The Vigilante Support System

Who it is as seen in the world, and what are it’s traits.

The vigilante and it’s support system are seen in the world as two separate entities, but are actually the same or one entity with two seemingly different “faces”.  The faces are characteristics by which they are identified.  Taken together, the two are actually the manifestation of a false feminine principle which is spread abroad throughout most so-called western countries as a lesbian relationship.  

The vigilante plays the role of the male in the lesbian relationship; ie, the so-called dyke.  This is jewry.  The “female” role in the relationship is christianity which is the support system of the vigilante jew.  Christianity has placed itself in submission to jewry.  The former, in it’s present blind condition cannot abide any criticism of the jew among it’s members, because of it’s false view of the jew as a “chosen” one of God.

A dictionary describes the vigilante as: ” a volunteer committee organized to suppress and punish crime summarily” (quickly).  “A self appointed doer of justice”.  This is what the jew has done with it’s setting up the demonic invention of so-called political correctness, a means of thought and speech control infecting the governments and cultures of many nations in the world, which idea entered the world through marxism and all of it’s offshoots and which identify themselves under various names – all invented through the mind of the rebellious jew – as communism, Trotsyism, feminism, multiculturalism, egalitarianism, etc.

As said above, this feminine principle is the false face of the true principle which is present, but hidden “behind” the false.  The feminine principle is one of the spheres of which God consists, He being an entity containing two spheres – a sphere of initiation , which is male and a sphere called response to initiation which is female.  The false lesbian female presently ruling over many nations is a responsive action against a false view of the male as oppressor and shows itself in the world as hatred against the white male by establishing cultural norms and government rules and laws to carry out the eliminination of the white male.

Basically, the false feminine principle is the manifestation of dissatisfaction, which then results in envy, anger, hatred and all it’s offshoots of rebellion manifested in the above listed ism”s.  It is a spiritual parasite or cancer which infects the mind of millions and causes them to “understand” the opposite of what is true, thereby moving them to continually do the same things over and over again like an insane person, in the attempt to alleviate the problems caused by previous actions.  For example, they are always complaining about the education system and it’s failures and preach the solution to the problem as spending more money, which is the same solution they have been preaching for decades and are blind to it.   Money is thrown at it by governments and the tax payers continuously fork over for it, but the problems still keep coming back and getting worse.

These people who are infected with this mental disease have no answers to the problems which affect this country,because they are the cause of those same problems.

The true feminine principle, which as I said is hidden behind the false, is satisfaction and calm assurance which cannot be moved for it’s assurance is based on trust in God.  Most WN’s, traditionalists, reactionaries, and etc., of course won’t buy this because they too are infected with the same mental disease.  They worship science and  think science and eugenics and HBD and getting rid of the jew influence is the way to go.  They, like the rest of the mentally disabled, only believe in what they see with their natural eyes and cannot perceive that the visible world has it’s foundation in the Spirit world.  This idea smacks of religion too much to them, and they will have none of it.  The whites who make up this group are just as blind as the jew/christian /tea partier they criticize.  They are full of the same hate and talk like pornographers.

The false feminine is in the winding down process, but as it does so, it takes those who are involved in it and are instruments of furthering it down with it.  It cannot be stopped by voting in another bunch of republicrats and making the Federal Reserve accountable etc.   The America that most people are familiar with, with it’s borders from sea to sea and it’s corrupt govt and culture and meddling everywhere else on earth, is circling in the toilet drain as I write this.  Many will go down with it, for they refuse to listen to truth, as it hurts too much, as the lie is much more comfortable to their flesh. This indignation exhausts itself over a process of time, just as it came into being by the same process of time.  There is only an individual answer for escaping it,which requires a mental transformation – a beginning to think another way.  When you undergo this transformation you see things differently and enter into calm assurance, for you begin to see that the ONE who runs everything has a plan behind even the seeming evil of the false Jezebel presently seemingly in charge.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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