The Intangibles

In the previous post I said, “The truth is covered up by or within the negative act, in symbolism, which tells or speaks of what God is mad at and why”.

I’ve also written elsewhere that everything is Spirit, even this visible world of  tangible materiality, of time and matter.  The human body is actually the invisible soul made visible; the physical body being the soul’s visible form or the form that the soul becomes or takes in this dimension.  The soul is a mode or entity of expression and expresses the intangible of character and or idea out through the body via thought and works.  The physical body is of less importance then the intangibles which flow through and out of it.  It is the intangibles which flow through and out of the physical body that either kill it or make it live.

Jesus said to the ignorant religious ones of His day that to eat with unwashed hands does not defile the body, for it’s not what goes in through the mouth that defiles,but the intangibles that come out of the mouth.

The negative intangibles that flow through the soul and out the physical body, the souls expressor, defile; ie, kill, the soul and therefore also the physical body.  The intangibles are REALITY and can be either life or death.

Matt.15:19-20’For out of the heart (the center of intent)come forth wicked designs; murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false testimonies, profane speakings:  these are the things (intangibles) which defile the man….”

These kinds of negative intangibles that Jesus is talking about, are what God “is mad at”.  Therefore, God is actually “mad at” the negative ideas and principles which are held to and expressed by a large mass of humans in this country due to their already corrupted “heart”; ie, the center of intent and motives within them, which is actually satan’s seat, the driving force/stimulous/impetus – the origin of motion – within them. 

The adversary -satan-being their motivator, speaks and thinks his thoughts and does his works through this mass of humans, but they don’t realize it. Some know the deep things of satan and are concious of it, but most do not.  It is his character/nature that speaks out of their mouth, which is that of anger, even though many times it is cloaked over with a veneer of “goodness”, the latter which is specially prominent in the present day of the all pervasive big lie, wherein good is considered evil and evil is considered good.

So this mass of humans presently is divided into two groups who work together in secret under the control of the adversary- catholicism and jewry – as country destroyers.  For this reason, God is sending other destroyers among them – the vessels of wrath – to bring upon them the consequences of their behavior, even though they don’t recognize it as such, for they are like the beasts that perish having no understanding of cause and effect/consequences.  They believe they are innocent, but God knows their guilt…


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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