The Coverup

The negative incidents which appear in the news on tv and the internet and various media which is called current events, are actually the symptoms or the consequences of behaviour; ie, the judgment, for the evil works that men do on the earth.

For example, the recent shooting incident in Arizona committed by a young white male, wherein he shot a female politician, a judge and some others, is viewed by those whose vision is limited only to this earthly plane/dimension, as the isolated incident of a lone whacko who is or was influenced by what he read in the media, which stirred him up emotionally and caused him to commit this act.

These sort of incidents appear to be unconnected to any cause or reason other then perhaps the character or emotions of the one or ones committing the negative acts, such as this shooter or any of the other mass shooting/violent incidents which have been occurring in this country for some time now.  All causes are attributed to just the anger or mental instability of the individual (s) committing the act, but there is more to it then that, which only those who have eyes to see can understand.   The truth is the young man was actually one of those “instruments of wrath/anger” that I have written of many times on this blog in previous posts, which God uses to “collect His taxes” from men, which they owe to him because of their own state sanctioned violence and coersion of their own citizens through their oppressive laws and regulations and their use of what is called PC to shut down the voice of righteousness in the public square and those citizens of other countries it is presently engaged in trying to conquer in order to make the world safe for sodomy and Jezebelism which they call “democracy”.

As righteousness must have a vessel to express itself through, likewise must wrath/anger.  In the present age of pervasive evil corruption from the top to the bottom of society, there is almost a complete shutting up of any expression of righteousness due to the pornogrification of culture and perversion of justice in government.  This means the only way for God to express Himself in the country is through wrath/anger and this means this expression of negativity also must be expressed through human instruments towards other humans.  This expression of God’s wrath/anger carries within it an expression of truth hidden within it and that truth is spoken through it in a symbolic manner which only a few can see. 

This truth is covered up by or within the negative act, in symbolism which tells or speaks of what God is “mad at” and why.  Only those who have Spiritual eyes can see this truth.  The internet and chattering classes on television relying on so-called experts with framed parchments on their walls, which includes lawyers and those who preach Freudian and Jungian “Dr.Philism” psychobabel, are not let in on this truth.  This is because of their highminded, over educated, “I think I know everythingness”.  These kind of “coverups” can only be revealed by babes, for only they are in on the secret.

Matt. 10:26-27 “For nothing has been covered which shall not be uncovered, and hidden which shall not be made known.  What I am saying to you in the darkness, tell you in the light; and what whispering in the ear you are hearing, PROCLAIM YOU ON THE HOUSETOPS.”

Most of the focus of everyone in this Arizona shooting incident aside from the shooter of course, has been on three individuals; a female “politician”, a judge, and a 9 year old girl.  Several others were killed and/or wounded, but very little care or concern is focused on them, except of course by immediate family members.  The main focus of all the media is on the female “politician”, who apparently was shot in the head and is in intensive care.  Well…we’ll focus on her first also.

Apparently, from what I’ve read, the woman claims to be a jew.  Therefore, in this aspect of her person, she represents jewry in this country.  The jews who have been instrumental in corrupting this country through the banking/finance industry, the media, and government and all their self protective jew first organizations which are too numerous to name – AIPAC, ADL, etc, etc. – are going to receive a head wound, which will not kill them or eliminate them entirely, but because of mental incapacitation, they will no longer be in the positions of influence that they presently hold in this country.  God is mad at the jew and has been so since their initial rejection of the ONE whom He sent over 2000 years ago.  He will continue to be mad at them until they repent, which will not be until some future date.  This date will be hastened by this “head wound”.  The jew is going to be kicked out of the positions of power which he presently holds because he is a cancerous parasite using the intelligence of the adversary as a destructive entity in the country.  Eventually it will be revealed to him (the jew), that he can’t keep hurting Jesus (by hurting those who are His), and get away with it.  The jew has been kicked out of many nations since the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD, and has been responsible for all the death and destruction that has come upon them since.

As jewry receives the head wound, so does Jezebel.  This is the rebellious, out of divine order female, who says she is a prophetess – she says by her words and actions that she speaks for God.  She speaks for “a” god, but not God.  The woman does not belong in any position of authority, for it is a usurpation of God’s divine order which represents His True character/nature, which usurpation has led to the present day chaos and destruction in this country.  The woman is not meant to be a member of congress, senate, governor, president, prime minister or any such official.  The emotionally led female is not built to lead and when she is put into such a position it is another symptom of a country or culture in decline.  The jew’s cancerous infection has entered through the female who, without PROPER male guidance, is prone to self deception and is hence the primary instrument of destruction used by the adversary.  This is due to her feelsorryism tendency; being led by misplaced sympathy has turned the government into a nanny state, filled with anarcho-tyranny; a giant mommy spreading her tentacles into everyone’s lives “encouraging” them to “be nice” and going abroad to other countries telling them to be nice too and if they won’t, then we’ll kill you to make you be nice.

The judge was apparently roman catholic.  Jewry and catholicism are two faces of the same spiritual principle or idea.  The visible dimension/earthly plane in which we live in human bodies, is the realm in which spiritual principles or ideas – intangibles – do battle against one another through embodiments of expression; ie human beings.  Jewry and catholicism are expressions of selfishness, manifesting themselves in the manner of “what’s good for me”.

Catholicism is an entity of false outward religion which has no relation with reality.  This is why it has persecuted and murdered throughout history those who advocated the more pure inward way of life, which is the true reality. 

Catholicism teaches it’s adherents that their first loyalty is to a potentate who sits on a golden throne in a foreign country, not to one’s own people and one’s own country.  Catholicism has many more people in high places in government then jewry.  Most, if not all these people have been educated by jesuits in their numerous colleges and universities across the land and are taught let us do evil that good may come.  Their lawyers and judges are taught to do their work under that philosophy, because it is continuously at war with those who refuse to bow the knee to it’s authority, of whom are many in this country. 

So even though the judge takes some kind of an oath and “swears on a Bible”, both he and those who are in the know, know that it is all a show for ignorant people.  In this judge’s case, he recently ruled against an Arizona rancher and in favor of a group of illegal immigrants, who are future money pots for the pope, allowing the immigrants, represented by one of the ubiquitous rights organizations, demands, to go forward to trial.  Apparently the rancher was doing the governments job for it by holding the immigrants to be picked up by the border patrol, as they were trespassing on his property.

Anyway, the judge,whose last name is Roll and whose false religion has been “on a roll” in this country since it’s beginnings, has had God’s sentence of death put upon it shown by his death by violence.  His showing favoritism toward the illegal foreigner and ruling against the American citizen showed his “colors”.  In this, he also shows catholicism’s alignment with jewry who do favors to their own and who wander around the world to join the cabal with their name changed to protect the guilty.

In the following post we will go into more details about the intangibles.


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