The Race Game…

…and other things hidden from before the foundation of the world, but today are to be shouted from the housetops… 

Air:  The mixture of ordorless tasteless gases (oxygen and nitrogen), that surrounds the earth .  (also called atmosphere)

Every aspect or principle or law that exists in the natural world, which has been discovered by men in their “scientific” investigating efforts, has a like or mirror image of the same in the invisible world which surrounds, infuses and intermingles with all things.  Actually, the laws/principles that are observable and able to be discovered, such as the above defined air or atmosphere, exists and has it’s “being” or foundation in the  likeness/mirror image that exists in the unseen dimension.  Actually,the unseen is type and the seen of space and time is anti type or the actual mirror image.

As air is a particle-ized “substance” like water, so a like particle-ized substance exists, which also flows like water, but which cannot be discovered by men through scientific inquiry because it is SPIRITUAL SUBSTANCE and can only be “discovered” by revelation.

  Each particle in the substance, like that which is air, has God’s sign in it, telling of His twoness.  Air is oxygen and nitrogen – two.  They both consist of what is called “diatomic” gas.  Diatomic indicates twoness – in this case two atoms in the molecule/particle. Air consists of oxygen and nitrogen.  Oxygen is called a “reactive” element, in that it is readily responsive to stimulous.  Nitrogen is relatively inert – lacking the power to move.  This displays the “heavens and earth” of Genesis 1.  “Heavens” is reactive and “earth” is intert. 

  The unseen substance/waters flows in and through the human body and is the body’s life force and is called soul; breathing or breath.  When the soul departs the body at death it rises up from the body as a “cloud” of “mist”- water particles – which cannot normally be seen by the human eye, for it is a “spiritual” substance, but has been seen by some gathered about death beds in accordance with God’s choosing to make it known.

As this unseen subtance is the “water of life”- biological/physical life – it is likewise that which gives man his “intelligence” or ability to understand, as it’s essence is light.  Man’s intelligence or ability to reason and understand is God’s intelligence parceled out and is sustained and/or increased/decreased in men according to the condition of their “heart’s”; their center of intent/motivation; the inner choice tendency of that which causes them to “move” either toward truth or away from it. 

The more “education” men have in a anti Christ system of men learning from other men, the more their heart/intent/motivator becomes hardened to truth and hence, causes them to become mentally unstable thereby exchanging truth for a lie, for their intent tendency has now been turned toward inner darkness which shows itself outwardly in their lives in a worship of darkness by their viewing and placing the dark skinned peoples on a pedestal in a system of favoritism toward same;a system of idolatry and mischief framed by law which exalts and lifts up darkness and suppresses light.

Rom. 1:18 :”For there is being revealed an anger of God from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who the truth, in unrighteousness, do hold down ” (or suppress).

John3:19-21 “And this is the judgment (that men bring on themselves), that the light has come into the world and men loved rather the darkness than the light, for wicked were their works.  For whosoever does practice corrupt things, hates the light (truth)”…

As so-called educated intelligent men, particularly white men, have turned toward darkness within themselves, they are now operating in God’s anger, and in the attempt to hide themselves from Him they blame and accuse others of hate in the pervasive attempt through what is called PC, a female religion designed to shut up the white male by accusing him of what she herself is; ie, full of anger/hatred.  They who are expressors of anger and hatred are in the process of committing suicide, which shows itself through all the pores of culture/society in the degradation and pollution thereof, but is clearly seen by those who are of and love the truth, while those who participate and perpetuate the darkness are blind to it, for to them it is good.


In order for God to create He had to have something – a substance – to create with, hence the coming forth out of Himself the above described Spiritual substance in particle-ized form which became the foundation of the particle-ized element called matter.  Matter, therefore, has it’s being in a unseen substance like itself which supplies it’s livingness and is it’s likeness in the dimension of time and space.  Man, in his methods of creating, unknowingly repeats God’s creating methods in all the forming and building that he does on the earth.

For example one creating process that man does is the making of steel from iron ore mined from the earth.  He starts with “particles”, eventually heating it to extreme high temperatures so that the material “flows like water” which is then poured into molds or machinery designed to shape and form it while it is still malleable.  This is basically the same process that God used in using the particle-ized form we know as matter, in the creation of all things.

Man, once again unknowingly, using the intelligence given him by God out of the vast storehouse of His own intelligence which He has portioned out to men, follows “his Dad’s pattern” in forming his own puny creations.  This is why Paul says in his letter to the believers in Rome:

1:19-20 “Inasmuch as what may be known of God is manifest among them, for God unto them has made it manifest.  For the unseen things of Him from the world’s creation, by the things made being perceived, are clearly seen, even His power and divinity, to the end that they should be without excuse”.

God’s creation is living, whereas man’s is not.  Man uses what God has already made to “make what he makes”.  Man cannot breathe into his robot’s mouth so that the robot becomes a living soul. 

Presently, men are trying to make other men in their own image, but in doing so, they are violating nature and natural law.  Nature and natural law is the manifestation of God’s intent in time and space, and hence, cannot be violated without dire consequences to those who attempt it.  When they attempt it, nature always “rights” itself. 

This is revealed in the present day attempt to bring oneness and unity to all the peoples of the world.  The more the attempt to force unity; the more nature resists it, for the power behind the attempt is illegitimate as it operates by force/coersion,  as the only “equality” that exists is Spiritual, and even there is hierarchy.  Therefore the attempt by force issues forth from anger resulting in more breaking up instead of unity, hence the Bible passage which says of the nations that they are “dashed in pieces like a potters vessel”.

The “nations, multitudes, peoples and tongues” have a built in tendency which cannot be understood by scientific study, to live and be among others like themselves.  This is a law of nature, set in motion by God, which cannot be violated without chaos resulting, which is what happens when the attempt is made.

When God creates, He, like man, uses a binding agent or a process that causes what He creates to “hold together”.  In god’s creation, Light is the element of cohesion; the glue that holds everything together.  In this dimension of time and space, Light is also Truth, or that which is in accordance with nature or natural law.  Everything that is against nature and natural law is of the lie….


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