An Elegy for Days Ago

The female as a representation of bad traits….

Once upon a time, I was involved with two females.  I could say they were wives, but after  separating myself from the second one, the Spirit said to me, “you have had two wives, but neither was suitable for you”.

I was with #1 for 33 years and had 7 sons by her when she finally dropped her religious/christian mask and went off into whoredom via the computer.  She left with one of her computer fornicators and I divorced her and she died a few years later having been eaten up with cancer.  After about 10 years with her, we both professed christianity and my profession eventually brought the change which I underwent while with #2, but #1’s profession wasn’t genuine so she fell away.  She was a domineering manipulator, but was not as bad as #2 turned out to be after I hooked up with her.  The reason I hooked up with #2 was because I failed to learn the lesson of #1 and therefore had to go through the experience again in order to learn the who, what, where, when and how of the female.

It is the destiny of most men to marry and bear children, but there are a few who are not, and it is this few that God is working on in this present last day of the last age of evil upon the earth.

As #1 was in the process of packing up and leaving and as she was aware of my getting together with #2, she said, “she will control you more than I ever did”.  In this incident she was like the donkey which spoke to Balaam as recorded in the old testament.  Number one’s condition was such that wisdom did not abide in her and mentally, she knew no such thing, but spoke out a warning to me unknowingly by the Spirit of God of what was to come.

Number 2 was also a professing christian and spent much time in Bible reading and prayer and other religious activities.  She is still involved in those things and still thinks she is a chosen one of God and cannot be convinced otherwise.  Whereas #1’s controlling/manipulating endeavors were somewhat hidden, the second one’s were more overt and out in the open, so to speak.  She was very materialistic, demanding and never being satisfied when demands were met, as another demand for something else always followed immediately after.  She could never follow the biblical admonition, “to be content with things you have”.   Being with her was a never ending battle over who was to be “on top” in the “marriage”.  She was the embodiment of a Jezebel.  A short time before I left her for the last time (I left and came back about 4or 5 different times; hoping that there had been some change in her while I was gone, but it was not to be), I began to call her to her face “Jezzie”.  She didn’t like that too much.

We moved from the Peoples Republic of Maryland to WVA sometime in 95 and that is when, as the saying goes, the SHTF.  I made the profession of faith as a christian in 70 or 71, when I was 30/31.  At the time however,( as I did not discover until around 2000 while in WVA), I did not realize that I was not really a christian in the true sense of the term.  I did not then know the meaning of what Jesus said when He stated that they who “hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled”.  The key word is shall.  I knew there was more to the “christian” life and I hungered for it, but didn’t know how to “get it”.  It was in WVA that I “got it” and stopped hungering for it.

The geographic location that I left – Maryland – in this case is symbolic of what was to happen in my life in WVA.  MD is a mommy state in miniature and WVA is “more free of the mommy”.  In WVA in many counties you can do whatever you want with your own property and don’t have to jump through all kinds of bureaucratic hoops to build or tear down.  If you build something and it falls down on your own head it’s your own fault.  So I left bondage and moved to freedom.   Even though I could discern a difference in the atmosphere by just crossing the border into WVA from MD, it took a few more years until it became a reality in my life.

Those few more years were the time of my learning the truth of the female while simultaneously learning of and about God himself.  The adversary of course didn’t like this scenario and fought me tooth and nail through his instrument – #2 – trying to keep me on the earth (in the mind of earth) and from going up to heaven (to the heavenly mind), but he, working through the she, failed.  This scenario is depicted symbolically in Revelation 12:1-5

The scenario or process of transformation that I went through began with my shutting down, which is described in another place in the Bible as a ceasing of one’s own works. After we moved to WVA it was one project after another.  Building this and adding on that.  Finally I said I had enough and was not doing anymore DIY projects.  I would do basic fixups that needed to be done – plumbing and electrical – mowing (about 2 acres) and taking care of any breakdowns that might occur, but that was it.  I decided to shut down and enter into silence and listen.

I started by listening to my dreams and writing them and other thoughts and impressions down in a journal.  The woman of course thought I had “gone round the bend” and was losing my mind or going through a depression.  This is what the condition looks like to outsiders who have no conception of spiritual realities.  The more quiet I became, the more I began to understand Spiritual realities. 

Most people cannot understand the things of the Spirit because they cannot be quiet.  Their lives are too busy with the hurly-burly of everyday events and the manifold distractions of living day to day.  These only live on the surface of things and are not able to discover the hidden realities behind all outward surface appearances.

As I said above, during this time of warfare with the woman I learned that the woman is a representation of the bad traits which existed within myself.  I have explained this principle in an earlier post titled, “The problem with mirrors”.  Each individual is a mirror reflecting back at him or her, his or her own bad traits.  As women are only important insofar as their useability to man is concerned (another thing the Spirit told me), God is not dealing with them.  They are merely his instruments to bring men to an understanding of Himself and thereby, his own self.

Consider this woman thing as a realm which one must go through in order to learn a higher or deeper truth.  You are not at war with her per se, but with the female aspect in yourself as male, who in many males is “on top” particularly in this present world situation we now find ourselves in.  Many males must undergo a inner role reversal/transformation in order to become truly male.

Matt.19:11-12″But Jesus said unto them, not all find room for this word, save they to whom it has been given; For there are eunuchs who from their mothers womb were born so, and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs by men.  And there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of the heavens.  He that is able to find room (within himself-able to understand this)let him find room”.

The main reason why the female principle has gained power in the present day throughout what is called western nations is that she is the instrument to push certain men into “eunuchood”; a state or condition of being wherein some males are no longer defiled by women/have no relationship with women. (Rev. 14:1-5)  In case no one has noticed, there is a war going on in this country against white males.  This is the reason for it.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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8 Responses to An Elegy for Days Ago

  1. Bruce says:

    Yes, there is a war vs white males, but the most important struggle is each man’s struggle vs his flesh because contemporary pussyfied culture will make him the slave of his passions and submissive to women, even if he considers himself an “alpha” male. This means that at some stage of his life a man must consider celibacy or lose his self respect, and I guess, you would say, his soul . Too scary for most of us.

    • Brandon says:

      The outward; ie the war against white males, is the mirror image of the inner condition/goings on in white males. Most males are at war outwardly against what they see, but as Pogo said, they have met the enemy and he is them (my paraphrase). As Jesus said, “according to your faith be it unto you”; ie, what or how you see, you are. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. The totality of the negative emphasis on the white male via PC and etc, shows the primacy of God’s dealing with white males in the present day.

      • Bruce says:

        I want to make sure I understand. Are you saying that the PC culture is a Divine payback or that God is punishing while males for our sexual sins, the pornification of the culture?

  2. Brandon says:

    PC is the manifestation of the female principle, one of the two principles that make up who or what God is. The female principle is “not meant to be” manifested. It is meant to be “present, but hidden”, or hovering in the background so to speak. When it becomes manifested, it becomes uncontrollable and the only way it can be “shut up” or made to recede into silence (which is according to it’s actual nature) in the present world, is by a stronger, more domineering male principle becoming manifested.

    This domineering male principle is presently becoming manifested through Islam, which comes in through stealth using the same institutions and methods that the female has set up to further it’s own nefarious programs.

    PC is not a punishment, but a means of correction to “cull” out those white males who have been responsible for allowing and perpetuating the God hating government and culture to come into being.

    This government was sent two tests immediately after defeating the British. They failed both tests. The two tests were the “Whiskey” and “Shays” so-called rebellions.
    The founders put down both by force of arms at the behest of the money men. Washington led an armed force in one of the incidents. They did to their own countrymen,many of whom had fought in the revolution, what they complained about the British were doing to them. So having failed the first, because they could not see God in the two incidents as a test, the government since then has continued to fail all the other tests which followed since, by in essence, doing the same thing – having the money men instigating the govt against it’s own people.

    When individuals or groups (such as this govt) undergo some type of adversity and fail to see in the adversity the hand of God for good, that individual or group will have to keep going around in the cycle of adversity until he or they learn the lesson that the adversity brings.

    In a sense, PC is the final adversity/lesson and the worst, because it will be silenced by the domineering maleness of an entity similar to that of Nazi Germany. I say worst meaning it’s effects will be negative towards those who are the perpetrators and instruments in promoting the giant lie of the female principle being “on top”.

    Those who have not participated in the lie will be preserved through this giant adversity which the Bible calls a “Great Tribulation”.

    I hope this answers some of your questions.

  3. Bruce says:

    Thank you for clarifying. So God is correcting the white males responsible for letting feminism (PC) dominate the culture. The males responsible, the elite, are unreedemable and will go on enjoying their perks. Question is how do the “masses” deal with life until The Rapture given the snares involved in any relationship with a women. What do you have to say about Men Going Their Own Way and such movements. They didn’t create the feminist culture but they have to live in it.

    • Brandon says:

      “The males responsible, the elite, are unredeemable and will go on enjoying their perks”.

      It may seem that they are doing so, but the reward for their works comes with the works. Jesus said, “I come quickly, and My reward is with Me and I give to every man according to his works”. The word ‘reward’ sounds like something good, but it is merely consequences which immediately take place within the soul according to the character or nature of the work – negative or positive. So these anti God people are destroying their own souls and the destructions are carried forth into their bodies through sickness, diseases, and etc. Others, God uses those against them whom He calls “vessels of wrath, fitted for destruction”. These are individuals who are instruments of anger who kill/murder those who deserve such “reward” because what they have done through their work is of the same character; ie, in God’s eyes they are also killers and murderers even though they have used different means.

      “How do the masses deal with life until the Rapture, given the snares involved in any relationships with women”.

      As a foundation, please read my post “A Married Man” which answers much of this. As far as a “rapture” is concerned, there is no such thing as it is taught by theologians/pastors/teachers, etc. The rapture or “catching away” is internal, not literal.

      “What do you say about MGTOW and etc.”

      This is one of God’s purposes He intended in using through the means of the giant role reversal, which is to get men by themselves, even though it is a reaction to feminism/female domination. In this sense, it’s a good thing. Yes, many of these men presently have no conception of God and/or no interest in “religious ” things or so-called christianity. As many as are chosen to eternal life, will come to belief in their time. The laying aside of the female and getting away from her incessent demanding that the male bow down and worship her, is the necessary foundation in going on toward truth. I explain in the above post the difference in these men and the men who are married in that they both are carrying out Jesus’ pattern in their different callings-married or unmarried/single.

      “They didn’t create the feminist culture, but they have to live in it”

      They may live in it, but they can live untouched by it, otherwise the Spirit would not have said, “come forth out of her my people, that you may have no fellowship with her sins, and of her plagues that you may not receive”(Rev.18:4) It has to do with the mind and emotions. The system is designed to get people to continuously live through and make decisions and choices based on emotion, which is female. The male (the white male) must come out of that, for he is the only one who can. He is the only one who has the possibility of understanding spiritual things. The female cannot, neither can those “races” who also live according to emotion. The female needs the male, but the male does not “need” the female.

      Thanks Bruce for your comments and questions.

  4. Bruce says:

    I think the verse you refer to is Revelations: 18:4 not 19:4
    I am not a universalist in sense of believing that all religions are equal. Very interesting interpretation you put forth that sin is its own punishment. A lot of people who complain about the unfairness of life need to look beneath the surface.

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