical death; as I wrote, it has a likeness to being put to sleep; a state where one stops all outward religious activity, self effort to obtain righteousness by following written rules and regulations written down in a “holy book”. It is as it says in a certain place, a “ceasing of one’s own works”.

As long as the bride-to-be is in the condition of accepting Jezebel as it’s “prophetess” and Nicolaitanism – a belief in the non existant separation of something called “clergy and laity”, which has totally infected her under the guise of those who are in “full time service” and joe doaks who sits in the pew and forks over the cash to keep the system afloat – she is headed for great tribulation and cannot escape.

Choices are made in this life, not in the next.  In the next life it’s too late.  The above is not written to the unbelieving, for God has left you to suffer the consequences of your own behavior.  You are presently in hell and don’t know it.  You may even think it’s fun being there enjoying your boozing, partying, porn, bedhopping lifestyle.  Have at it.  You think you are free, but are actually a slave to desire and therefore are in bondage.  You probably have ridiculed southerners because of slavery, but you have met the enemy and he is you.  You have bought into the jewified media and culture and therefore, have no answers for the problems of so-called white genocide, because you are part of the problem.  They who are part of the problem have no answers or solutions to the problem. 

I’ve read recently some of you putting forth the solution of moderation in response to another mans posting about the establishment of a community of like minded whites in which he advocated no booze, tv, etc.  Moderation is the barbed wire fence you are sitting on with the barbs imbeded in your crotch.  Your choice is to sit on the fence and hold two contrary viewpoints in your head simultaneously.  Typical ungodly blind female.   Schizophrenic.  In your condition you will never be a part of any white ethnostate should there be one that succeeds being set up in this country.  All those beer drinking football fanatic partiers that they show in beer commercials on tv can all have their own ethnostate as they bed hop with one another.

Happy they who are washing their robes, that their right may be unto the tree of life and by the gates they may enter into the city.  Outside are the dogs and the sorcerers and the unchaste and the murders and the idolators and everyone loving and doing falsehood.

If you continue in your ungodly lifestyle you will be on the outside looking in…



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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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