The Non Showing of Hands

The partition of this country by the show of hands is patently false.

The country IS going to be split up, but it will not happen via political action and the ballot box.  The means by which the country is to be divided up has been active for quite some time now.  The means is a system of pressure manifested as a negative aspect of the feminine principle, which is applied to white men to cause them to undergo a mental transformation so that their inner being is aligned with God’s. 

White males have allowed “children” to be their oppressors and “women” to rule over them.   This is going on inside them and because so many white biological males are upside down internally –  their female aspect controls them which is shown by their being emotionally ruled – the same conditions are speaking to them in the surrounding outward world of their circumstances, but they cannot see it.  God is saying to them every single day for regenerational purposes, “it’s all your fault”.

The white man allowed children to vote after the civil war and women after the turn of the 20th century.  Giving women the vote was the real catalyst in the destruction of the country.  By that time the adversary’s country/nation/culture destroying entity had been allowed in and there was no stopping the oncoming distopia from being manifested.

This is why there will be no “showing of hands” in the establishment of the future white regional republic in this country.  This is because God himself will be the One establishing it and He doesn’t consult men on how to go about it; ie He doesn’t take opinion polls like women do.  Polls are just a female manipulative tactic to further her hegemony.

Also, the new regional republic will not be founded on the constitution written up by the men of the 18th century.  That document has been completely gutted and cannot be regained.  The so-called freedom of speech and individual rights and all those things printed in it that lawyers and judges have eviscerated over the years,will not be a part of the foundation of the new republic. 

The so-called American legal system has been completely eviscerated to such a state, that lawlessness is now legalized throughout the land and most of those under it’s thumb are blind to it.  The “legal” system is just another one of the adversary’s establishments and it’s functionaries are his instruments of perverting it through manipulation and twisting of word meanings and etc.  The flooding of the country with the dark skinned races and their actions will eventually open the eyes of some whites to this fact, for the former while using the female’s system to gain footholds in the land, will take the mask off and flaunt the laws that the white obeys, so that eventually the white will say within himself “to hell with it”and openly disobey the laws themselves.  There are already scattered occurrances of this in the country.

The new republic will be more authoritarian in a good way because it will operate in accordance with the law of God.  By law, I do not mean the ten commandments, but natural law which He established.  It’s leaders will be eunuch’s similar to Daniel and his three associates.  These men are described as “wise”men or “instructors” in Daniel:

11:33 “And they who make the people wise, will impart understanding to the many…”

12:3″…and they who make wise shall shine like the shining of the expanse and they who bring many to righteousness like the stars to times age abiding and beyond”

12:10″Many will purify themselves and be made white and be refined, but the lawless will (continue to)act lawlessly, and none of the lawless shall understand, but they who make wise shall understand…”

The men of this republic shall be/are, corporately, the last man standing and shall have all the info necessary for operating same.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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